Mayor Chulvi comment on New Town Plan

From Mayor Chulvi Facebook page - June 2017

Xàbia, Mediterranean and sustainable

When we presented ourselves at the 2015 elections one of our major ideas was that "our future for the next 20 years was at stake". We referred, among other things, to the General Plan whose first phase has just been published.

We believe that the vision that this team has of Xàbia, and its future evolution is shared by most of our citizens. We are proud that our town has become a reference point for environmental, cultural and economic sustainability in Valencia Province. This has been achieved through work and consensus. Frankly, the alternative was to protect what makes us unique or lose everything in the short term. Instead, this government team, in conjunction with social and business interests, took measures to safeguard our quality of life and our most unique areas as a way of defending the local economy and preserving our competitiveness. As examples we have the management of the access to the Grandella, which will be implemented in the coming days, the protection of the Cova Tallada, the project of converting the Cap de Sant Antoni lighthouse into a Centre of Presentation of our Marine Reserve, placing buoys around sea caves and the Forum of Mediterranean Destinations which will meet in October in Xàbia.

These are just a few examples which from our side, showed that our cards were always on the table: our model for Xàbia is based on the defence of its unique values as a Mediterranean town. It was precisely this model, which we have clearly stated, which received the most support in the past elections. On the other hand, it should not be forgotten that the General Plan puts together many of the requests made by our citizens in the course of the various participatory workshops. The answer was unanimous: we like the Xàbia we know and want it to remain as it is.

As for the General Structural Plan that we are presenting now, it is the fruit of 11 years of work (since we first began its review in 2006) and an important enhancement in the last two years by the team led by Urban Planning Councillor, Isabel Bolufer. We are convinced that it improves on the 1990 plan in several aspects: on the one hand it ends the legal uncertainty of the clash of the former norm with the new guidelines on the use of the land (Porn del Montgo, Patfor, Patricova, Pativel) and on the other hand to put an end to speculative development of the same land. Xàbia is the place where we want to maintain our quality of life and where we want to continue to attract visitors and investors from all over the world. Surely those who accuse us of dogmatism (such as doubling the legal time of public presentation, and for whom more than a decade of work seems to be little) what they want is a return to the ways of the past. The same ways that made us one of the most vulnerable regions during the crisis because of our excessive dependence on a single sector - construction. It would be good that, with the same transparency that we practice, they openly present their alternative: Build more? Exhaust the model? Ruin Xàbia?
The plan which we are presenting also guarantees the sound performance of the local economy. With plots already available for building - within developed nuclei and without consuming new areas of land - there is sufficient work for decades. Bringing work for our local companies, not for outside contractors with their large-scale developments. Likewise, the repair and refurbishment of the existing housing stock guarantees a sustained and sustainable activity in the sector.

Speaking of the economy, we also stated in our electoral campaign that we wanted more and better opportunities for our people. Having a pleasant town to live in, with appropriate services provided to its inhabitants, with guaranteed basic necessities, with reasonable expectations of growth and a unique territory. This offers a great opportunity to diversify and modernize our economic fabric. In a global market of new technologies, Xàbia can realistically aspire to become a centre of attraction for important investments, as we are beginning to see. This model allows us to attract new talents, so that our best educated young people are not forced to leave, and generates business without consuming irrecoverable resources.

For all the above reasons I am convinced that this General Plan is a good one. It is not thought of a private enterprise nor of benefit for only the few - I do not own plots or professionally represent anyone who has them - my only wish is to preserve the soul of this town. May we continue to live and work with pleasure in it and that in the future our citizens and visitors can continue looking at Xàbia with affection and with pride. The pride of having preserved a unique place in the Mediterranean. The ability to say that Together we make Xàbia - Junts, fem Xàbia.

José F. Chulvi Español
Alcalde de Xàbia

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