Amjasa 2012 accounts


The water company continues teaching high school students the process of water purification.

Xàbia. Friday, March 15, 2013.

The board of directors of the company Xàbia Public Water Company (AMJASA) at a meeting on Friday presented the management report for the fourth quarter of 2012, confirming the satisfactory economic situation by closing the year with a surplus of 794,996 euros, even better results than the previous year, when the profit was 138,336 euros. The result reflects the policy of making savings in operating costs, an increase in water sales and improving all round efficiency.
The figure confirms the trend in the accounts of the company, which has gone from being in a critical situation to a completely healthy position without the need to increase water rates. This will allow the water company to make new investments this year. These works, the committee explained, will be based on giving priority to areas which suffer frequent water leaks, but will also include efforts to improve energy savings with the pumps and wells.
The management report explained other policies adopted to improve the functioning of the company and improving customer services. A computer technician has been employed who will be responsible for the opening of a virtual office, as well as sending invoices by email, the consolidation of the website, and opening a Facebook page for more fluid communications.

Another objective has been met by improving cash flow through the effective management of delayed payments; 590,764 euros have now been collected. This along with the containment of costs has enabled the company to have the financial liquidity available, to avoid relying on loans from financial institutions, which had been the situation in previous years.

Also highlighted was the importance given to corporate social responsibility: internally improved employee training, both at the municipal and county levels, where there have been numerous examples of cooperation and social activities, signing agreements, and sponsorship activities. In this respect, within the framework of the celebration of World Water Day, AMJASA has organized on March 22 a conference for students of the Antoni Llidó college to explain what is water purification. The students will also visit the EDAR plant in Xàbia.

At the board meeting held Friday, it was also agreed to commission a technical study of the municipality’s lighting system, to assess whether the company would be able to assume its management if this was decided by the management board.

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