Cultural Manifesto

Manifesto for the cultural revitalization of Xàbia

(Drawn up by the Asociación XÀBIA CULTURAL)
August 2010

Cultural associations, academics, artists, business people and residents in Xàbia have agreed to draw up this manifesto to promote the cultural revitalization of our municipality in collaboration with the Town Hall.

With this objective, we are presenting a series of proposals to try to optimize the usage of the existing public infrastructure, and to create an efficient working group, coordinating an attractive cultural programme, and subsequently ensuring that it is effectively communicated to the public.

The objectives are:

- To differentiate the fiesta activities from cultural activities.
- To maintain and improve on the current cultural activities.
- To promote new proposals and follow them through.
- To promote activities aimed at children and young people.
- Fully support the proposals with a programme, which is clear, and of good quality.
- Define and differentiate the scheduling in the various venues.
- Ensure good communication. Providing display panels in public spaces to advertise schedules, cultural posters and notices.
- To understand and analyze the reasons why some cultural activities have disappeared.

Considering all these points, we would emphasize the need for the Town Hall to communicate effectively the cultural programme throughout the entire municipality of Xàbia. A cultural agenda should be drawn up, to avoid the proposed sites and dates of events coinciding or overlapping each other. Programming should be done on an annual basis, if we wish to make Xàbia a cultural attraction. The town is host to a selective tourism, attracted by its environmental beauty but it also needs a level of culture, which complements the existing cultural scene.

Xàbia could fulfil the demand for cultural tourism, with an ambitious programme of activities to be performed both in the streets and in the venues already in existence.

All this would be in the interest of people all over the town and would benefit its economic development by increasing an audience attracted by these activities.

After the misery of four years of public works in the streets, the businesses and shops in the Old Town would certainly appreciate this initiative. During this time, much to our regret, historic galleries have closed down causing the disappearance of many of the cultural events, which were formerly available.
This has resulted in a loss of interest by people who now no longer go to the town to enjoy themselves.
The municipality has a unique infrastructure, which could make all this possible again, with locations such as Casa de Tena, or the Casa del Cable combined with a splendid environment. We believe that to achieve this, you just need a quality programme which would attract public interest in these locations.

We suggest focal points such as l’Espai Ambert, could again be made available, for artists who wish to exhibit, or to host cultural activities such as the project “Jocs Lliure” and the competition, Art by the Sea. Perhaps reschedule the current library back to its former use as a cultural centre.

We also suggest the refurbishment of the old Central Cinema, which with appropriate renovation could become a multidisciplinary space to host screenings and stage performances.

However, much we appreciate the efforts made by some members of the current municipal government team to maintain existing activities, we should remember that the cultural management of the town should not be linked to political colours or with the interests of achieving electoral returns.
The goal should be to preserve the identity of the people and return to Xàbia its cultural heritage.

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