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Agenda21 is a a non-political process whereby the inhabitants of a town can have a say in plans for the long-term sustainable development of the town. It is part of a UN initiative.

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Jávea signed up to this initative and has been running the process since 2004. Proceedings are mostly conducted in Castellano and Valenciano. Since more than half the population of Jávea (Xàbia) consists of expatriates, and half of these are UK citizens, we felt that it would be useful to set up this Wiki site to disseminate information in English.

Here you will find links to useful documents on the web, translations of Spanish news articles, minutes of meetings, diagrams and proposals for development strategies.

In addition to the resources here, we have a Google News group for latest news, discussion and notices of meetings. If you wish to join the News Group and receive a weekly (ish) newsletter of the latest headlines please e-mail me on moc.liamg|2161jbsirhc#moc.liamg|2161jbsirhc and I'll add you to the list. Once you are signed on you can edit your membership from the group website.

There is also an (out of date !) website devoted to the activities of small working groups which functioned in the early days : http://xabia21grupos.wikidot.com/

If you wish to contribute directly to this site then please contact me via this Wiki site. We welcome the assistance of everyone who can help to contribute to, and keep this site vibrant, active and, above all of some use in the long term development of our town.

Content of this Wiki is currently being posted by Chris Betterton-Jones. Thanks to everyone who sends links and information.

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