Agenda 21 Meeting April 3rd 2012

Notes on Agenda 21 Meeting - April 3rd 2012

Reports by Representatives on the Consultative Committees

(English version of Spanish Notes, with Chris B-J additions in brackets)

First the representative on the Environment and Land Use committee, Manuel Fernandez, reported that they had talked about aesthetic improvements, the review and amendment of bye laws and planning requirements. He passed on a summary of proposals from the groups attending the meeting.

The issue with most impact and controversy has been the removal of terraces which occupy parking areas, mainly in the Arenal area and around the Municipality. The Strategic Plan board had decided on the elimination of terraces on car park areas but not those occupying the walk-way. The Agenda21 proposal through its representative had been not to eliminate all terraces, but to facilitate the extension of pedestrian areas, taking into account that the Paseo del Arenal was to be renewed on October 1. This would allow the expansion of pedestrian zones, ceding some parking spaces to them, a move which is positive for tourism.

(The meeting looked at a map of the Arenal. They suggested that some of the areas between the blocks of restaurants and shops should become pedestrian only, with tables etc .but no parking. It was agreed that mixing parking and restaurant terraces was dangerous, and should not be allowed.)

The meeting also mentioned the modification of prices for the terraces taking into account their location. On the issue of parking at the Arenal and Puerto an increase of lighting and surveillance was suggested.

The representative of the Committee of Social Welfare, Manuel Silva said that they had talked about the location of the industrial zone if it was to be on the Xàbia / Gata road. (It was noted that anywhere near the river was off-limits because of environmental regulations. People were also skeptical as to whether an industrial zone would be appropriate for Xàbia - any industries should be artisan / "cottage" or knowledge industries, in keeping with the image of the town)

The Social Welfare Committee had also discussed the maintenance of agricultural land. Doris Courcelles noted the creation of an association called Terra Verda, (which aimed to bring abandoned agricultural land back into use) and commented that there are 32 urban allotments on a plot next to the Arenal school. A fee of 50 € a year for water supply was required. This water would presently come from the potable supply. Manuel Silva was interested in Amjasa's plans for water re-cycling , and the council of citizen participation Cesc Camprubí said that José Luis Henarejos, CEO of Amjasa could be invited to a future meeting.

The representative of the tourism board Pere Joan Cruanyes said his group had noted the success of "Xàbia al plat" because it took place the same weekend as the Volta to Peu. This highlighted the importance of coordinating events. He reported the location of a new information point at the Arenal, the bar code audio information, and the statement about the Nit del Foc being a Fiesta of local interest. An important point discussed by the Committee was the coordination of private companies involvement in Tourism Fairs.

Santiago Thevenet remarked that the Tourism representative did not provide feedback, but an accumulation of information.

The Councillor for Citizen Participation tabled a suggestion to continue with talks by experts, as we had had in February on Participatory Budgets. Finally it was decided to create a Google Group account for members of the Agenda 21 in which to discuss new ideas for the strategic plan. (Chris B-J to liaise with Cesc)

//(….and in passing Chris B-J suggested an advertising "strapline" for promoting Jávea/Xàbia

"Two names - Three places - Four holidays in one " This received a good response and would be passed on to the Tourism Councillor. )//

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