Chulvi Inaugural Speech

Inaugural address by the new mayor of Xàbia- José Chulvi Español

June 11th 2011

Fellow councillors, citizens of Xàbia, friends and family members.

Firstly I wish to thank you for your presence today in the Council Chambers of the Town Hall. You have just witnessed an important and key ceremony in the democratic life of our people. You are witnesses to the formation of a new municipal corporation of the Town of Xàbia. In addition, your presence serves to remind us that we are representing the citizens and that we have appointed the 21 councillors who will work for Xàbia.

Let my first words be to express and share with you the feelings and emotions which I personally feel on this solemn occasion.

I am deeply honoured, full of enthusiasm, but also very conscious of the responsibilities, which I have just assumed. A great personal and collective challenge, a challenge which I accept in the knowledge and security of being surrounded by a great team of people, because, as Kennedy said "the most intelligent thing I've done in my life has been to surround myself with people more intelligent than I am. "

Above all, I am grateful to so many people, who during the last few days have sent me their messages of enthusiasm and hope for the new era which we are about to begin.

I started this talk with a reminder and thanks because we sometimes forget the value of things and what they represent. The commitment made a few minutes ago by the 21 councillors who make up the new municipal corporation, bears a responsibility that is both an honour and a privilege.

We have voluntarily made a choice - to serve Xàbia. Today we institutionalize that choice, and give it a value which is shared beyond our own political group …an appreciation for Xàbia and the vocation of service to our citizens.

We owe it to those values which are the source of our vocation. We must do what is expected of us: to serve the citizens of Xàbia with humility, enthusiasm, work and honesty.

I would also like to express my appreciation to the councillors who have given me their support. Our friends from "Xàbia Democratica" and "Ciudadanos por Jávea " with whom we will govern in a political agreement that expresses the will of the majority of our citizens.

To Juan Planelles and Paco Catalá, the representatives of “Nueva Jávea”, for their unconditional gesture of support, a gesture full of generosity and responsibility, which I will not forget.

I cannot convey sufficiently my deep appreciation to my colleagues in the Municipal Socialist Group, who have supported me, encouraged me and thanks to whom I am here today.

To our comrades in the Partido Popular and the Bloc-Centristas, I would say that we have four years ahead of us, and we must be able to build bridges based on dialogue and mutual trust to work together for our people.

Xàbia is known worldwide for 3 fundamental aspects:
First of all for its landscape, its environment, the natural wealth that we are fortunate to enjoy, and that we must know how to protect, nurture and value.

In second place, for the historical and cultural heritage we have inherited from our ancestors. A heritage that defines us, identifies us and singles us out as people, and which we must know how to preserve, maintain and improve as a valuable inheritance.

The third and perhaps most important, is its people. We, the citizens of Xàbia - a town in which live around ninety different nationalities. A town with great diversity and with a great human and creative force, which we must build on and encourage.

We have people living among us who are an example in literature, art, science, sports, and in all fields of human talent. Above all, we have a potential together as a people that few can dream of.

We have the best educated younger generation which Xàbia has known, a large number of young university graduates who have to have opportunities in their own town. Xàbia cannot afford to lose these talents. We must be able to generate jobs for them. We also need to be able to find work for those young people who discontinued their studies assuming they would be able to work in sectors such as construction. They thought they would have a good future and now are on a path which offers them few prospects. An opportunity for them is better training and qualifications, a goal which is one of the most important objectives of our government.

Older people have a major role to play in the daily life of Xàbia, they are the most aware of the benefits and shortcomings of our town. So they have to be present in municipal activities, their experience must be another of the values on which to base the future of Xàbia.

Another issue which also sets us apart, is our wealth of societies and associations. All those who are part of this collective fabric are a key asset of our town.
I know many of you work in various neighbourhood associations and business, commercial, cultural, and sporting associations…., you know that I very much appreciate your efforts and your selfless work. Not forgetting the festival committees who with great enthusiasm and effort will progress in this important and difficult task.
All of you are the expression of the best in this town, its people.

We are in a period when many new uncertainties concern our society, there are citizens who demonstrate in the squares and streets of our cities because they feel they are not involved enough in political life, who wish to voice their opinions and publicly express their preferences and requirements for individual and collective improvements. For us as democratic politicians, it is our task to listen, discuss, and evaluate the criticisms and opinions, and from this perspective improve democracy.

In this new era it will be important to speak clearly, without over-simplification or empty rhetoric. Local politics also means a permanent attitude of listening and dialogue, always opting for the more human side of politics.

This is what I have learned during my years in the Town Hall, the only way we can successfully achieve any action that we propose is by listening to the people. Because behind every square, every street, every door is a reality which is experienced at first hand.

It is time for the people and for all our citizens. It is time to make new policies, which will have a more direct impact in solving problems.

This is my idea, my proposal. All that I ask myself as Mayor, is to do what I have learned is needed in political matters. From close awareness of issues and by dialogue. These are my premises, and I am sure we can make progress.

Approachability and dialogue imply above all the ability to listen before taking decisions. We will not implement any project without listening.

But along with approachability and dialogue, I want to say that I believe that firmness, rigour and conviction are also core values in the exercise of our responsibilities.

Firmness in defending what we clearly understand as being in the public interest. In other words " for the common good."
Firmness in defending and demanding that other government administrations grant us what is justly ours.
Firmness in achieving all the objectives of our government programme.

Rigour in the exercise of government as a permanent example of personal and political honesty.
Rigour in working competently and reliably to meet commitments and the given word.
Rigour also knowing when to say NO when necessary, and to know how to explain the reasons.

And conviction.
Conviction that means making decisions based on our values and beliefs.
Conviction and a vocation to work for the common good, for the public good.

I did not want to miss this opportunity to address our municipal workers.
The council has to be the engine to lead a process of change for our town, a peaceful and positive change. Cooperation, collaboration and the involvement of all of you will be essential for our future.

To my fellow councillors I want to say that we are all aware that we live in difficult and complex times, but we have to deal with this situation as an opportunity, an opportunity for the renewal of politics as a tool for building agreements. This is what the citizens of Xàbia expect from us. When politics only serve as a means for expressing disagreements and confrontation, it is no longer of use for our citizens.

So let us always keep a hand extended to reach agreements.

The challenges ahead, both in their size and complexity, will need our fullest ability to take the right decisions.

One of the great challenges we have to take on is the revival of the local economy. We can only achieve this by working together and in coordination with government agencies, to generate jobs and wealth.

I will try, humbly, to be worthy of the good fortune I have had. To be fortunate enough to be from Xàbia and today to be fortunate in receiving the great honour of being Mayor of Xàbia.

I will try to be faithful to my convictions and will work listening to everyone, standing in the street, together with people, sharing the problems of the people.

The enthusiasm of all of us will be the differentiating factor, the added value which everyone participating today will bring, in shouldering this great responsibility.

Xàbia deserves it, and Xàbia deserves that we be up to the task and I will do my best to achieve it.

I am counting on all of you.

Thank you very much.

José Chulvi

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