December 2009 News Headlines

Petition to remove marble blocks near port church


December 31st
Access to the newly re-paved area around the church (Pío X) in the Port has been closed to traffic from the seaward side by large marble blocks. These are so heavy, they can only be moved with heavy machinery. The socialists remarked that only one small access to the area remains, and that emergency services could be impeded. Similar access problems had been experienced in the old town. It is suggested that these blocks should be replaced by hydraulic bollards, as used in the Plaza del Convento. Residents are thinking of having a petition to get the blocks removed while the socialists will bring the matter up at the next Council meeting. Las Provincias: El PSPV de Xàbia....

CAT and mouse game?

December 30th
The Socialists expressed disquiet that the firm "Consultora de Actividades Technicas" (CAT) - has won a contract (Under the Valencian "Plan Confianza") to re-tarmac some Xàbia roads. This company had been responsible for the feasibilty study for the underground car parks, and had been paid an invoice for work before it was even awarded the job. This anomaly is currently being investigated. CAT's tender for the tarmac contract was the cheapest of six, but was only 100 Euros lower than the next cheapest bid. See XAD: El PSPV....

Political knives are out - though election is still over a year away


December 30th
Nueva Javea spokesman, Oscar Anton, has been called before the party's disciplinary committee for allegedly secretly negotiating with the conservative PP party. He has 15 days to lodge his appeal. The PP (which has internal divisions) has every reason to approach Anton, since he is a strong candidate eventually to lead NJ, and is also a pull for conservative voters. NJ has also apparently disciplined ex-councillor Tony Cabban for statements against the party. Tony has cancelled his membership and washed his hands of any involvement in party affairs. From XAD: Antón expedientado...

Rain in Spain boosts hydro, irrigation reserves

December 29th
MADRID (Reuters) - Heavy rain has raised Spain's capacity to generate hydroelectricity and irrigate crops, official data showed on Tuesday in the heavily gas and grain-dependent country. Rainfall over the past 10 days has caused severe flooding in many parts of Spain and on Tuesday the Met Office issued weather alerts for more than half the country. Hydropower reservoirs held enough water to provide electricity for 13.7 days, if no other power sources were available. For more from Reuters see: Rain in Spain...

Environment Secretary Says Binding Agreement to Fight Climate Change Remote

December 23rd
An international, legally binding agreement to fight climate change is impossible before the end of 2010, said Teresa Ribera, Spanish state secretary for Environment, after a meeting on Dec. 22 in Brussels, summing up the Copenhagen climate talks. Ribera will be one of the front figures leading climate change discussions when Spain chairs the EU presidency for the next six months. For more see: EU Says....

Old Town Businesses introduce a loyalty card


December 23rd
Xàbia Old Town Business Association has introduced a loyalty card for customers. Each time a customer makes a purchase at one of the 26 participating shops they acquire points which can be accumulated for discounts or cash. The system uses the computerised "I-MAS" card. People can check which shops are participating and the number of points they have accumulated on the Tarjeta I-MAS website. Xàbia is the first town in the Marina Alta to run such a scheme, and the 10th in the Valencian Community. From press release and XAD Comprar en Xàbia.....

Spanish Tradition Falls Victim to Downturn

December 24th
Companies are cutting back on the tradition of giving cestas or lotes de Navidad, said to date back to Roman times. Alicante is responsible for 75% of the cesta market. There are 3,000 jobs in the region directly related to cestas, with 20% of the positions year-round and the rest seasonal. A 20% drop in sales of cestas de Navidad this year is predicted. For full story in English see: Wall Street Journal

Amjasa to receive a big chunk of €3.3 million Plan E stimulus package

December 22nd
On Monday the Town Hall approved a raft of projects to be funded under the State stimulus "Plan E" package. This funding is earmarked for environmental projects and those aimed towards sustainability. The opposition complained that they had only had two days to look at the proposals and had not had the opportunity to present their own. The works to improve the water supply pipes will be broken up into 14 small contracts (to enable small local builders to tender) and be centred on Castellans, Avda del Libertad, Arenal, and Balcon al Mar. There will also be improvement to sewerage in Arenal, Freginal and Thiviers. Other projects include improvements to cycle lanes. See Plan E for more and cost breakdowns.

Costas declines to declare the storm damage a catastrophe

December 19th
The recent storm did not cause sufficient damage for Denia and Xàbia to be declared catastrophe areas. In Xàbia much of the sand and gravel from the Arenal and Grava beaches was washed away and measures to replace it will be taken after the Christmas holidays. Xàbia's Environment department will provide economic help to repair damage in areas such as the Arenal. from Las Provincias: Costas rechaza....

Neolithic burial found in Montgó cave


December 18th
Recent excavations in an inaccessible cave in the Barranc de Migdia on the Montgó have revealed a burial site from some 4000 years ago. The remains, which include bones, shell necklace and a flint arrowhead, seem to have been relocated from their original burial site. The cave, which is a system of galleries and discovered in 1989, also bears paintings on its walls. From XAD Encuentran restos.....

Day care Centre opened

December 18th
The Day Care Centre was formally opened on Thursday morning. First, the pastor of Xàbia blessed the new facilities, then Mother Superios Angela Eugenia spoke enthusistically. She gave some backgound about her order, which is based in Guatemala, but which has over 30 centres in Spain. She also thanked all private donors by name, including the various expratriate associations. She declared that the centre belongs to Xàbia and its people, that they will work to make the centre a home, and that "work starts now!". Mayor Montfort added thanks to the initiators of the project: Doña Ramon and architect Vicente Castelló and acknowledged support of the Town Hall and regional Government. Valencia Minister for Social Services, Angélica Such revealed the foundation plaque and expressed her satisfaction that everyone had worked together to make the centre for such vulnerable people a reality. For some pictures of the ceremony and the centre see This web album

Town Hall increases Support for Day Care Centre

December 16th
The Town Hall has donated 13,000 Euros to Xàbia's Day care Centre for Alzheimers sufferers and elderly folk with similar disabilities (Centro de Día Santa María de Betania). This is in addition to the 300,000 which the municiplaity donated in 2008 . From Las Provincias: Xàbia colabora....

Xàbia drenched with 315 litres/m2


December 15th
The storm over the past two days dumped 315 litres/m2 on Xàbia. Strong winds with gusts up to 96.6km pulled down over 100 trees and cut electricity in areas such as Toscal, La Guardia, Cala Blanca, puerto and Vía Augusta, some of whom were without power for 8 hours. Some people in sea front residences in Els Poblets had to be evacuated and the Rio Gorgos seemed on the verge of breaking its banks in some places. In Xàbia, schools were closed and an integrated emergency force of Firefighters, Municipal Parks and Gardens employees, local police and Civil Protection worked to clear the roads of fallen trees and debris. There have been major movements of gravel and sand on Xàbia's beaches and the Town Hall is going to meet up with the Costas about the damage. For pictures of the aftermath see Xabia Al Dia Web album Info from Las Provincias: La Lluvia anegar... Press release and XAD.

Adios Christmas as Spain's Recession Bites

December 15th
Hit hard by the continuing economic downturn, Spanish shoppers are paring back sharply on holiday spending—or canceling Christmas altogether . For more see: Bloomberg

Xàbia 2010 Budget weighs in at over 46 million Euros


December 14th
Last week, in the face of votes from the opposition, the Town Council approved the budget for 2010, totalling €46,788,144 and 17 cents. This included some 682 thousand for the "Patronato de Música y Danza" and over 8 million 200 thousand for Amjasa. If you remove these two items (which are supposed to be economically self sufficient) the budget stands at 38,441,154.14; a decrease of 5.83% from last year. The town's debt now exceeds 30 million Euros. For more see Budget 2010

Rotary donates 14,000 Euros to the Xabia Day Care Centre

December 13th
Saturday 12th December marked the first "Open Day" of the new Day Care Centre for Alzheimers patients and others with similar disabilities. The Xàbia Rotary used this occasion to make a donation of 14,000 Euros. They have supported the idea of the creation of such a centre for the past 14 years. The Centre will be opened formally on December 17th. From XAD Rotary dona..

Medical Tourism in the Comunidad Valenciana

December 13th
The Comunidad Valenciana has to treat a large number of patients who visit from outside the region. The figure for last year was 142,512. A proportion of the costs incurred (some 210 million Euros) is recouped. 164 million is incurred by Spaniards from other parts of Spain (and this is remibursed) while 45 million results from the treatment of visiting EU citizens (reimbursed by the European Cohesion fund). However, many of the ancillary costs, such as use of Ambulances, are not refunded, leaving hole in the Comunidad's health budget. Hip replacements (which are reimbursed) cost between 6272 and 7227 Euros. For more info in Castellano see: Un Mar de turistas sanitarios

Are sickly Brits asking too much of Spain?

December 11th
About 200 disgruntled British expats have just taken to the streets of Alicante in protest at the Valencia regional government’s plan to withdraw free healthcare to British early retirees. There are now an estimated one million Brits living in Spain although fewer than 400,000 have declared residency. Let us face the facts. Unlike the UK, the Spanish government does not offer state health care to all and sundry who take up domicile status. Immigrants – or expats, if you like – must contribute to the economy to receive benefits. Valencia was an oddity and has subsequently regretted its earlier largesse. For more see: Are sickly Brits....

UK European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) - some clarification

December 11th
The British Government has posted some clarification about UK citizens resident in Spain obtaining European Health Insurance Cards. Previously these were issued by the Spanish Government, but as of next year they will be the resonsibility of the British Government. For more see: Official UK Gov website

Christmas activities in the Old Town


December 11th
From this weekend, the Old Town begins its Christmas celebrations: Saturday 12th: the night of the candles, followed by a street parade and lighting of the Christmas tree. To end the evening, the Tapas Trail (Ruta del tapeo) will offer the best of every bar and restaurant (Ricky and Alba, La Trastienda, Bar Jose, Carrio, Bar Montgó, Temptacions, La Rebotica, Embruix Tasca Tonis and Lizarrán) , and Grup de Danses Portitxol and Group Ars Nova will give Christmas concert.
On Saturday, day 19, with the aid of the International Festival Association, there will be a Christmas market (businesses and individuals welcome to set up stalls (more info: 608 994 525)), and performances by children and choirs. On Christmas Eve, Santa Claus visits the Old Town. On Saturday, 2nd January, the little ones replay the Fiesta de la Nieve, with chocolate for all children offered by Tasca Tonis and Embruix. And finally, on 3 and 4 the royal pages anticipate the visit of the three Kings on the night of the 5th. Full programme (in PDF ) can be downloaded from
See also the Old Town Business Association website

U3A Jávea helps local residential home

December 11th
This year at their last monthly meeting at the Javea Parador, the U3A decided to collect money by holding a raffle, in order to buy Christmas presents for 20 residents of the Xabia Bella home for mentally impaired adults. For more see : U3A Jávea helps..

David Ferrer to be honoured in Xàbia

December 8th
Tennis player David Ferrer will once again be honoured by his hometown, Xàbia; this time in recognition of his role in enabling Spain to retain the Davis Cup. There will be an official reception at the Town hall at 8pm on December 9th.

Anna Vasbinder re-elected leader of Nueva Javea

December 8th
More than 100 members of opposition party "Nueva Javea" unanimously re-elected Ana Vasbinder as leader of the party to fight the elections in 2011.,The election took place in the party's new offices located opposite the Post Office. For full list of members of the Committee who were also re-elected see XAD: Vasbinder reelegida....

EC report puts parched Spain on climate change “front line”

7th December
Spain is responsible for one percent of global emissions, but is warming at double the worldwide rate, according to data from the Foundation for Climate Investigation. There are predictions of reduction in rainfall in the country of 20 to 25 percent by 2100 if greenhouse gas emissions are not reduced. For more from El Pais English edition see: Spain - Climate Change. Note: The Spanish edition of El Pais published an editorial addressing the politicians at the Climate Change Conference in Copenhagen. This editorial was drawn up by UK's Guardian Newspaper and published in 56 newspapers spanning 20 languages. For the editorial in El Pais See: Frente a una grave.... For the original in English see: Copenhagen Climate Change Conference...

Spain accepts need to extend pensionable age beyond 65

December 4th
Spain is considering following the path of other European countries by raising the legal pension age, now set at 65 years, in response to the increased strain on state finances posed by a jump in life expectancy, EconomyMinister Elena Salgado said Thursday. For more from El Pais in English see: Pensions

Hispanofilos Association donates money to the Day Centre

December 3rd
The Inter Sociedad Vecinos Hispanófilos (ISVH) Association, a multicultural group of residents based in the Cabo de la Nao area, held its annual Charity Christmas Market and this year decided to donate the takings to the new Day care centre for dependents in Xàbia. (from Press release) The Association has some 800 members. More details about the assocaition can be found on their website.

Palmela Park open

December 2nd
The New park on the Avenida Palmela will be opened to the public at 11.00 am today. (From Press Release). A tosca statute of a dolphin in the park is in rememberance of Lorena Blasco, an elevn year old girl who died while playing on a vacant plot six years ago.

Open Day for Xàbia Day care Centre

December 2nd
The Centro de Día Santa María de Betania de Xàbia (Day Care Centre) will be holding an open day on Saturday December 12th so that people can see the facilities. The Centre will have its inauguration as of 17th. The Centre will provide care for up to 50 dependents over the age of 60 between the hours of 8.00am and 8.00pm. (from Press release)

Christmas fair in Xàbia Port

December 1st
There will be a traditional Christmas Fair in Xàbia Port from Friday 4th December until Tuesday 8th. Handicrafts, food and Christmas music will be on show in the streets of André Lambert, Sertorio and Avda Jauime 1. Kicks off on Friday at 7.00pm; Then opens from 11am till 2pm and 5.30 till 10.30pm . On 18th and 19th they will also have a street sale of stock. (from press release)

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