Amjasa 2013 accounts

1 - Profit 2013: €956,622
2 - Investment 2013: €588,000 (pipes) €254,000 other equipment
3 - Purchase of water (= desalination water is purchased): €3.5 million
4 - Expenditure on staff. €1.6 million
5 - Electricity. €662,000 euros (To drive pumps, wells, and office ..)
6 - Sale of water (to subscribers but also other towns): € 7.9 million
7 - Sanitation Canon (fee paid to the Valencia Government by the treatment plant and paid by Amjasa): € 2.34 million
8 - Social Functions: Amjasa has helped families badly off families by not cutting off water but organising customized payment plans in collaboration with Social Services.

Henarejos reiterated that rates have not gone up and AMJASA has carried out work of "social responsibility", with actions such as working with the food bank, helping people in fuel poverty, sponsorship of cultural and sports activities and even a donation material for volunteer firefighters. The public company has also improved its environmental awareness, reducing energy consumption in the office and promoting educational campaigns to save water.

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