AMJASA connection and leaks fees


AMJASA to allow new customers to pay their connection fees over a six-month period

Javea. Tuesday, 17th January 2012. The Board of Directors of the Municipal Water Utilites of Javea, AMJASA, has agreed on Monday on a new system of deferred payment for the connection fee of new customers. The proposal, which was approved unanimously, will allow new subscribers to split their payments in six monthly instalments. After the six-month period is concluded, the customer must have made full payment of the connection fee, otherwise their water supply will be immediately cut off.

With this measure, AMJASA hopes to demonstrate its awareness of the difficulties that many families and businesses in Javea are facing during this economic down-swing and are trying to help make the process of building a house or opening a new office more affordable. Since the company is aware that this fee tends to be quite high, especially because the desalination plant applies additional mandatory fees, they have decided to implement these payment facilities with the hope of gaining new customers.

Another agreement reached at Monday's board meeting was a specific modification of the regulations regarding leakage that would benefit customers. The company applies a progressive rate by “consumption segments” that penalize the user if an abnormal consumption is detected due to internal damage, malfunction or neglect. With this change, if it can be demonstrated that the high consumption, both in the home and the garden, is attributable to a breakdown or malfunction, they will apply the fee corresponding to the segment immediately below.

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