December 2010 News Headlines

Lawyer publicly supports Town Hall stance on the Car Parks

But admits ECISA may not have much of a leg to stand on

December 31st
The last issue of Més Xàbia, (the Town Hall bulletin) includes an interview with Santiago González-Varas, Professor of Administrative Law at the University of Alicante, and counsel for the Town Council in the process of "rescuing" the underground car parks. In the interview, which supports the ruling coalition's explanation of why the car parks should be bought, the lawyer explains what this process is, and in which cases it applies, stating that "the Town takes action to ensure the continuity of public services and optimise management, "it is" better than keeping a concession with continuing losses."

However González-Varas emphasised that the final decision is with the politicians and also let slip that he thought that ECISA had no right to demand economic rebalancing .

For more see: Car Parks- Gonzales-Varas Interview


Opposition vows to continue fight against purchase of Car Parks

December 26th
The ruling coalition has approved the final stages to purchase the underground car parks. The two opposition parties, Nueva Javea and the Socialists could do nothing except vote against, but have decided to join forces to fight at the administrative, political and legal levels so that the "residents of Javea should not spend a penny more". They noted that in the end, the car parks would have cost the developer ECISA zero Euros while the town will have paid a total of €38 million for a business that will generate losses for 20 years. They have submitted an application to review the council meeting agreement of December 2, which approved the modification of credit to include €12 million euros for the purchase of the car parks. The Mayor defended his decision saying that it might be right or wrong, but that the law professor Gonzalez-Varas had said in his report that given the situation, the purhase was recommended. The Mayor explained that if Xàbia had to go to trial against the company, it could take years, and there was no guarantee that the town would win the lawsuit. The purchase of the concession would "liberate the people of all these threats" because a condition imposed on ECISA was to withdraw all claims against the Town Council. The ex-Nueva Javea councillor, Oscar Anton was not present at the meeting.

A question from the public caused some embarrasment to PP Councillor Juan Moragues, who had been mayor at the time when the car parks project was undertaken. They asked whether the record had been investigated to rule out any irregularities or errors and asked Moragues, if he had any business with Ecisa. The politician denied any "direct link" with this company, although he has an exclusive promotion of 94 apartments in the new Marmara block in the Arenal, which was built by ECISA, as can be seen from His website..... From XAD: Un ciudadano... and Las Provincias : Xàbia ECISA pact.... Levante focuses on the issues surrounding Moragues Ex Alcalde...

The crisis empties Costa hotels in the winter season

December 26th
This year there have been more Spanish staying in Costa Blanca hotels over the winter season than foreigners, something which has never happened before. 70% of the visitors to Valencia Province since November have been Spanish, but occuplancy rates are low. In Benidorm this month there was 30% occupancy with Spanish clients, while the occupancy by foreigners was only 14%. There has been a big drop in Brits coming to stay. Full board prices are between 18 and 25 Euros, which are only economic for fully established businesses. Others, which need to pay off loans or to improve their premises are facing serious problems. The 392 hotels in Alicante Province have 62,000 places and an average occupancy rate of 50%. They directly employ some 7,300 workers. In the past three months in Benidorm, one hotel has closed down and three more are on the verge of bankruptcy. From Levante: La crisis vacia....

Xàbia to fork out around €20million for the Car Parks


December 22nd
The decision to rescue the underground car parks is going to be very expensive to Xàbia's tax payers. The Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday heard that in addition to the €12.1 million there will be €6 million in interest and costs on the loan.
The meeting approved the loan agreement, which still must be ratified by the full council. The lending banks are: Santander, which will contribute half, while BBVA and the CAM will be responsible for providing the remaining 50%.
The Town will pay off the loans over the next 20 years, with an annual outlay of €950,000 until 2020. By 2030 the loan will have been paid off. Add to this the € 1.2 million to be paid to ECISA expected from the sale of land plots in Rafalet and the grand total reaches around €20 million.
A consultant has prepared a tariff and economic study and concludes that "the project is economically viable because the net income in the period covering 50 years from 2011 is considered positive at €66.40 million."
The Finance Committee also approved an ordinance regulating parking prices. One minute will cost 1 euro cent, and long-term parking agreements will be priced at € 22,590, which does not differ much from that offered by the current concessionaire.
The Council is expected to ratify this loan agreement, the re-classification of the Rafalet land, and the new parking tarifs at a meeting on Thursday 23rd .
From XAD: Xàbia acabara.... and El Jueves... and Las Provincias: Xàbia compra...

Town hall to try to make electricity savings

December 9th
Xàbia Town Hall has budgeted €674,000 for electricty consumption in municipal offices and public buildings. In an attempt to recoup some €113,000 they have decided to put the Municipal electricity supply up for tender at a price of €560,344. The money saved will be spent elsewhere.

Cycle tracks presented to the public

December 15th
The network of cycle tracks currently being constructed by the Town Hall under a Plan E grant of €352,000 were explained to the public at a presentation given by Pablo Medina of M&D Architects who drafted trhe project. The idea is to make the town more friendly to cyclists and pedestrians as apart of the sustainable mobility plan, connect the three urban centres and connect the secondary school IES No 1 with thiviers, where many of the students live. There will also be parking stations for bikes. The cycle lanes and tracks will take different forms dictated by the existing infrastructure. For more see: cycle lanes

Town Hall architect claims his controversial Granadella house is being legalised

16 December
The Xàbia municipal architect, who was accused by the company Xàbia Luz for building a house illegally on protected land in Granadella, testified this week in Denia court No. 4. He argued in his defense that the property is in the area known as the "Poblado de la Granadella", which is not subject to many restrictions. This assertion has been supported by an external technical report requested by the Town Hall, which however, contradicts a previous report, dated June 1, 2010, prepared by "the lawyers of the Municipal Technical Office and the Secretaria of the Town Hall, according to Nueva Javea spokesman, Paco Català. The owner of Xàbia Luz, Antonio Serrano,had denounced the municipal architect for environmental offenses after he, himself, had had to comply with a court order to demolish his home for a breach of planning regulations.The mayor subsequently came out in support of the Architect and hired outside experts who prepared the report which the defendant brandished in court, making assurances that house in question is legal. The municipal architect's legal defense has not received approval from the opposition. From XAD: El arquitecto...

Stabilisation of Port landslide to be completed in April


Dec 7th
The emergency works to stabilise the Caleta landslip in the Port are going according to plan and will be completed by April. This statement follows a visit and inspection by regional councillor for Infrastructure, Mario Flores. The works extend some 75 metres along the cliff and cost some 1.5 million Euros. From Press Release. The Councillor admitted that the solution was not ideal, since it did not encompass the whole danger zone. However funds for a complete solution were not available at present, though he was always sensible to the threat of further landslides in the area. (From Las Provincias: El Consell... To date, geotextile has been put in place and the first concrete slabs of the retaining wall are being installed. Access to the Club nautico and Sea wall is restricted during the construction process. (Eds. observation)

Town Hall launches "e-government"


Dec 4th
With the help of a Government initiative (Plan Avanza 2) Xàbia Town Hall has been able to modernise its equipment and train staff to set up web based services to improve local administration. This programme will be launched on Wednesday December 15th with a series of talks in the Casa de Cultura starting at 5.00pm. The talks will cover basic topics about internet use, such as Using the internet to further hobbies (5.00pm) , Security and privacy (6.00pm), Internet 2.0 and Social networking (7.30pm), Electronic commerce (8.00pm). The actual launch of the Town Halls services, entitled "Xàbia a un Click" will be at 7.00pm. e-Services will eventually include application for licenses, the use of digital signatures, tax management and electronilc billing. The web site (in Valenciano and Castellano) is on From press release

Two taxis for the disabled


Dec 4th
Finally, Xàbia has two taxis especially equipped for the disabled. The "people carrier" vehicles have ramps at the back and the necessary fixings for wheelchairs as well as retractable steps on the sides. The special taxis will be dedicated to a 24 hour service for the disabled, though they may pick up other passengers when not required. The taxi fleet now numbers 22. To contact the 24 hour taxi service call: the Taxi cooperative on 902 199 777 or Euro Taxi on : 96 646 0404 From Press Release

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One step closer to buying the Car Parks

Dec 4th
At last Thursday's Council meeting, Xàbia Town Hall stepped closer to buying the underground car parks when it passed a resolution, by majority vote, to modify the budget and make way for the necessary €12 million loan. In an interesting twist, the ten land plots in Rafalet / Lluca which were to have been given to ECISA in lieu of a 2 million shortfall, will now be sold off at a public auction. The municipal land in question was earmarked for social housing and will have to be reclassified as urban in order to be sold. In a separate development the Mayor expressed his determination to buy the car parks in a regional newspaper. From XAD: Xàbia da un paso... and El Alcalde confirma...

Montgó Natural Park presents initiatives on sustainable agriculture

Dec 3rd
In recent years agriculture has been greatly reduced in our area. On December 17th and 18th the Montgo Natural Park will host talks by four business initiatives related to this sector. These initiatives have in common a particular producer / consumer approach, which encourages local consumption, minimises environmental impact and practices sustainable agriculture. They are also original ideas and above all involved with our land. Such initiatives are crucial for the conservation of the reserve's natural values. Each talk will last an hour and a half and be held in the Interpretation Centre of the Montgó Natural Park, Denia. To reserve a place, call Montgo Natural Park: 96 642 3205 Or email: se.avg|ngi_aruges#se.avg|ngi_aruges. From XAD: El parque Natural....

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