April 2012 News Headlines

Call to bury power lines on the Montgó

Request for Montgó Governing board to be reconvened

April 30th
The ruling coalition tabled a motion calling for the Valencia Department of Environment to comply with the Natural Resource Management Plan in the Montgo Nature Reserve, which now celebrates its 25th anniversary, with regard to burying power lines, specifically in the plana de San Antonio and the shooting range, as this is a migratory path for birds and many protected species nest here. Two fire engines were also requested for the Nature Reserve to provide a quick response to forest fires, as well as a permanent fire brigade during times of high alert. Thirdly, the asked for the Governing Board of Montgo to be renewed and convened, and that the chairman should be a municipal councillor designated from Javea and Denia, alternating every two years. Finally, a request was made to the Government of Valencia to register all the public mountain land still awaiting inscription in the public record. This motion was adopted by the April Council meeting with the endorsement of all the parties except the PP, who abstained. (From Press Release)

Appeal to change regulations for Spanish fishermen

April 30th
The local PP party, tabled a motion to petition the Regional Government to urge the Central Government to change the law regulating fishing, as they deem this to be more restrictive than those for the rest of Europe, and consider it “damaging and disadvantageous” to Spanish fishermen in comparison to other Mediterranean countries. The motion was approved unanimously by the April council plenary session. (From Press Release)

Weekly market to be expanded

April 30th
An amendment to the bye laws on street vending has been unanimously approved by Xàbia Council. This expands the weekly outdoor market to new squares such as the Mercat and the Church. Juan Luis Cardona, Councillor of Commerce, indicated that various vendors who applied for space in the Javea market were left out for lack of space. The Councillor also as pointed out that the Town Hall had already received a formal request from the Xàbia Histórica and the Mercat trade associations to expand the weekly market to the Old Town. The street stalls in the Old Town will not be selling any fruits or vegetables and they must pass a minimum quality test. (From Press Release)

Seminar on opportunities created by the over 50's

April 27th
The consultancy firm "Habitat 50plus", in collaboration with Javea Town Hall, is organising a morning seminar for May 12th to coincide with the International Day of Intergenerational Solidarity. The meeting hopes to reveal social and business opportunities created by the demands of the growing sector of the older generation. The presentations will take place at the Hotel El Rodat and attendance is free of charge, though places are limited. As explained by one of the promoters of the meeting and consulting partner of Habitat 50plus , Anja Hoffmann , our country is experiencing a demographic shift in which the elderly is becoming predominant, a sector that demands new initiatives from government, business and society to respond to their needs for integration, coexistence and social welfare. And, as stressed by Hoffmann, economist, project manager and interior designer, the over 50s generation is now very active, involved and wanting autonomy and independence. The meeting is from 10.00 am - 1.30pm From XAD: Una jornada.... (Eds note: Someone forgot to tell them that life begins at 50 !) For more details see: Seminar on Over 50s - 2012

Intensive English Summer Camp for Xàbia's youth

April 27th
The Town Hall is organising an intensive residential course in English for young Xàbia residents (12-17 year olds) which will be held in the Teulada/Moraira Youth hostel between 15th - 22nd July. The cost will be €165 including accomodation. For details see: English language camp 2012

Town Hall awards contracts for beach services

April 25th
A total of 19 bids for the renting of sun umbrellas and sunbeds as well as a new initiative - the hiring of kayaks at Granadella beach - were received by the Town Hall. These were adjudicated based on highest price among those bidders who had met all technical and legal requirements. For details see: Beach services 2012

Supreme Court leaves Catastrazo in the dark

Xàbia asks to revert to 1995 values

April 24th
The issue of the nullification (or not) of the Xàbia property values calculated in 2005 (amid much protest) finally reached the Supreme Court. However on March 23rd 2012, the court dismissed the appeal brought by the town against the 2007 judgement of the National court for "loss of purpose". The situation in this convoluted legal shaggy dog story remains unclear. The Town Hall is therefore making moves to request the drafting of a new (property value) report which they plan to conduct openly and with as much citizen participation as possible. from XAD: La sentencia.... April 25th Following legal advice the Town Council is requesting permission to revert to the 1995 values. For details see: Catastrazo - Request to revert to 1995 values.

Xàbia promotes itself in Barcelona

Xàbia came under the umbrella of the Costa Blanca at the International Tourism Fair in Barcelona last week. Participation cost €100. Apparently they received numerous requests for information about the beaches and resources in services and culture. The next fair to be attended will be in Bilbao from 10th - 13th May. From XAD: Xàbia expone...

Xàbia sets up a book club to promote book swapping

April 23rd.
The Department of Culture through the Public Municipal Library, has set up a special book club aimed at promoting book swapping in the municipality. The "club's" wooden frame is under the covered porch of the Marina Alta Plaza (in front of the Post Office). On its shelves there are several volumes in Spanish as well as English, German, Dutch and French donated by volunteers from the international section of the local library. The book club will run until late May and people are encouraged to leave a book there to be picked up and read by others, who then do likewise.

Regional Forestry Action Plan "Too restrictive" for Jávea

April 24th
Jávea's Sectorial Committee on Urban Development and the Environment has concluded that the Forestry Action Plan of the Comunidad Valenciana (PATFOR) is too restrictive. These conclusions must be formally submitted by 23rd May, which marks the end of the public consultaion period for the draft General Town Plan. The objections relate to the exclusion of forest land from areas currently identified as urban or for urban developement under the current General Plan; clarification of the transition zone bordering forested land and the registration of houses already within forested land. The PATFOR restrictions do not allow Xàbia to draft its new General Plan. From XAD: Xàbia alega.... For further details see: PATFOR appeal 2012

Children's Theatre workshop

April 20th
Javea's Department of Education is organising a series of theatre workshops for 4th form students. This activity is free and will be held on Tuesday evenings (5.00-7.00 pm) in the Conservatory, and will last for 2 months. Parents interested in enrolling their children should do so as soon as possible in the Social Centre or by calling 96 5794142, as spaces are limited and admission will be determined by order of registration. Among the skills the children will work on in this workshop are concentration, reading, improvisation and relaxation, as well as values ​​such as cooperation and solidarity. From Press Release.

International Singer songwriters to celebrate World Book Day

April 19th
There is an open invitation fotr everyone to attend an International Literary and Musical event celebrating European singer-songwriters, in honour of World Book Day 2012 at Xàbia Municipal Library, Calle Mayor 9, Xàbia Old Town on Monday 23 April 2012 at 19.00 hours. The Spanish, English, German, French and Dutch sections in the Xàbia Public Library will present an evening illustrating the life and work of some of their most popular singer-songwriters. From Press Release.

Reading campaign for young children

April 19th
The Jávea Municipal Public Library has launched a new campaign to encourage reading among 4th-form students from Javea primary schools. This is to encourage reading for pleasure from early to late childhood. Students from the CP Graüll attended a reading session hosted by Almudena Francés, a children's books author who introduced Welsh novelist Roald Dahl, known for stories such as Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Matilda and The Witches. The instructor started to tell them some of his stories, piquing their curiosity to go and find the books in the library and finish reading them. As part of this campaign, the library is also giving a couple of books to each classroom for reading projects throughout the term. The project is sponsored by the Javea's Department of Education, directed by Empar Bolufer. (From Press elease)

Jávea's BMX Dirt Jump opens on Saturday 21st

April 19th
From this Saturday, BMX bike afficionados can practise their jumps and tricks on a specially made dirt track in the Pou de Moro II area near the Trenc d'Alba school. The track was built by a group of BMX enthusiasts, with the help of the Town Hall which provided the materials, machines and a 7 metre wooden ramp. There are three courses representing increasing levels of difficulty. The course has insurance though access will be closed when no-one is in attendance. From XAD: Un nuevo campo de bicicross...

Businesses get together to make The Wave

April 18th
Fourteen companies associated with construction and home furnishings have come together to set up an innovative showroom called "The Wave - Emotional Construction" This is divided into interior and exterior spaces where each collaborator shows an innovative and differentiated product as well as its product catalogue. The customer can go directly or be referred by the builder or architect in charge of their building work to discover possibilities to equip their home including kitchen cabinets, home automation, landscaping, paving, furniture, lighting etc. The showroom opens on Friday 20th April at 7.00pm on the Carretera Portitxol, next to the Hotel Saladar. From XAD: The Wave....

The Terra Xàbia project starts its second phase

April 18th
Juan Luis Cardona, the Councillor for Economic Development, Agriculture and Creama in Javea, announced that the "Terra Xàbia" project will start its second phase during April. In this phase, project managers will select and screen farmers to work fields that local owners have donated to create a land bank. The first phase of this plan to stimulate agriculture in the municipality consisted of a series of meetings to explain land banks to farmers and landowners, as well as the conditions for landowners who donate their land and those who want to work them. The Councillor highlighted the success of this phase, as there are already several fields ready to be farmed. He stressed the need to encourage more people - both farmers as well as unemployed people - to take part in this project, since high participation is key to its success. Once people for the second phase have been selected, the Town Hall will organise production and coordination of the logistics of supplying to the central market, supermarkets, the Thursday market and restaurants in Javea before the summer, when the produce will be ready for picking. Concurrently, the Javea Town Hall will create a quality name brand for distribution and marketing of local Javea produce. From Press Release.

32 winners of Community Allotments due to sign their contracts

April 18th
The 32 people who won in the draw to be assigned a community allotment are now due to sign their contracts, receive the keys to their plots (in the Partida Mores area) and start growing their own fruits and veg. The project aims to make good use of to empty unused land. The allotments are fenced in and have three access doors for easy maintenance. The gardeners will be provided with materials such as compost bins for their trimmings, and water, for which they will pay €50 Euros. For details of the project and names of the winners see: Community Allotments 2012

ISVH Bomberos Easter Market in Balcon al Mar raises 2,700 Euros for the volunteer fire-fighters

April 17th.
The ISVH Bomberos of Balcon al Mar in Javea raised 2,700 Euros for the Fire-fighters of Balcon al Mar at the Easter Fair market. This group of fire-fighters consists entirely of highly skilled volunteers who give their time for free. The money raised will buy some much needed specialist protective clothing. From Press Release.

Iberian lynx returns to the wild in Spain

April 12th
The cat was once widespread across Spain and Portugal. But in 2005, its numbers plummeted to just 150, earning it the unenviable title of being the most threatened of the world's 36 wild cat species. But over the past five years, breeding centres in Jaen and the Donana National Park, both in Andalucia, have been extremely successful and there are now around 100 cats in captivity. For full story from the BBC see: BBC news

Hotel occupation up over Easter

April 15th
Easter Hotel occupation in Xàbia was up by 3% as compared to 2010, with most tourists visiting between the 6th and 8th and the underground car park under the Plaza de la Constitución being almosty full at one point days. However, the theatrical guided tour of the Port has been postponed, and comments on the web show that some businesses have suffered their worst results for many years. From XAD: La occupacíon sube....

Talks on the Flora of the Montgó

April 13th
The management of the Protected Natural Areas of the Marina Alta and Marina Baixa has organized a series of talks on native flora, which will be held in Denia, Pego, Finestrat and Calpe. That on Montgó Natural Park will take place at the Dénia Interpretation Centre between 10.00 am and 1.00pm on Saturday 28 April and there will be a guided tour on 29th starting at 10.00am. These seminars are part of the 25th anniversary of the creation of the Natural Parks of Montgó and the Peñon de Ifach, and consist of 5 papers covering topics such as the flora of different habitats, threats, conservation problems and solutions and the possibilities offered by native species in gardening. From XAD: Jornada para conocer....

German Developers Plan Solar Parks in Spain Without Subsidies

April 11th
Two German solar energy developers are planning to build photovoltaic plants in southern Spain that will earn a return without government subsidies. Wuerth Solar GmbH & Co. intends to build a 287-megawatt plant in the Murcia area for 277 million euros ($363 million), according to the regional authority. Gehrlicher Solar AG said it plans to develop a 250-megawatt solar park in the Extremadura region for about 250 million euros. The projects, about three times larger than any European solar plant, may be the first that don’t rely on feed-in tariffs and compete with wholesale power prices. For full story see: Bloomberg

Costas persuaded to remove fencing from the Parador and Granadella

April 11th
Negotiations with Costas by Mayor Chulví and Councillor Courcelles has paid off, and Costas has agreed to remove the fencing from beside the Parador and Granadella. Although the idea had been to protect the coast from vehicles, the only thing the fencing did was make it more difficult to access Granadella, and inconvenience customers of the Parador. From XAD:Costas retira...

Benches on the Cabo de San Antonio Viewing Point

April 9th
The Town Hall has installed benches and a railing at the viewing point of the Cabo de San Antonio, something asked for by residents and visitors. In addition, rubbish bins have been installed, weeds removed, the walls reinforced amd the viewing area expanded. (From Press Release)

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Access to Ambolo beach blocked by rockfall again


April 9th
New rock falls resulting from the last heavy rains have blocked access to Jávea's nudist beach once more. The Beach was closed to the public in 2006 because of the risk of landslides. People who walk down to the cove are reminded that they do so at their own risk. From Press Release

New Rubbish collection point at Les Sorts

April 9th
A new, walled rubbish collection point has been set up at the end of Camino de les Sorts, where it joins the Gata road on the edge of town. Two mirrors, to improve driver's visibility have also been installed. The idea is to imporve the aesthetics and safety of these areas. From Press Release

Spain tires of penitence even amid the Lent processions

April 5th
Austerity may seem to suit the mood as Spaniards prepare for Easter, but anger is growing over a bleak-looking future. House prices, already down about 25% from their peak, are set to fall by the same amount again over the next two to three years. Estimates forecast that up to one in four mortgage-holders will be left in negative equity by the end of this year. See The Guardian for a wide ranging overview of the current economic situation by Giles Tremlett.

Oil Drilling Threatens Spain's Renewable Energy Paradise

April 5th
Environmentalists and local authorities are opposed to prospecting for oil in the waters off the Canary Islands, one of Europe’s leading tourist destinations and an area with great potential in the field of renewable energy. For full story in English see: IPS

Welcome to Arenal roundabout

April 5th
Local artist Toni Marí has created a new sculpture that decorates the roundabout at the entrance to the Arenal (Avda Fontana/Montañar 1), welcoming those who visit. Mari has designed a framework of small iron fish that surround the roundabout and form the word "Arenal". This is part of a facelift for the area ahead of the summer. From Press Release.

Amjasa awards small works contracts to local companies

April 5th
Amjasa has awarded five public works contracts amounting to 167,162 Euros to local contractors following a bidding process: Avenida Arenal to I.M.P. Manuel Ruiz, Travesía Cansalades to Asfaltos y Obras Cholbi and Avenida Lepanto to F. David. Finally, the works in the Avenida Libertad were awarded to Aquastil and the Avenida Augusta to Exca-Javea. According to the mayor and president of Amjasa, Jose Chulvi, this Project Plan is important, not only because it will improve the damaged portions of the water supply system, but also because it will give work to Javea businesses, one of the issues that most concerns the local government in these difficult economic times.
These works will begin after Easter and conclude on June 15th. From Press Release

Send in your ideas on how to improve Agenda21

April 5th

We would like the Agenda21 to improve as much as possible, and we believe that the best option would be for each of you to send in possible ideas.
Please find below several questions for you to consider. If you think an idea is missing which can promote the the maximum possible participation in Agenda21, please include it:

  1. What did you expect when you decided to join the Agenda21? hopes, possible outcomes …
  2. Viewing the development of the sessions. What do you expect now?
  3. What possible changes could be made to improve the sessions? Specify topics for discussion?, create virtual spaces that encourage greater participation ?…
  4. To what degree will you be involved in Agenda21? Only attend meetings, be part of advisory bodies..etc
  5. What paths / directions should have greater priority in the Agenda21?
  6. How could participation in the Agenda21 be improved?

Thank you for your answers.

Please mail your answers and suggestions to: gro.aibaxja|anadaduic.noicapicitrap#gro.aibaxja|anadaduic.noicapicitrap

Agenda 21 suggests extending the pedestrian areas of the Arenal

On-Line discussion forum to be set up

April 5th
At the last meeting of the Agenda21 Citizens forum, representatives on the consultative Committees on Environment, Social Welfare and Tourism provided feedback on the meetings they had attended. Of particular interest were proposals by the Town Council to restrict restaurant tables on parking areas. The Agenda21 meeting looked at a map of the Arenal. They suggested that some of the areas between the blocks of restaurants and shops should become pedestrian only, with tables etc .but no parking. It was agreed that mixing parking and restaurant terraces was dangerous, and should not be encouraged. The group also expressed an interest in Amjasa's proposals for using recycled water for irrigation, and hope that a meeting on this particular topic will be arranged. A Google Group would be set up to enhance communication and discussion with people who are unable to make meetings. For details see: Agenda 21 Meeting April 3rd 2012

Smart phone audio guide for Old Town historical buildings

April 5th
The Tourism office has introduced free audio guides which describe the Old Town's important historical buildings in several different languages. The guides are available to anyone with a smartphone and a bar code reader app (e.g. NeoReader) installed on it. A bar code has been engraved on each information plaque outside each building. Point the camera of your phone at the bar code, select the desired language and download a small audio file which plays on your phone. (From Press Release and Ed's knowledge) (Ed's note: Those of you who know me, may recognise my dulcet tones for the English audio description. At present the audio text is a rather boring copy of what is written on the plaque. Hopefully this will be jazzed up and made more interactive )

Tourist information booth for the Arenal

April 5th
The Town Hall has revealed the design of a new Tourist Information booth which will be installed near the first clump of palm trees at the Arenal. It has a modern, original design with space for two people, and closed at night with a "see through" window, so people can see inside. The cost is around €20,000, twice as much they had hoped to spend on hiring one, but since it has been difficult to arrange to employ extra staff for the booth, they decided to invest in the structure, which can be relocated in winter months. It will be manned by staff from the Arenal Tourism office, which in turn, will only be open on the busiest "changeover" days. Fom XAD: Una caseta....

Red Cross wins Beach contract for next two years

April 3rd
The Local Assembly of the Spanish Red Cross in Javea has signed the contract to provide the services for life-guarding, assistance, rescue, first aid and medical transport by land on the beaches of Javea for the next two seasons, including summer and Easter. Starting this Thursday and throughout the Easter holidays, the Arenal beach will offer lifeguard services, and in the summer all the rescue services will be deployed to the Grava, Benissero, Arenal, Barraca and Granadella beaches. The contract, endorsed by the Local Executive Board this week, was awarded for 335,709 Euros (VAT included) after a public tender process that began in January this year. The contract is renewable. For more detaila see: Red Cross Beach Contract 2012

Javea outlines activities to celebrate 400th anniversary

April 3rd
The Javea Town Hall announced the programme of activities it is preparing to mark the 400th anniversary of the granting of the "Royal Villa" title to Javea. A privilege granted by King Philip III on 2 July 1612 that permitted Javea's independence from Denia, which had also been declared a city by the monarch a few months earlier. There will be concerts, an official ceremony, tours and the publication of a book about the boundaries conflict that led to the independence from Denia. For details see: 400th Anniversary Celebrations

Spain drought depletes reservoirs for hydropower and farms

April 3rd
The continuation of Spain's long-running drought further cut the major gas- and grain-importing country's capacity to generate hydropower and irrigate crops in the past week, official data showed on Tuesday. The three months to February were the driest since the Met office began compiling comparable records in 1947, which has drained hydropower reservoirs and forced up wholesale power prices. Scarcity of hydropower makes Spain more dependent on gas-fired generators and drives up imports by what is typically the world's eighth-biggest natural gas importer. It is also the fourth-largest importer of liquefied natural gas. For full story see: Spain drought...

Spain: "Don't cut while green" to ensure best fruit

April 3rd
Like every year, before the harvest of melon and watermelon starts in the fields of Almería, the local government of Andalucía and the Andalucía Interprofessional Fruits and Vegetables has started an informative campaign highlighting the importance of harvesting fruit in the optimal state for the development of its commerce. This week, it will start the control plan to avoid the cutting of watermelon and melon before time, under the slogan "Don't cut it while green". Agriculture and Fishing insists on the importance of "avoiding selling in the markets those shipments that are not completely ripe and don't have the sugar levels". For full article in English see: Fresh Plaza...

Forest fire monitoring campaign

April 3rd
The Javea Town Hall will launch a special forest monitoring campaign from 6th until 16th April. A task force made up of the Civil Protection Volunteers and the Balcon al Mar volunteer fire-fighter brigade will monitor the forestland in the municipality. The task force will have two water-pumping vehicles and will coordinate with the local police and the Marina Alta fire-fighting squad located in Denia. The public is reminded that fires are not permitted within 500m of the forest, and urged not to start fires or let off fireworks in risky areas. From Press Release.

Redesigning the city in your own image

Bicycle lane badly laid out? Design another. You want a public square where now there isn't one? Create it yourself

April 3rd (March 29th)
Several initiatives in Madrid are promoting citizen participation in city design, from cycle lanes to public spaces and communal gardens. The idea of group participation in city design is growing in popularity. Some groups are more critical of the role of the public administration, which they feel is out of touch with the needs of citizens. For full El Pais article in English see: Re-designing the city ....

Improved beach services for 2012

March 29th
The Javea Town Hall has issued an invitation to tender for several of the seasonal service on the beaches that have been deserted since 2010, such as the sunbeds and umbrella services on the beaches of La Grava, Benissero or First Montañar and half of the Arenal beach. The Town Hall is very interested in making these services available, for which it has lowered the price of the initial tender established in 2010. In addition, the Department of Environment and Beaches under the direction of Doris Courcelles proposes a new nautical concession in the form of a kayak rental service on the Granadella beach. For details see: Beach services 2012

EU countries failing on 2020 waste target


April 2nd
Eurostat figures show that the 10 countries that have joined the Union since 2004 send the vast majority of their waste to landfills. But the data also shows that older member countries – including financially troubled Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Spain – dump more than half their rubbish. The statistics indicate that the EU has a long way to go to meet targets set by the 2008 Waste Framework Directive, which calls for recycling of at least 50% of household waste by 2020. The legislation calls for a European “recycling society” that apparently hasn’t yet reached all corners of the Union. The EU’s overall recycling rate stood at 25%, while Germany (45%), Belgium (40%) and Slovenia (39%) are closest to meeting the goals. For full article see: EuroActiv

More than 70 stalls in the Easter Artisan Fair

April 2nd
The Old Town Business Association has brought together 70 stalls for the Easter Artisan Fair which will run in the Old Town from 6th - 9th April. This year the fair will include demonstrations of the ambrotype photographic technique (an early photographic process) by the Fotogràfica Agrupació Xàbia and a workshop on printing and binding with the cooperation of the Cultural Foundation Cirne. From Las Provincias: Mas de 70...

Asphalting programme to continue after Easter

April 2nd
The asphalting in the Port has now been completed, and the next phase, planned for the Montgó area has been delayed until Tuesday April 10th to avoid inconvenience to residents and visitors. At that time, two way traffic will be restored to the Carretera del Pla, which had been converted into a bike lane. They will also mill the surface of the road along the beach at Montañar 1, where duplicate raod markings cause confusion. If this is successful, they'll repeat the process at Avenida Juan Carlos I and Avda Alicante which are suffering from the same problem . For details of the programme see: Asphalting after Easter 2012

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