Announcement of Xàbia Qualitat


The Town Hall establishes the priorities of the Strategic Plan in the document entitled "Xàbia Qualitat"

The public supports measures that enhance the quality of life and offer new strategies for bolstering tourism

Javea. Tuesday, 15 May 2012.

The government leaders of Javea have presented the first extracts of the action plan that is being drafted within the framework of the strategic planning process that began a little over six months ago. According to explanations given by the mayor, José Chulvi, the five forums that have been at work (Tourism, Lands and Environment, Commerce, Social Welfare and Culture Education and Sport) have analysed the strengths and weaknesses of the municipality, as well as new opportunities for progress. But above all, they have mobilized the creativity of the public in an attempt to create a town model that is "more attractive, sustainable, that progresses socially and economically and provides a balanced, integrated and healthy lifestyle."

The second step taken was the technical analysis of all the proposals to turn them into strategies that will achieve the town model that wanted by all. These were all poured into the document "Xàbia Qualitat", which summarizes the actions that the public opinion believes will help create jobs, prosperity, promote equal opportunities, and improve the environment and the urban landscape. The extracts of this planning projects include tourism initiatives such as Gastroxabia (a clear commitment to the Mediterranean diet, slow food or complementary actions within the restaurants or even open a culinary showroom in the market), Xàbia Activa (combining sports with the natural landscape), Xàbia Espai Obert (distribution throughout the municipality of all the activities planned with associations) Xàbia Crea (a cultural project) or VisitXàbia (an online tourism platform for the municipality).

As with tourism, there are other areas dedicated to culture, education or social welfare, among others. Chulvi stressed that all of these documents "remain open, both for new actions or for modification of those deemed unworkable."

The mayor pointed out that many of the measures that the Town Hall calls for do not require large investments, but rather are small-scale initiatives that serve to enhance the quality of life or improve infrastructure and urban facilities, many of which "have already begun to be carried out," the mayor affirmed. In this regard, the Deputy Mayor and Councillor of Finance, Oscar Anton, clarified that the Strategic Plan will not generate new costs to the Local Administration, but will serve as a guide for allocating the investments of each department.

Both Anton and the Mayor wished to thank the many people who participated in the forums and have demonstrated that many residents in Javea are concerned about their town and are willing to sacrifice their free time to find the key to a brighter future. Antón indicated that these people would now be able to see how their concerns have been taken into account and would be materialised in achievable projects.

For his part, Councillor Juan Ortolá recalled that the Strategic Plan was one of the cornerstones of the government pact signed nearly a year ago by PSPV, Xàbia Democrática and Ciudadanos por Javea as a way of giving the citizens a greater say in public matters. The next meetings scheduled for the following stages of this project will be this Thursday, when the Tourism Forum is set to meet, and this Saturday morning, when the forums on Town Planning and Social Services will convene. Finally, in June the sessions on Trade & Commerce and Culture will take place.

Download the document in PDF (Castellano) via this link: Xàbia Qualitat

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