Burning regulations 2012

1. Gardening professionals cannot light garden bon fires, and must deposit prunings at Ramblars, paying the appropriate fee.
2. Individuals cannot light garden bonfires, but can deposit garden rubbish in the green zone containers or at Ramblars for free.
3. Burning is permitted in agricultural plots in Pla, Cami Cabanes and Valls and limited to days when there are no weather conditions that can cause a fire hazard. (e.g. wind above 30kmh, temperatures over 30 degrees, temperature inversion (which causes the smoke to disperse horizontally))
4. In agricultural plots at least 500m from the forest, burning permits may be issued for burning within authorised burners from dawn until 11.00 am at which time the fire must be completely extinguished. (apply Portal del Clot Office)
5. No burning at all from August 1st to 31st, Sundays and Public Holidays.
6. Fines will range from €60-€600 for mild infringements
€601 - €1500 for serious, and €1501 - 3,000 for very serious. Plus cost of damages caused.

This new bye law replaces the bye law of 1996.

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