Amjasa 2011 accounts


The the General Meeting of Amjasa approves the 2011 accounts which show profits that will be used to improve the water supply

The Javea water utility is working on measures to optimize customer service

Javea. Friday, 1st June 2012.

The municipal water utility in Javea, Amjasa, held its first extraordinary meeting of the year yesterday, where they approved the annual accounts for 2011, which they managed to close with a profit of 138,336 Euros to be invested in improvements to the water supply. The Board of Directors have also indicated that the first quarterly report for 2012 promises good results, such as a profit of 80,000 Euros in three-month's time, or going through the first half of the year without having to use bank loans to cover the day-to-day expenses.

The CEO, Josep Lluis Henarejos presented the figures to the board (consisting of the full council chaired by the mayor, José Chulvi) with a management report in which he compared the data of the last four years, such as the evolution of volume of the water supplied, which was 7,392,936 cubic metres last year, 237,650 cubic metres billed to other municipalities, or the number of clients, which has increased by 214 in the last year.
Henarejos also noted the improvement in bill collection and the lowering trend in the amount of outstanding debt, which was only 10,114 Euros this year, compared to the almost 200,000 Euros of last year. This is particularly remarkable for the board, given the difficulty of collecting outstanding bills during the current economic crisis.

With regards to expenditures, despite the fact that the cost-cutting policies have allowed them to end the year with a profit, the board insisted that they could not avoid purchasing electricity, which has gone up due to rising prices and is even higher in this year's the accounts because of the 13 months of consumption that have been included.

The management report listed the plans and investments made in recent months, such as the new programming of the plant, the leak detection plan or a massive change of metres.

As for the goals the water company has set for this year, these included finding ways to save energy, dividing the water supply system into sectors for rapid detection and repair of breakdowns, cost-cutting measures and improving the administration of the warehouse. Two of the major challenges the company faces are: 1) preparing the necessary reports and documents to enforce their right to access the water pipelines should it be necessary to enter private property to make a repair and 2) taking the first steps to take over the management of the sewerage system.

In order to facilitate communication and customer service, the new website was presented yesterday, which includes company information and a page for warnings and alerts. Furthermore, progress is currently being made on a new telephone switchboard and the offices will open one afternoon a week.

The accounts were approved by the municipal groups PSPV, Xàbia Democratica, Ciudadanos por Jávea, Bloc Centristes and councillors of the Grupo Mixto, in addition to the PP Councillor Tere Ern. The other PP councillors abstained

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