April 2011 News Headlines

Xàbia returns €36,000 unspent grant

April 29th
The Town Hall has had to return almost €36 000 euros from the Plan E grant which was earmarked for Social Services … and this is after announcing that some of the Tourism spending would go to Social Services to help people in need.
The allocation was budgeted for six programmes: Educational and social activities with adolescents (€ 30,130.54), services for dependents and the disabled (€ 185,864.84), an initiative for the promotion and social reintegration of immigrants (€ 30,130.54) the provision of services for the reintegration of people at risk of exclusion (€ 30,130.51), psychosocial support for the mentally ill (€ 30,130.54), and the computerization of Social Services records SIUS (€ 22,806.18).
These programmes total €329.193,15, Of which the Town has justified having spent €245.458,04. They must therefore return € 34,356.04 - plus 5% interest for having delayed the repayment i.e. a total of €35.920 From XAD El ayuntamiento devuelve....

Town Hall spends more than €200,000 purchasing external legal services

April 29th
According to Nueva Jávea, the 2011 budget includes €203,500 for purchasing outside legal services, despite the fact that the Town Hall spends €8,200 per month for staff lawyers. Some of this will be paid to help defend the ruling coalition against charges that the car parks were purchased against the general interest, a case, put forward by the opposition, which is now in the Alicante courts.

Monfort is reported to have retained Prof Santiago Gonzalez-Varas, the lawyer who wrote an opinion claiming that it was necessary to purchase the underground car parks (although according to PSPV spokesman José Chulvi he later changed his tune on this). His fee will be € 17,950 (the Mayor is able to hire a lawyer directly, provided the sum is less than €18,000). Nueva Jávea have denounced the use of public funds to "justify decisions which are wrong and constantly go against the general interest." From XAD El ayuntamiento... and Las Provincias.Nueva Jávea critica....

Volunteers help with reforestation around Granadella Castle

April 27th
The Xàbia Viva Association, which is very much concerned with protecting the cultural heritage of Xàbia organised a day for volunteers to help plant trees in the Granadella castle area. Hundreds of carob, oak and olive were planted to help regenerate the landscape which was badly affected by fire and eventually provide shade for visitors. During the day, the municipal archaeologist, Ximo Bolufer, gave an explanatory talk about Granadella Castle which is a building dating from the eighteenth century to control raids from pirates. It was part of the network of fortifications built along the Valencia coast. The association will return in May to make sure the plants have established. From XAD: Xàbia Viva....(Ed's Note : The castle was destroyed by the British navy during the Peninsular war…..while fighting the French )

Xàbia Story - an innovative way to promote Jávea


April 26th
Last year, the producers of the Spanish language weekly freebee "Semanal Jávea" published a free, 24 page, illustrated story entitled "Xàbia story - En busca del objeto perdido" - It told the amusing adventures of a Toy Story type character (the magazine) going on a quest for a lost object. His search took him around the three urban centres and to the Cabo de la Nao and Ambolo beach. Through the medium of story, the authors found a way to show visitors around the nooks and crannies of the town. Now the sequel, "Xàbia Story 2: Ambición letal" has been published - All the candidates for the municipal elections have been kidnapped, there are baddies, agents and ghostly nuns. It tells a gripping tale set in the streets of Xàbia. For those who missed Part 1, it can be downloaded from their website: http://www.semanaljavea.com/Semanal_Javea/Nuestras_Publicaciones.html.
Look out for the thrilling XàbiaStory 2 around town (Eds note: These should be required reading for "Hablemos" groups ;-)

Immigrants hold the key to 62 Town Halls in the Comunidad

April 26th
An article in Levante today noted that one in five voters in the Marina Alta were foreigners. The expat vote will be decisive in 62 municipalities where they account for more than 10% of the electorate. In Lliber the expats comprise some 58% of the electorate, while in Benitatxell it is 50%. The official figures for Xàbia are a total electorate of 15,846 of which 4235 are foreigners, comprising 26.7% (Levante print edition)

Amateur photographer produces original set of postcards

April 22nd
Amateur photographer, Antonia Bisquert, has produced a collection of ten postcards of the Old Town which are now on sale at many outlets including the Museum and Casa del Cable (in the Port). She wanted to share with tourists and residents alike, details which go unnoticed every day, and which are sometimes only noticed through a camera lens. She plans to do another collection of pictures of the Port. For a taste of the postcards and list of places from where they can be purchased see: http://xabia-descubrela.blogspot.com/ (Source XAD)

Spanish Government to promote Spanish property in Europe

April 22nd
The Spanish Government will step up its attempts to attract more foreigners to buy holiday and investment homes in Spain, with a road show tour. The Government will kick-off with a press conference at the Spanish Embassy in the UK on May 4th. The road show, which will start in London on the same day, will attempt to promote now as a being a good time to buy property in Spain, with bargain priced homes available nationwide, particularly in many of the holiday home destinations. The road show will later move on to France, Germany, Holland, Sweden and Russia. (From A place in the Sun

Graüll School finds a novel way to make its case

April 21st
The Graüll school has devised a novel way of pushing its case for a refurbishment of its premises. The school is in a 50 year-old building and has waited years for improvements. The school has created a video, which, to the tune of "Resistiré", portrays its various problems, from leaks to narrow corridors, crowded dining rooms, freezing cold or steaming hot portable classrooms and a building in disrepair. Take a look at the Video on You Tube (no language skills required!):

Area Board of elections orders Municipal bulletin, "Més Xàbia" to be withdrawn

April 21st
The Area Board of Elections has certified that the magazine "Més Xàbia" violates the Electoral Act (LOREG), as reported by PSPV, NJ, XD, and demands its immediate withdrawal, but will not impose economic sanctions if the town hall disobeys the order. The resolution confirms that issue No 8 of the municipal bulletin "contains an expression of the achievements of lower car parking fees, improved sidewalks, announces the opening of a library and cultural centre, doubling of aid for social services, etc. "which is not permitted at this time of the election campaign". From PSPV Press release.

First Debate of Mayoral Candidates reveals differences in approach

April 20th
The XàbiaViva debate, held last Satutrday in the Casa de Cultura was the first such event held between candidates for the upcoming elections. Notable by his absence was Mayor Eduardo Monfort, who was substituted by Vicent Chorro (Councillor for Finance) , and the withdrawal of the PP candidate, José Juan Castelló from the second, questions from the audience session. The meeting, presented by President of "Viva Xàbia", José Buigues was moderated by artist Toni Marí, and was also attended by the representative of Ciudadanos por Jávea, Juan Ortolá. See: First debate - 2011 elections - Part 1 for an account of the first part of this debate, and First Debate 2011 - Part 2 for the second part which included questions from the audience. The answers revealed differences in approach to politics from the various parties.

Nine Party lists for Xàbia

April 20th
Nine political parties have registered to run for the municipal elections in May. In addition to the front runners: Bloc Centrists, Partido Popular, Socialists (PSPV), Xàbia Democrática and Nueva Jàvea there is Ciudadanos por Jávea, ( a local party which currently has one seat on the Council) Esquerra Republicana (a Valencian left nationalist and republican party) and the recently created Unión Ciudadana por la Democracia (a national party formed in 2007 which promotes citizen participation. It is newly formed in Jávea. See:[* http://www.ucidjavea.eu/web_ingles/index_Ingles.htm their website in English]). The ninth group is Esquerra Unida pel Pais Valencià which does not have any local representation , but is only running to achieve seats in the regional parliament. Both XD and NJ have had to re-jig British candidates. In one case, the person had not been on the padron for long enough, and the other seems to have disappeared from the Electoral Register, even though they were on the list displayed between 4th and 11th of April. The full party lists can be seen on XAD:Nueve partidos....
Nueve partidos….

Opposition parties denounce Municipal Bulletin as electioneering

April 20th
The NJ, XD and PSPV parties have come together to denounce the Town Hall's bulletin magazine "Mes Xàbia" as being in breach of the law governing the conduct of elections. The law prohibits various activities during the period after an election has been called. These include publishing and distributing books, magazines, leaflets, or electronic media, sending emails or SMS messages, radio, or advertisements in the media, that contain references to the achievements of any public authority, or using pictures, ring tones or expressions similar to those used in their campaigns. The opposition points out that the latest edition of Mes Xàbia has an orange theme - the Bloc Centristes colour. Of the 57 photos in the mag, 19 include the Mayor and another 15 of councillors from his party. The magazine is printed with public money at a cost of €3,300 per month. They demand that the magazine is recalled. The Magazine in question can be downloaded from - http://www.ajxabia.com/sites/default/files/mes_xabia_08_low.pdf For the official press release from the PSOE/PSPV about this issue see: PSOE-Municipal Bulletin Denuncia. From XAD: NJ, XD , PSPV.....

Bus causes traffic jam in the Old Town

April 20th
At 7.00pm a bus caused a 30 minute traffic jam on the Ronda Norte since it couldnt get round the Post Office curve on account of a badly parked car (ninety-year old disabled lady). An Ambulance was also caught up in the jam and the police had to divert traffic via the Virgen del los Ángeles to let the emergency transport through. Pretty soon lots of people reported the incident on social networks though some were pressured not to upload their photos. From XAD: Un autobus....

Municipal Archive sorted out


April 20th
Thanks to a grant from Servef the Town Hall has been able to employ an archivist for five months resulting in a sorting and filing of Muncipal archives between 1966 and 1974. These documents relate mainly to urban planning, local government requests, plans for developments and agreements of the Comisión de Gobierno. From XAD: Xàbia ordenar....

Antonio Llidó files donated to the Cirne Foundation


April 20th
Jávea priest, Antonio Llidó was arrested in 1974 by the Pinochet Government in Chile because of his relationship with the Communist Party. He was allegedly tortured and killed, but the judicial process to find out what actually happeend to him has been closed. His family has therefore decided to donate the extensive documentation they have to the Cirne Foundation. This week, the Instituto Antoni Llidó marks the 75th anniversary of his disappearnce wioth a display of posters and photos.
From XAD La fundación Cirbe....

A Clean sweep for the PP Party list

And now for something completely different….

April 19
The Xàbia PP party list was announced with only hours to go, and there was no room for any of the old guard, be they council members (current and recently serving) or PP employees in grace and favour positions. The PP Election Committee admitted that it was a brave and perhaps a little risky move. Second to José Juan Castelló as Mayor, is veterinarian José Luis Genovés who comes in as an independent. Third is Rosa Maria Cardona, a supermarket worker; fourth, Toni Sebastià, who was councillor for three legislatures and currently chairs the local Red Cross. Sebastià confirmed that he will resign from his position in the NGO, which is incompatible with his future political activity. In fifth place is Tere Ern, bank employee, and six Pascual Mayans, a taxi driver. Rounding out the top ten is Joan Fullana,catering, Deborah Martinez Coates, beautician, Alberto Tur, lawyer (independent), and Francisca Cruañas, catering. At number 11 is Ian Phillips (Editor Civic Society Bulletin, Independent ), Antonio Buigues Bas (12), Jaime Buigues Morató (13), Rosario Molina Lisan (14), Catalina Lloret Bisquert (15), Jaime Climent Marí (16), Vicente Torres Mckenna (17 ), Grace Patricia García Sánchez (18), Miriam Monfort Torres (19), Alonso López García (20) and Daniel Buche (21). From Las Provincias: Los populares...

Town Hall removes vegetation from Caleta Cliff face

April 14th
A team from the Xàbia Department of Parks and Gardens is removing invasive plants from the Caleta cliff face in the Port, next to the new cliff stabilisation works. According to José Vicente Soler, recently made Councillor for the Environment, the work has focused on places where there was an excess of exotic vegetation causing serious problems for the stability of the slope because of its size and weight. The work, according to the municipal official, involved the removal of about 250 cubic meters of specimens such as Pitera, Lluca and Prickly Pear. These plants had colonized a wide expanse, endangering native flora and above all, the stability of the slope. Soler noted that the idea is to clean up and remove weight from the unstable ground to avoid landslides. From XAD: El departamento....

Monfort to stand as Mayor once more


April 14th
The current Mayor, Eduardo Monfort has announced that he will be standing again at the next election together with his current BLOC Centrist municipal team (minus Sports councillor José Erades). Monfort said his team has moved ahead of the urban collapse and Xàbia has emerged as an "enhanced quality tourist destination and has positioned itself as a benchmark of the Mediterranean." this is also due to "our resolve in the face of important issues such as opposition to the expansion of the port and the protection of the rich landscape as our greatest economic asset." Thay have "made a major effort to revive the local economy, with investment of 70 million euros, employing more than 150 local businesses directly" They believe they have made progress but that "there is still much to do" The Centrist Bloc, will present its candidates, as well as headquarters for the next election on Friday 15 April at 8.00pm in the Post Office square.
From XAD Monfort sera.....

Tourism Boost could lift Spain Economy

April 15th
(Reuters) - Holidaymakers unnerved by turmoil in the Middle East are giving Spain's tourist industry a welcome boost, but for the sector to hold its gains and help drive economic growth, it must become more competitive. Around one million more tourists are expected to visit Spain this year, many of them northern Europeans re-routing trips from regions that have become natural or political disaster zones: good news for an industry emerging from a long downturn. But Spain — the world's third largest tourist destination behind France and the United States — has seen past windfalls from crises in other regions prove temporary, and experts say quality must rise and prices fall for growth to be sustained. For full article see: Reuters..Tourism Boost..

Fire Sale and Eats in the Old Town

14 April
From tomorrow (Friday 15th, until Sunday) the shops in the Old Town will be having a fire sale of stocks. On Saturday and Sunday this will be complemented by delicious eats in the Mercado Municipal.. The sales will start at 10.00am, and continue throughout the afternoon on Saturday, and in the morning on Sunday. On saturday there will be a bouncy castle and other entertainments for children and young people, including a Friday Night Disco. From Press Release.

Craft Fair in the Old Town over Easter


14 April
The annual Easter Craft fair will be held in the Old Town between 21st and 25th April. The fair will bring together about 90 artisans from around the country, but especially the Valencian Community. Crafts and food will be complemented with a wide cultural and recreational programming, including workshops and stories for children as well as musical performances. From XAD

PP asks for a moratorium on the Costas

14 April
In view of the conflict generated this week by the implementation of the Coastal Act, which limits the occupation of public land by terraces and bars, the PP candidate of , José Juan Castelló suggested that the Town Hall should create a negotiating table and seek a moratorium as in other regions, to examine all the circumstances and reach a consensus. "The problems arising in recent days have highlighted the immediate need to undertake serious management on the use of our coastline, as we proposed through the PP Xàbia Bay and Coastal Plan", He believes it is possible to harmonize the rights of all residents, without crushing the interests of restauranteurs and hoteliers which are part of our economy. On the management of the coast, the candidate recalled a Valencian Statute which allows for the transfer of Valencian coastal management to the regional government, which would then decide on issues such as coastal management. In short, this proposal would transfer the responsibility and management of the coast from the Ministry of the Environment to the Valencia Government. From Las Provincias : El PP de Xàbia.... (Ed's note: This transfer would add another dimension to the Port Expansion controversy, since the most recent proposal for the expansion of Jávea Port came from the Valencian Government)

Quality mark for Montgó Park products

The Montgo Natural Park, through the Department of Environment, Water, and Urban development, is developing a quality mark for natural products in its area of influence. An explanatory meeting for participatory companies and interested persons will be held on 13th April in the Provincial regional office ( Dénia-Ondara road, third roundabout opposite the San Carlos Clinic) Anyone interested in attending should contact se.avg|ogtnom#se.avg|ogtnom or phone 966423205 between 9.00am and 2.00pm because places are limited. from XAD: El Parque natural...

Table of Contents

Get rid of those sea-side tables..or else

April 11th
The Town Hall has received a formal communication from the Provincial Coastal Service, requesting the cooperation of the local government to take away facilities which are illegally occupying the public areas of the coastline. i.e. to remove the restaurant tables and chairs which have encroached the public land bordering the sea. This will affect mainly the restaurants along the Avenida Marina Española in the Port and the Arenal promenade. Warning letters have been issued to the catering establishments concerned. Failure to comply will result in the tables being forcibly removed. Xàbia has already been told that it will not receive any Blue Flags if it does not get rid of these tables. See: See March 2011 story about threat to blue flags From Press Release. See below for photos taken on the day the tables were banished …. Tuesday 12th April.

Political Games: - mustering the troops, a nautical commitment and impertinent impersonation

April 10th

XD reveals its full party list, while its all change at the top with NJ

A week ago, Xàbia Democrática gave a taster of its top ten candidates for councillors. On Friday, they revelaed their full party list which includes five, Javea born Spanish Nationals, six from outside Jávea and nine expats. For full list see: XD Party list 2011 . Meanwhile Nueva Jávea has shuffled its deck of cards. Top of the list and Mayoral Candidate is Juan Planelles ( Entrepreneur in the Tourism Sector) his number two is Paco Catalá (Architect), while previous leader, Ana Vasbinder now comes in at number 3 (to make way for the"new political generation") . She is followed by Belen Quiroga (property agent), Angel Miralles (lawyer and businessman), Stuart Salter (marketing expert), Ricardo Márquez (interior) , Marja Schermacher (business) and Nina Olmedo (agricultural engineer and entrepreneur).

Castelló commits to nautical projects

PP mayoral candidate has been down to the Port to meet the workers there. He committed promoting the area and its natural landscape as a tourist attraction, and to create a mark of distinction for Xàbia through "projects that make visible the natural image and improve services related to our greatest natural asset, the sea." He committed to the promotion of employment related to the sea, through the implementation of training and retraining courses for seafarers and the provision of water sports, with the aim of "modernizing the marine-related services and creating new employment opportunities arising from new tourist offerings. " From XAD: Castelló apuesta..

A Fake Monfort on Facebook

Mayor Eduardo Monfort was horrified to discover that an impertinent someone has been impersonating him on Facebook, and had been actively seeking out friends. The bogus Monfort did a pretty good job of setting up an accurate profile, especially of the mayor's bio. However he revealed himself because the real Monfort would never refer to Xàbia as Jávea, nor, being a 100% Real Madrid fan have anything to do with Barcelona. The Mayor admits he does not know much about Facebook, and has denounced this impersonation to the Guardia Civil (Ed's note: Facebook users know you can denounce and get rid of fake profiles with two clicks of the mouse button. No big deal) From Las Provincias: El Alcalde de Xàbia....

Entrepreneurs and the Internet - the Key to promoting tourism in Jávea

April 9th
Under the title "Tourism: new challenges", The general director Turespaña, Antoni Bernabe Highlighted the importance of valuing the tourism sector, combining all the resource differentiators, and the use of new technologies to make tourist offerings known to potential customers. For more details about this talk see: Tourism Challenges - Talk April 2011

A new guidebook for Xàbia

April 8th
A new guidebook, produced through collaboration between the Town Hall and AccionáAccioná (the company which runs the desalination plant) has been launched. The cover is a bold pink - inspired by the colour of bougainvillea. Published in English and Castilian, it is divided into several sections, focused on highlighting the charms of the Old Town, the Port and the Arenal with its food, beaches, tourist viewpoints, traditions and festivals, architecture, art , history, and a section dealing with the development of tourism in the municipality. It will soon be available at local bookshops and via the website www.javeaconestilo.com (Note: at the time of writing this link does not work). From Press Release.

Xàbia Democrática responds to FEDEXMA questionnaire

April 8th
See:FEDEXMA Questionnaire for an English version of their responses.

It's Official - Caleta Coastal Footpath is Public


April 8th
For many years the coastal footpath heading south from Cla Blanca towards Cap Prim has been blocked by walls and fences built by disgruntled property owners . The Alicante District Court has ruled that the path is public right of way, and that adjacent property owners have no right to fence it off. The Mayor expressed his satisfaction that "the public interest has prevailed," though he admits some caution and prudence because the ruling is not final and could still be appealed. From Press Release

Counselling Centre provides workshops for the unemployed

April 8th
Xàbia's Counselling Centre has initiated free workshops for the unemployed. During the workshops, psychologists Carmina Izquierdo and Marina Pardo address practical and working groups on issues such as stress management, positive thinking and assertiveness, and social skills of communication and planning. The sessions, which began this week, continue on 12, 13, 19 and 20 April at the Social Centre. Around 50 people have expressed an interest in attending. From Press Release

Demonstration against Bike Path

April 8th
The Old Town Shop-keepers association is organising a demonstration asking for the bike lane which goes up to the Old Town from the Port to be modified before Easter. They believe the route hurts their businesses because motorists get fed up crawling up the hill after cyclists. The demonstration will start at 12 noon in the Port and make its way up the bike lane to the Old Town. From XAD: Los comerciantes de Xàbia....

Jalon unveils its new sparkling Moscatel

April 6th
A new wine has been added to the variety originating in the Marina Alta. The Cooperativa Virgen Pobre of Jalon has used the "champenoise" method to make 10,000 bottles of a new type of wine - "Bahía de Dénia Brut Nature" - a sparkling wine made with 100% moscatel grapes, typical of the region. From Las Provincias: Bodegas Xaló....

The Great Mayoral Debates

April 5th
The organisation of young people called "Xàbia Viva" has organised a public debate among all the mayoral candidates of Jávea. It will be held on Saturday, April 16th in the Casa de Cultura at 11.00am. Questions will be posed by the public who are invited to send their questions to moc.liamg|avivaibax#moc.liamg|avivaibax or through their Facebook link http://www.facebook.com/xabiaviva. The organisation will group together similar questions and each candidate will have two minutes to answer each, under the watchful eye of local artist, Toni Marí. This will not be the only public grilling of candidates since the entrepreneurs association "XàbiaIdea" will be staging another, differently structured session focusing on economic issues and local businesses. The two associations have met several times to ensure their debates cover as wide a range of topics as possible and do not overlap. From XAD: Xàbia Viva organizar....

Lighting for the Camí de la Soberana

April 6th
The Town Hall will install ten LED street lights and speed bumps in the Camí de la Soberana (the very thin road which runs down towards the Port from the roundabout which leads up to la Plana). The lighting project valued at €20,000 will be carried out by local firms. Because the mount is less than €50,000 the Council can award the work directly. From XAD: El camí...

PP candidate meets the Lacemakers

April 5th
The PP candidate José Juan Castelló used the lace makers meeting in Xàbia to express his intention to improve relations between residents and political representatives of the Town Hall. To Castelló, the municipality and its form of government needs a "renewal" and needs to be tackled "firmly and without fear." The PP candidate referred to his commitment to maintain "open doors" to society, noting that "momentum is key to not having feelings of attachment to outdated processes." To achieve this, communication with the people must be continuous, and not just within the Town Hall, but also instilled in the local PP Party. "We believe we can make a better Xàbia" said Castello. From XAD: Castelló se compromete....

New Challenges for Tourism - a talk


April 4th
On Thursday, April 7 at 8.30 pm in the Parador, the PSPV of Jávea will continue its series of talks and discussions on the theme of "Forum for Change". On this occasion the speaker will be will Antoni Bernabe, Director General of TURESPAÑA, who will speak on "Tourism's New challenges". The Instituto de Turismo de España (TURESPAÑA) is the Administrative unit of the Central Government in charge of promoting Spain abroad as a tourism destination. For more information on TURESPAÑA - In English see: http://www.tourspain.es/en/HOME/ListadoMenu.htm?Language=en

Xàbia Democrática invites everyone for a coffee and reveals their top candidates.

April 2nd
Xàbia Democrática will be holding regular meetings with the general public to listen and exchange opinions. On Mondays they'll be in the Old Town, Wednesdays in the Port and and Fridays in the Arenal . The exact location will be displayed on signs, their website and in Facebook. Next week will be (at 10.00am) in the Bar Mercat on Monday 4, Hotel Miramar on Wednesday, and Cafe Wien on Friday 8. They'll be announcing the full list of candidates on April 8th.The Top Ten, headed by Oscar Anton, have already been revealed. 1.- Óscar Antón. 2.- Juan Luis Cardona. 3.- Pere Sapena. 4.- Elizabeth Collins. 5.- Georgina Rodríguez. 6.- José A. Buigues. 7.- J. Javier Mata. 8.- Llanos López Cardona. 9.- Domingo Bou.10.- Marie Smith. For more see their website: http://www.xabiademocratica.eu/archives/875?lang=en
From XAD: Xàbia democrática te invita....

Nueva Javea Calls for a list of deficient housing estates

April 2nd
Nueva Javea has called for a list of the deficiencies in all the housing estates in which people live, but have not been finished off properly. Some of these estates have no habitability licenses, hence the inhabitants not only lack certain services, but the Town Hall does not receive IBI from them. The motion, put forward to a Town Council plenary meeting was approved unanimously, the Mayor noting that the technical office was already on the job. From XAD:Nueva Jàvea pide...

Increase in the "Euribor" makes the Car Parks even more expensive

April 2nd.
The Euribor, used to calculate the interest payment for the underground car parks, was 1.52%, when the price was calculated, but today it is 2.03%. Socialist spokesman Jose Chulvi, noted that this increase "will be an extra payment of 110,000 €, to be added to the € 542,000 paid for the first year of the 20-year amortization. Chulvi wondered where they would get all that money, and said the "decline in the municipal coffers may lead to cuts in other services." Mayor of Javea, Eduardo Monfort, denied that the city would cut services and said that more season tickets been isued - 48 more than there were with Ecisa. It is recalled that the 2011 budget expected the car parks to yield revenues of around € 100,000. From XAD La subida...

Xàbia PSOE meets with Valencia Generalitat candidate

April 2nd
The Generalitat PSPV candidate, Jorge Alarte, met with a group of businessmen from Javea and local Socialist leader, José Chulvi, to analyze the current economic situation of the municipality and the Valencian Community, and to make concrete proposals aimed at getting out of the crisis.
In an informal meeting at the restaurant Los Remos, Alarte listened to the concerns of Javea employers, including the need for the creation of communication infrastructures, such as improving access to Xàbia and train connections, and the creation of a Strategic Plan.
From XADAlarte se re...

Amanda Dean is back - and supports Xàbia Democrática

April 1st
Ex-Xàbia Councillor, Amanda Dean (who was the driving force behind Xàbia's Agenda21 some seven years ago) has returned to Spain and pledged her support for Xàbia Democrática. Dean expressed her pleasure that Oscar Anton had formed his own political party, "because of the terrible image provided by the current government", and believes that Xàbia Democrática has been successful in its formula, which is "as simple as listening to citizens, taking note of what they say and responding" From XAD:Amanda Dean....

Xàbia PP appoints regional MP as campaign manager

April 1st
The MP and former Regional Minister for Social Welfare, Alicia de Miguel, will lead the campaign for the new PP candidate, José Juan Castelló. Alicia de Miguel, who will come to Xàbia every week, said "it is an honour to work with you; people who represent a strong, integrated party, with a clear plan of work." Meanwhile the local president, Juan Moragues, thanked Miguel and encouraged the party to continue working on the same line of hope and effort for "the best candidate Xàbia can have". He also confirmed that his new party "Iniciativa Popular Democrática de Xàbia " was registered last week, but he hoped he would not have to abandon the PP, his usual party . From XAD: Alicia de Miguel.. and Las Provincias El PP de Xàbia....

Demo calling for new school buildings

April 7th
Yesterday, about 400 people held a demonstration demanding new buildings for the decrepid Graüll cshool in Xàbia. The protest stopped at the Town Hall where students whistled loudly. Two banners with the slogans "we want a school in working condition" and "we do not want more barracks' were on display. They intend to repeat the demonstrations over the next two Wednesdays.From Las Provincias: 400 vecinos...

Nueva Javea meets builders Association

April 1st
New Jávea held a meeting with the Association of Small Manufacturers, Developers and Allied Industries of Xàbia to show their support. At the meeting, spokesman for Nueva Jávea, Paco Catalá, prsented several projects for Xàbia in relation to training which the party had been working on over the past four years, which would meet some of the needs to be set out in a Strategic Plan. from XAD: Nueva Javea se ....

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