Caritas Xàbia

Statement about CARITAS in relation to fund raising concert given on February 5th 2011 in the Fisherman's Church

Although Caritas is organized by the Catholic Church, it helps all people, without any distinction, who come asking for help. In 2010 Caritas helped to feed 251 mouths in the port area of Jávea. New donations will enable them to continue and expand their services to the needy during this year.

The 23 volunteers of Caritas help by providing: - a food bank - a clothing store – help in preventing eviction proceedings - grants to pay for electricity, gas, water, - help to improve people’s job prospects – provides some household essentials - distributes school supplies needed for children. In 2011, it is planned to expand the support and with the dedication of volunteers, provide a service of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Every cent of the donations will reach the people who are in such desperate need; people who are completely dependent on the public’s help just to exist, with little opportunity for a better future. We know the difficult economic crisis in Spain will continue and we must muster the resources to enable us to act as a social safety net for all those people who can expect little or no state assistance.

CARITAS international web site:

Address of Caritas in the Port:

Cáritas Parroquial Nuestra Sra. De Loreto
c/ Pio XII 9, Aduanas del Mar, 03730 Xàbia/Jávea. Tel: 965792220 Mov: 619689831
Cuenta CAM ES48 2090 0182 35 010028 0437 BIC: CAAMES2A

There is also a Caritas in the Old Town:
Cáritas de la Parroquia de San Bartolomé de Jávea

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