Canal del la Fontana

This canal is actually the original river mouth of the Rio Gorgos (which is now diverted to the Port)

For the past 50 years it has been used for the mooring of small boats.

The canal suffered serious flooding during the October 2007 floods and many boats were swept out to sea.

The section between the Avenida de la Mediterraneo bridge and the sea is managed by Costas (National Government).
The section between the bridge and slipway was under the control of the Madrid Government, but in April 2009 control was ceded to the Valencia Government.

The private Marina, "Nautica - Canal de la Fontana" (Avda de Marsella) was set up in 2001. Management company is Nou Fontana Marina

The AEXAMAR association (La Asociación de Embarcaciones Deportivas de Xàbia, 400 members) was set up in 2004. This association loosely managed the public moorings in association with the Town Hall from 2004 until 2009.

The Town Hall owns a considerable amount of land around the blind end of the canal and many people see this as a possible site for a pool harbour for small boats and dry dock. The political Party Nueva Javea suggests also as a site for a conference centre.

March 2011

Canal de la Fontana moorings to be privatised

"If you can't beat them, join them." That seems to have been the choice left to the boat owners who moor in the Canal de la Fontana. At its general assembly, 250 members of the boat owners' association, Aexamar unanimously voted to negotiate with the company Nou Fontana Marina, which manages the small marina just off the canal. Previously, the association hoped to compete with this company, an initiative which had the support of the Town Hall which owns adjacent land. However, the Town Hall has never offered to invest financially and now with the crisis, it is difficult for anyone to stump up the money to modernise the moorings and make a dry dock . So Aexamar is negotiating with Marina Nou Fontana, to get a discount for its 350 members. As reported by the presiding officer, Sunday Bou, users would opt for a mooring at cost, between 10 and 12 thousand euros, plus a monthly fee of €90 for services like electricity, water, security and cleaning. Another option would be to opt for a place in the dry dock. From XAD: Aexamar optara...Aexamar optará….

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