Counselling Services Report - 2011


The counselling and legal services of the Department of Equality attended 403 cases in 2011

The Town Hall of Javea offers these counselling services free of charge

Javea. Tuesday, 17th July 2012.
The legal and counselling services of the Javea Town Hall Department of Equality, integrated in the area of Social Services, attended a total of 403 cases in 2011 involving battered women. These services are both free and confidential.
The municipal counselling service for victims of domestic violence attended 151 consultations, a figure higher than the 2010 figure of 127 cases attended. In general terms, the target group most affected by domestic violence were women between ages 18 and 44, of which 77 were Spanish, 63 from the EU and 11 non-Community. Also, of those seeking counselling, 49% said they had been suffering abuse for more than one year and 18% had been suffering abuse for over five years. These figures reveal that they were not isolated incidences, but rather “long-term chronic situations that had remained invisible to the healthcare system”.

As for the legal services attended by a lawyer, there were a total 252 inquiries, which represents a slight decline from 2010, with 303 cases attended that year. According to the records of the department, the users of this service are women between ages 22 and 65 years (mostly between 25 and 40) with basic education, low income, non-home-owners and without a stable job. Most of them are Spanish.
In addition to the 64 applications for judicial intervention, the users have requested information on legal issues such as inheritances, disability, hospitalization, leases, evictions or mortgage (44 cases), 43 others have asked for basic information about separation or divorce and 32 for issues related to guardianship and custody. There have also been 32 consultations on violence or protection orders, 30 on work or unemployment benefits, 18 on breaches of restraining orders or other judicial decisions. To a lesser degree they have also advised on criminal matters (10 cases), foreign aliens (5 cases) and minors or paternity (3 cases).

The Councillor for Equality, Empar Bolufer, reminded everyone that this was a free service, one that provides information on legal rights and procedures or protection measures, as well as inform on the resources or benefits available in the municipality. The Councillor also emphasised the importance of counselling after making the decision to leave a violent relationship and learning to adapt to a new living

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