Comboi Strategy

The Comboi project was launched in Xàbia on 20th November 2012

The Comboi Strategy is a project which aims to create opportunities for young entrepreneurs to start their careers. It is based on co-working which is a formula for the future in a world where networking is the key, it creates office spaces which young entrepreneurs can “timeshare” with others. But co-working is more than just sharing a common space. This system ensures that entrepreneurs from different sectors can connect with each other, creating synergies, and possibly new projects.

The name “Comboi” comes from a Valencian word that refers to an “ability to leverage resources, uncover opportunities and overcome adversity together"

The project not only seeks to mediate between local property owners and tenants, but also provide guidance and advice, thanks to "mentoring". The idea is that several freelancers can share a space and leverage their talents together, one drawing on the experience of the other, and even creating collaborations and joint projects. In addition, the premises will be at street level, adding dynamism to the Old Town. The entrepreneurs will receive professional visits, internet access, water and electricity, and all for less than 150 € per month

The project is therefore looking for clean, airy premises at street level, with water and electricity and all bills paid up to date in exchange for a reasonable rent and the possibility of subletting. As for the exact formula for managing a co-working space, this will be flexible because every case is unique.

It is hoped that the expertise of the large number of foreigners living in Javea who have great professional experience could support this work by mentoring and offering guidance.

It was also suggested that Internet and computer experts could join the project to help more traditional businesses to sell products online.

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