Ag21 Meeting - 14 October 2008

Xàbia puts forward its point of view on the Local Action Plan proposals

Members of Local Agenda 21 have set up working groups to address various topics of interest to the town

The local Agenda 21 in Javea has launched an initiative to create awareness of the importance that people attach to each of the proposals of the Local Action Plan, (PAL). Having completed a review of the document which covers the requests and suggestions of citizens, the forum seeks to prioritize the projects in an order of preference.

This pioneering initiative aims to engage and, above all, be aware of the priority that people attach to each proposal. "This is one type of survey that allows residents to express their views on the projects they consider most important and beneficial for Javea," explained the councillor responsible for Citizen Participation, Pepa Chorro. Information which will be used by the Town Hall so that they "may devote more efforts to the proposals which citizens consider most important," stressed Chorro.

Those interested in participating can do so by completing the form “¿Qué crees que es más importante?”("What do you think is more important?") Available in the downloads section of the website of the Local Agenda 21, which is part of the Town Hall's site ( ). The vote can be submitted via email at gro.aibaxja|12lacola#gro.aibaxja|12lacola.

The promotion of participation by the forum and the local government has become evident with the "great success", that the survey on accident "black spots" in the municipality has had, according to the Councillor. The input of people hoping to contribute to improvement of the situation, has identified several places that are particularly dangerous due to factors such as signs and speeding.

Anyone wanting to provide feedback on any of these points will have two more weeks to do so by sending an e-mail to the Local Agenda 21, (gro.aibaxja|12lacola#gro.aibaxja|12lacola), specifying the accident black spot, the problem identified and comments appropriate to providing a solution. Once all information is collected, the forum will send the list of places which are the responsibility of the municipal authorities to the Town Hall for review and correction. Where the road network is under the control of the Diputación (Alicante) or the Conselleria (Valencia), letters will be sent informing the relevant body of the situation.

In addition to talking about these issues and the initiative to vote on the proposals of the Local Action Plan, the forum at yesterday's meeting decided on the subjects for four working groups. Participation in these working groups is open to all citizens who wish to participate. Those who are interested in Jàvea should join these groups and contribute their points of view and suggestions on
a) the use and conservation of the environment,
b) on tourism,
c) promoting an innovative city and
d) enhancing the idea of "Getting people together", to promote the unity people in a multicultural society.
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