Community Allotments 2012


The winners of the community gardens in Javea should go to the Town Hall to sign their contracts

The 32 community garden plots offer the opportunity for healthy and eco-friendly leisure activity

Javea. Wednesday, 18th April 2012.

The Javea Town Hall held a draw for 32 plots located in the area known as partida Mores classified for community gardens. Those who have been awarded one of these plots should come by the Public Attention Office in the Portal del Clot (Avenida Amanecer 2) to sign their contracts and benefit from a healthy and eco-friendly leisure activity aimed at people interested in traditional and organic agriculture.

After the paperwork has been filled out, the gardeners will receive the keys to their plots, prepared by the Council with topsoil and water spigots for irrigation.
In return, the recipients must ensure the proper use of the land and they may not build anything, allow animals, grow plants that degrade the soil, lawn or turf, or illegal psychotropic plants. The gardens will be dedicated exclusively to growing fruits and vegetables for individual or family consumption.

The community gardens project aims to make good use of to empty unused land. The new community gardens are fenced in and have three access doors for easy maintenance of the facility. The gardeners will be provided with materials such as compost bins for their trimmings, which will also serve to carry out an educational project.

The Javea Town Hall will make regular visits to the "Community Gardens to verify compliance with the rules and regulations. The local council reserves the right to "quarantine" a non-compliant garden plot until corrective measures have been taken or completely remove the garden from the project if none have been taken.


-The TAPIS occupational therapy workshop was automatically awarded plot 1

Aniceto Molina Lizán, with plot 32
Nicolás Gil Aguilar, with plot 14
Sebastian Portillo Palacios, with plot 29
Saadia Midaqui Bouzerki, with plot 11
Andrés Felipe Giraldo Rios, with plot 25
Manuel Montero Carballo, with plot 28
Anmed Raissuni Raissuni, with plot 22
Encarnación Gonzalez Montero, with plot 2
Maria Teresa Bisquert Vera, with plot 23
Felipe Rosell, with plot 30
José Rodriguez Garcia, with plot 19
José Alapont Gomar, with plot 31
Juan Antonio Villanueva Torres, with plot 6
Pablo Carrasco Rodríguez, with plot 8
Miguel Ángel González García, with plot 12
Helena Berenguer Iborra, with plot 18
Juan Migallón González, with plot 20
Pedro José Martin Sánchez, with plot 17
Juan Francisco Blasco Vercher, with plot 26
Mirtha Nunez, with plot 21
María Martin Suria, with plot 24
José María del Valle Villanueva, with plot 4
Narciso Fuentes Ojeda, with plot 10
Praxedes Jaime Martin, with plot 13
Jeannine Canto Ribera, with plot 3
Carlos Miguel Ferrer Santacreu, with plot 7
Sandra Fonseca Sanchez, with plot 27

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