Amjasa water agreement with schools


Javea's two secondary schools to educate their students on the rational use of water

Amjasa signs a cooperation agreement with the schools and exempts them from payment of water bills

Javea. Thursday, 22nd March 2012.

The Muncipal Water Supply Company of Javea, Amjasa, has signed a collaboration agreement with the two secondary schools (or institutos) of the municipality, the IES Antoni Llidó and the IES Number 1. With the signing of this agreement, the municipal utility will stop billing these schools for their water consumption, which amounts to approximately 100 cubic meters per month.
In return, the secondary schools have signed a commitment to incorporate curricular activities aimed at educating the students on the need for rational water use and raising awareness about the comprehensive water cycle from all its perspectives: drainage well system, waste water, purification or desalination systems.

According to the headmaster of the IES Antoni Llidó, Andreu Ros, curricular and extracurricular activities focused on these objectives will be programmed throughout the school year, which will also serve to remind the students of the difficult drought situations that Javea has suffered in the past. The schools will also undertake to conduct regular readings of their water metres as a way to raise awareness against wasteful use, and will also prepare graphs showing fluctuations in consumption during the year. Ros is very pleased that Amjasa has chosen to become involved in the education of the youth and in raising awareness about responsible consumption, while recalling that although Javea no longer suffers water restrictions thanks to the desalination plant, a little more than a decade ago the town suffered greatly from water shortages.

On his part, the headmaster of the IES Number 1, Vicent Chorro, highlighted the importance of this project, since it will educate some 2,000 secondary students and will become the gateway into their homes and families, where it is hoped to raise their awareness about the importance of sustainability.

Javea Mayor Jose Chulvi highlighted the fact that this agreement was signed on the World Water Day, a day in which to be reminded of "the need to rationalize the use of an increasingly precious good" and warned that "even though Javea no longer has a water supply problem, this does not mean we should splurge."
Chulvi recalled that eleven years ago the Town Hall made a bold decision: to build a desalination plant without funding from any other public administration; a "future investment" that now allows Javea to be in the position to help other municipalities.
Finally the mayor stressed the importance of opening the plant to the local civic society with guided tours such as yesterday's visit by 80 school children, as well as the recent visit by professional plumbers.
Present at the signing of the agreement, with an initial term of two years, were also the Councillor for Water, Paco Torres, and the Chairman of the Board of Amjasa, Josep Lluis Henarejos.

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