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Xàbia day care Centre receives Charitable donations

November 13th 2009


On Friday at 5.00pm the "Roundabout Charity Shop" donated 11500 Euros and Javea Computer Club 740 Euros to the Day Care Centre for incapacitated dependents. Initially the centre was to have been for Alzheimers patients, but the remit has been widened to include other incapacitated people because people with different disabilities tend to mix and help each other.

This donation money will be used to help furnish the rehabilitation room.

The president of the Roundabout Charity shop (Hilary Cosgrove) came with committee members and some of the volunteers who help in their shops. President of the Javea Computer Club (CBJ) was accompanied by two of her committee members. Doña Ramona (whose vision has made this centre a reality) and the two nuns, Mother Sara and Sister Alicia were there to receive the donations. Councillor Doris Courcelles represented the Town Hall. The money is managed by the Congregation of Marta and Maria. A list of all donors will be published soon.

The Centre will be open to persons of all nationalities and faiths. Inauguration will be on 17th December.
There is room for 50 dependents who will be looked after Monday to Friday 9am till 7pm. By Friday 13th, 20 People have already signed up.

To sign up, patients need:

Certificate from Social Services to prove that the person is a dependent
Certificate from patient's doctor
Certificate of being on the Padrón
Copy of NIE certified by notary

The town hall will clean up the courtyard garden, but they would like donations of plants for the garden, and people who are willing to help plant and tend it. Once the centre is running they will need volunteers to help, especially those who have several languages.
CBJ November 15th

Step towards completion of a day centre for the elderly and Alzheimers sufferers

October 7th 2008
A formal agreement has been signed by Jávea's Mayor and Mother Domitila Jimenez, (representing the Apostolic congregation of Martha and Mary) whereby the Town Hall helps to finance the conversion of the Convent of the Agustinas into a day centre with a contribution of 315,000 Euros. The Centre should be open by the end of the year. Total cost around 600,000 Euros.

Money has also be provided by the Ministry of Social Welfare, with donations from The Association of Alzheimers Families, various British charity shops and the Rotary Club (which provided a large some of money for furnishings). Reconstruction includes the removal of partitions to make the rooms bigger, glassing in the courtyard to acclimatise the attached rooms, and the design of access to all rooms to assist people with mobility problems. The works respect the structure of the building as a Convent, including the preservation of a fresco painted by Soler Blasco.

Dona Ramona Fernandez, whio is considered the alma mater of the project, insisted that a highlight of the Day Center will be that it will have its own garden, so that older people can cultivate flowers and vegetables as a hobby.

At present two sisters from the congregation of Martha and Mary live in the Convent. This Order is based in Guatemala, with a Spanish section in Tenerife. Specialised care and staffing will have to be supplied by the Generalitat.


The Mayor, Eduardo Montfort, Councillors Pepa Chorro, Toni Torres and Kika Mata at the Convent


Mother Domitilia and the Mayor sign the agreement.
(From Press Release and Xabia al Dìa Pronto estará....

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