Councillors 2011

Responsibilities and pay of Councillors in the Governing coalition elected in June 2011
These have been assigned according to the background and qualifications of the councillors

Name Party Responsibility Salary/Allowance Notes
José Chulví PSOE Mayor , Personnel €50,000 Will forego this salary if he receives income as Alicante Parilament Deputy
Oscar Anton XD Deputy Mayor, Finance and Contracts/ Procurement and (new department) Relations with Foreign residents €25,000 Part time - Profession - Lawyer
Juan Ortolà CpJ Second Deputy Mayor - Fiestas, Activities and Public Safety up to maximum of €21,600 Compensatory allowance
Pere Sapena XD Town Planning / Urban Development €42,000 Full time - 15 years as Municipal Architect for Pego town Council
Juanlu Cardona XD Economic development, Agriculture and Fisheries and Sports €25,000 Part time - Retail Merchant /Businessman in Sports area
Antonio Miragall PSOE Tourism and Heritage €25,000 Part time - Business in wholesale Tourism
Amparo Bolufer PSOE Culture and Education up to maximum of €21,600 Compensatory allowance
Doris Courcelles PSOE Environment and Services, including beaches €42,000 Full time
Paco Torres PSOE Public works and Integrated water management up to maximum of €21,600 Civil Engineer - Compensatory allowance
Cesc Camprubí PSOE Modernisation of Administration and New Technologies and Internal organisation and Citizen Participation €25,000 Part time - Diploma in Public Administration, boat sales
Maria Tere Bisquert CpJ Social Services, Youth, Health, Public Transport and Senior Citizens up to maximum of €21,600 Compensatory allowance

The Strategic Plan is the joint responsibility of Chulví and Antón

Opposition Councillors: €488,79 for attending plenary council meetings; €342,14 for attending committee meetings

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