Citizen Participation Status October 2015


1. ADVISORY Councils/Committees
2. Participatory Budget
3. AGENDA 21

ADVISORY Committees



1. Municipal Ordinance - Uses of Roads and public spaces
2. Amendments of specific building regulations.
3. PATFOR. (regional forestry action plan)
4. Proposals for the Sustainable Mobility Plan (SUMP).
5. Proposals for the demarcation of the Coastal Law and the draft law.
6. Municipal Urban Construction Ordinance.
7. Reorganisation of traffic in the area of Juan Carlos I and nearby.
8. Reorganization of traffic in the area of San Juan Bautista and nearby.
9. Management of unsystematic urban land .
10. Plan against floods in the region of Marina Alta

Proposals Carried Out :2013
1. Xàbia General Town Plan (consolidated document)
2. Changes in building regulations.
3. Soil Management Montgó 3 and 4
4. Proposals for the Sustainable Mobility Plan (SUMP).
5. Management of unsystematic urban land .
6. Proposed redevelopment of Duanes and Arenal.
7. Proposed amendment of Municipal waste legislation.
8. Urban Image.
9. The Municipal building at Portal del Clot.
10. Specific Modification of Pinomar Nº XXX.
12. Urbanization "La Falzia"
13. Conditions of the Benitatxell General Plan
14. Coastal Law
15. Planning guidelines for the Arenal
16. Proposal for management of Montañar I.
17. Proposal for development Cansalades 10.
18. Proposal for management Cala Granadella
19. Byelaws on Security and coexistence

Proposals carried out 2014
1. PATRICOVA (Sectorial Action Plan on the prevention of the risk of flooding in the Valencian region).
2. Xàbia General Town Plan.
3. Proposal for the management of Cala Granadella
4. Proposal for Cansalades 10.
5. Municipal edict on noise.
6. Make fit the road along the Rio Gorgos.
7. Ordinance on Coexistence.
8. Urban Image.
9. Proposal for developing Falzia .
10. Modification XXXII.
11. Regulations on extensive land.
12. Regulations on the La Plana zone.
13. Proposal on extension of the concession of the Canal de la Fontana
14. Management of access to the Playa del Arenal.

Tourism Consultative Committee

  • Advertising Campaign conducted by David Ferrer
  • Lighting the exterior of the Soler Blasco Museum
  • Registration of the GastroXàbia brand.
  • Establishing the Parking area in Cala Granadella.
  • Improved signaling of beaches and coves.
  • Making the advertising spot "A winter sun"
  • Producing a calendar, proceeds of which go to the reforestation of Montgó
  • Development of "Arte para comer en Xàbia" proposal for the Strategic Plan.
  • Promotional activity with "Traveling with Diego Travel Blogger video"
  • Implementing procedures for registering the brands: “Peix de la Bahia de Xàbia” and “Les coques de Xàbia”
  • Development of a plan for social media.
  • Promotional action using social networks at FITUR (trade fair)
  • Collaboration with the Riurau Film Festival.
  • Production of a Guide “Xàbia Vive El Mediterraneo” in collaboration with of nautical companies.
  • Programming and implementation of the thematic route “Xàbia
  • Gastronómica”
  • Organization and Development of the Xàbia Fun Trip # 365
  • Proposal for reducing seasonality and marketing campaign.
  • Proposal to reject the proposed use of the Lighthouse of the Cap de Sant Antoni as a hotel
  • Presentation of the Family Club ATURFAN 2015 product.


  • Organization of the Gala of local Trade
  • Proposals for the a weekly flea market at the Arenal
  • Proposals for commercial activities during the Christmas period
  • Initiation of a federation of trade associations.
  • Implementation of the Green Commerce project.

Culture Consultative Committee

Its aim is to advise the municipal government on culture. Participate in the design, evaluation and monitoring of activities and cultural programs in the area of the municipality and its twinned towns. To support artistic creation and contribute to the maintenance, study and diffusion of Xàbia's Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Proposed actions

  • The central Cinema Project
  • The affirmation of the Cap de San Antoni as a science center .
  • Plan for managing the Municipal Archives

Agricultural Consultative Committee

  • Proposed time limits for the permitted burning of stubble.
  • Proposed cleaning plots and hedges.
  • Proposed courses for "pruning citrus", "aromatic and medicinal plants", and a course and accreditation card on correct herbicide use .
  • Proposed cleaning and maintenance of rural roads.
  • Proposed measures and alerts about countryside robberies

Children’s Consultative Committee

  • Represented by students 5th, 6th and 1 ESO, all Xàbia schools.
  • Proposal for the realization of a skatepark.
  • Proposal and design of Pinosol Park.
  • Proposal for a pedestrian way on the Carretera del Plá
  • Design of the school route: "PAS A PAS XÀBIA"


Participatory budget proposals carried out:

  • Consolidation of the Windmills, 2,6 and 7
  • Roof and Lighting of Riu Rau d'Arnauda
  • Arrangement of the Surco and outside area.
  • Illumination of the Windmills
  • Completion of the first tranche of Via Augusta
  • Fix sidewalk av. Del Puerto (Port)
  • Asphalting of the Av.Juan Carlos I
  • Repositioning of park games
  • Conversion of Guardia Civil station to a public square (Comare Maruja Varó)

Participatory Budget Proposals Not Carried Out

  • Consolidation of the Castle of Granadella
  • Re-equip 27 climbing school routes/pitches
  • Installation of a sevens football field in the Arenal.
  • Convert one of the windmills a mechinally functioning example.
  • Racquetball court repair
  • Underground rubbish containers in Jávea Park.
  • Repair and expansion of the raquetball court to regulation size
  • Anti Jellyfish nets
  • Climbing wall on the Trinquet wall
  • Installing multisports track at the Arenal

Strategic Plan

XÀBIA ACTIVA: Promote sport and employment around the sports sector and active sustainable tourism.
AGROXABIA: Transforming agriculture into a sustainable and quality model.
BICIXÀBIA: sustainable urban mobility.
XABIA COMERÇ: Promoting urban commerce.
XÀBIACREA: To promote an urban environment which favours multiculturalism, creativity and cultural interest.
VISITXÀBIA: Marketing online. maximize Xàbia as a tourist destination.
eGOVERN XABIA: Access to electronic media, promoting closeness to the citizens and transparency.
XABIA ESPAI OBERT: Facilitate public spaces as energizing socioeconomic elements
GASTROXABIA: Enhancing cuisine as a unique tourist product.
XABIAMAR: Encouraging diversification and year round use of the tourism product on the coast.
RENOVAXABIA: Conserve and enhance the urban environment and landscape, environmentally and aesthetically.
VOLUNTARISXÀBIA: Facilitate participation by citizens in volunteer activities.


Agenda 21 seeks as an end result, to develop and implement a Plan of Action with the following the objectives and commitments:
Setting the basic principles and scope of the proposal.
Collection of information and relevant data about the municipality and its evolution in economic, social, ecological, cultural aspects.
3.Initial Diagnosis
Quantitative and qualitative analysis and evaluation of information obtained for recommendations and suggestions forming the first base document.
4.First Local Agenda21 document
Definition and programming of programmes, local sustainability strategies, technical feasibility, financing and implementation and monitoring of environmental indicators.
5. Citizen Participación
Through lectures, exhibitions, panel discussions, information media, etc.
6.Plan of Action
Carrying out the programmes, criteria and objectives of the Local Agenda 21 in relation to matters such as management, sustainable water, energy saving, sustainable transport, green spaces, waste, etc.
7. Monitoring
The action plan requires a monitoring program and constant evaluation .

Xàbia Town Hall began the process of implementing Local Agenda 21 (2004) , as a medium to long term project which attempts to plan the development of the town taking into account two criteria:
1) - The balance between economic growth, social cohesion and the quality of natural resources to be maintained so as to ensure that generations to come will have at least our level of quality of Life: SUSTAINABILITY.
2) - The voice of the common people (residents, employers, groups) must be heard on issues that affect and will affect the quality of life (labour market, urban planning, health, education, waste, water …): PARTICIPATION.

Citizen Participation Programmes currently underway:

  • Representatives on tables in working groups of Environment, Communication and Tourism.
  • Representatives of the Hunting Commission of the Montgo Natural Park Plan.
  • Representatives on the revision of the public input of the General Town Plan
  • Representatives on the Local Action Plan.
  • Representatives on Consultative Committees
  • Representatives on Participatory Budgeting


Issues in which Public Participation has played a part:

1. Proposed Expansion of Jávea Port
2. Proposed Development of the Saladar
3. Promoting re-usable shopping bags
4. Accident Black Spots
5. Oil prospecting controversy

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