Brexit meeting - Chulvi report

From Mayor Chulvi's Facebook

November 3rd 2016

The British consul warns foreign residents of the importance of being registered on the Padron in relation to Brexit

Sarah-Jane Morris reassured the British residents of Xàbia that their situation will not change in the medium term

The British consul, Sarah-Jane Morris, met today with the British community living in Xàbia to analyse the consequences of Brexit. This meeting took place at the express request of the Town of Xàbia. In attendance were the Mayor, José Chulvi, the Councillor for Foreign Residents, Doris Courcelles, and lawyers Jonathan Lambert and Jaume Sendra together with health specialist Martyn Standing.

The consul wished to emphasise the importance for all foreign residents to be registered on the Padron. The consulate is studying the number of British residents in Spain and their situation so that their interests are taken into account, in negotiations with the British government. In this regard, Sarah-Jane Morris said that the case of Spain is very important because it is the country of the EU where most foreigners live, especially in coastal areas such as Xàbia. Councillor for Foreign Relations, Doris Courcelles, also recalled that residents have to renew their Padron registration every five years while non-residents have to do it every two years.

Both the British Consul and the lawyer Jonathan Lambert appealed for calm among the foreign population. The negotiations have not started yet so the situation will not change for at least two years. Meanwhile, the mayor said that the city is not going to abandon the British residents at this difficult time and will do everything possible to defend their rights. A motion supporting this was approved at October's plenary session.

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