December 2011 News Headlines

Jávea relies on its impact at the FITUR tourism fair in Madrid

Dec 31st
Jávea will participate in the Fitur Trade Fair in Madrid, from 18 to 22 January with its own 42 metre stand which will cost €23,500. The stand can be re-used next year. The names Xàbia and Jávea will be used and there will be two, 42 inch TVs showing promotional videos. Among the promotional materials launched will be a cycling touring guide of 10 routes, and a new History of Jávea guide. For more details see: FITUR 2012

Amjasa turns a €250,000 deficit into a surplus

Dec 31st
Various savings measures implemented by the new AMJASA management board have tunred a 249,689-Euro deficit in the first semester, to a year-end profit of between 160,000 and 200,000 Euros. Some of this saving is due to the change in schedule for the production of desalinated water; some due to the sacking of the previous manager and absorption of his duties by board members. Previous failings in billing and managemnt mean that the company is owed 1,246,235 Euros in outstanding bills. The opposition (PP and Bloc) voted against the remuneration arrangements for board members, BLOC emphasising that a new manager should be appointed, and the PP wanting the savings to be passed on to consumers. The AGM of the company was held at an open public meeting on Thursday 29th December. For details of the AGM, plans for re-organing the company and board members remuneration see: AMJASA AGM 2011

Municipal taxes and fees now dealt with at Portal del Clot Office

Dec 30th
The Public Attention Office in the Portal del Clot (Avenida Amanecer 2) now has a new table dedicated specifically to the Finance Department of the Javea Town Hall. The idea is to give people the possibility to resolve the maximum number of administrative procedures in one place and avoid the unnecessary trips that are especially trying for the elderly or people with mobility problems. The nearby Helpdesk team will help if there are language difficulties. For details of this service see: Finance desk at Portal del Clot

Hunters call for more effective measures to control Wild Boar

Dec 27th
The Denia Hunters' Association has said that there need to be more effective measures to control the wild boar population in the Montgó Natural park. They state that the boars are causing enormous damage to crops. According to the association, the type of hunting approved for controlling boar in the Park is inadequate. This hunt is called the "gancho" and consists of nine hunters and fifteen dogs in a given area. In a recent hunt they saw over 50 boar, but only shot two, which were in "good condition and reproductive health" from Las Provincias: Los cazadores de Denia....

Town Hall deals with 170 abandoned cars

Dec 27th
Jávea Town Hall dealt with 170 abandoned cars during 2011. The situation seems to have been worsened by the economic crisis. Many of the abandoned cars belonged to foreign nationals who had left both the country and their cars behind. It should be noted that scrapping a car is free of charge if the road tax is up to date. Abandoned wrecks become classified as waste, and eventually the town hall sends them to the scrap yard. From Las Provincias: Xàbia retira....

Hi Tech Tourism for historical buildings


Dec 27th
The Tourist Department has printed digital bar codes on the information panels for some of the historical buildings in the Old Town. These bar codes, when "read" by the phone camera through the free "Neoreader" app ( sends the user to a web page containing more information about the building. At present the information is only available in Castellano and Valenciano. From XAD: Turismo utiliza...

Town Hall contracts software for on-line administration

Dec 28th
The Executive Board of the Javea Town Council has contracted the development of three computer applications which will simplify administrative procedures for the public. The most important application relates to the municipal public attention service and which will result in two improvements: one for people who come in person to do their paperwork and another for those who prefer to carry out their administrative procedures on-line. According to the Councillor in charge, Cesc Camprubi, customer service will be centralized in a one-stop-shop, which will be located in the office of the Portal del Clot. The same Town Hall official will be able to carry out all the administrative procedures, thus avoiding users having to queue up at multiple tables or travel to different offices. At this one-stop-shop they may ask for licenses, permits and perform any procedure which involves the local administration.

The same software will also enable the public to carry out administrative procedures online from the comfort of their homes. For this they will need to obtain an electronic signature. The DNI or NIE will serve as proof of identity and the signature will then be generated automatically through the Town Hall Intranet protocols. The deadline set for the delivery of the software packages is June.
For more details and other decisions taken by the Executive board see: Executive board meeting 26 December 2011

Tapas and drinks tour Friday 30th in the Old Town

Dec 27th
The "Xàbia Historica" business association has organized a "tapas and drinks" tour, enlivened by the music of the colla Xirimitab's, this Friday December 30th. Starting at 8.00 pm, the participating establishments (Bar José, Casa Grau, Bar Montgó "La Picaeta", L'Embruix, La Trastienda, Palau, Rest. Pizzería La Musa, Tasca Cambalache, Bar Mercat y Panadería Pilar) will offer a caña of beer or a glass of wine, plus an appetizer, for only two Euros. In addition the bars Palau, La Llum and Penelope's will serve cocktails for four Euros. Earlier this Friday at 11.30 am in the Casa de Cultura, a free screening of the children's film "Sword in the Stone" will take place. After that, from 5.00 pm, children over 6 can be left at the play centre in the Casal de Fogueres in which the Red Cross of Javea collaborates. From Press Release

Clubs and Associations donate for the needy

Dec 27th
The Jávea Department of Social Services has received donations from associations and groups to brighten up the holiday period in the homes of disadvantaged people. Donating groups include the Lions Club of Javea, Denia and Pedreguer, (which gave 45 baskets full of staples); the Xàbia Photographic Association, (which is selling photographs in the exhibition at the Museum Soler Blasco to raise funds to buy and train a dog for an autistic child); the Hispanophile Association; businesses such as Rebaldibeheer SL, Juan Chorro, Pepe Roig; and Charity Shops (which helped to to equip the occupational workshop for the mentally disabled of Javea (TAPIS)). The Department would also extended special recognition to Caritas of the San Bartolomé and the Virgen del Loreto (Port) parishes and the Red Cross Local Assembly, which are providing invaluable support to families during difficult economic times. From Press Release. Meanwhile the Jávea PP issued a press release stating that it has donated €500 Euros worth of staple goods to Caritas. (XAD: El PP de Xàbia....

Bloc wants a new AMJASA Manager

Dec 27th
The Bloc Centrists disagree with leaving AMJASA management in the hands of directors, and believe that this decision creates "dangerous instability" since management depends on the governing parties. According to the nationalists, "The the government can change anytime," which would require changing the board, including the CEO, who has assumed the duties of manager. The Bloc again criticized the dismissal of the manager, "without legal and economic reports," and complained that the "CEO does not have adequate training to direct AMJASA." Although it may be recalled that the fired manager drew € 6,000 a month and did not possess a bachelor's degree which was a necessary qualification. Finally, they called for the beginning of a process for hiring a new professional manager with appropriate skills for managing the company. From XAD: BLOC Centristes.....

New solar powered lights installed at recycling points

Dec 23rd
The Town Hall has installed solar powered lighting at the Tarruala, Pinosol, La Guardia and Golf Rubbish Recycling "Green Points". They have also installed one at the punto del Montgó, which was damaged by fire this summer. From XAD:Servicios....

Sea front near Parador fenced off

Dec 26th
In order to prevent the beach becoming a car park, the national body in charge of coasts (Costas) has contracted a company to fence off a 200m stretch of the shore next to the Parador so that parking is restricted to a single row next to the road, not two or three rows on the beach as before. Similar action will be taken at Granadella. From XAD: Costas vallará...

Cala Blanca Viewpoint repaired

Dec 21st
The Town Hall's Department of Environment has finished cleaning, maintenance and alteration works of the Cala Blanca viewpoint as well as the footpath which runs along the length of the coastline in the direction of les Caletes. Doris Courcelles, the Councillor for the Environment, said that the degradation of the area had been the result of a ten year property-line dispute between the Town Hall and the owner of some adjacent plots of land. As a consequence of these legal battles, the normal maintenance had not been carried out. For details see Press Release: Cala Blanca Viewpoint repairs

Free Sports activities for kids over Christmas

Dec 25th
The Departments of Youth and Sport in Javea have presented 'Nadal Jove-Nadal Esportiu', a special entertainment package for youngsters during the Christmas holidays which will be held at the Palau d'Esports Miguel Buigues Andres. The entrance is completely free, offering a perfect choice for young people to have fun in a healthy way without having to leave the town in search of entertainment. In addition, the departments designed the programming for the convenience of the parents who would otherwise find it difficult to combine work with entertaining their children through the festive period. For details see Press Release: Kids Sports Christmas 2011

David Ferrer loans replica of Davis Cup for viewing

Dec 22nd
David Ferrer has loaned his replica of the Davis Cup to the Javea Town Hall for two weeks. The cup can be viewed in the main hall of the Ayuntamiento, where visitors are welcome to have their photographs taken alongside it. The racket with which he won his epic Davis Cup match against Juan Martin Del Potro will stay in a display case of the Town Hall forever as a tribute to the achievements of the best known international athlete to have come from Javea. From Press Release.

Road renewal project kicks off

Dec 23rd
The state funded project to renovate roads throughout the municipality started yesterday. The project is estimated to take five months. See Plan Confianza Asphalt project for details. The Regional Secretary for Infrastructure, Victoriano Sanchez added that works to improve the Arenal will start in the first quarter of 2012 from Press Release and XAD: Infraestructures....

Xàbia Sports Gala recognises more than 30 sports clubs

Guiomar Ramírez Montesinos Krogulska awarded the Maurice Cheutin prize.

Dec 19th
Javea’s sporting world celebrated its annual gala event on Sunday evening, bringing together hundreds of athletes and friends at the Sports centre. The special ceremony was presided by Mayor José Chulvi and Juan Luis Cardona, Councillor for Sports. During the evening, the achievements and successes of local athletes were acknowledged whilst the winner of the Maurice Cheutin award was announced, which recognises the work of individuals who demonstrate a history of dedication to sport and a determination to promote and spread it through the municipality. The 2011 award was presented to Guiomar Ramírez-Montesinos, a passionate cyclist in all disciplines, who has promoted the sport throughout the area, especially among women. Among her merits include her campaign to build special bike lanes as well as the design and development of twelve dedicated cycling routes through Javea which allows cyclists to enjoy the town's natural beauty. For more see Press Release.Sports Gala 2011

Xàbia Viva to save up to repair Windmill No 8

Dec 19th
The Association, "Xàbia Viva" which carries out activities to promote and restore cultural heritage has decided to save up to buy the materials necessary to repair the roof of Windmill No 8 on La Plana. The association has been in existence for only 2 years and its 47, mostly young members have involved themselves in diverse projects such as the repair of La Plana Windmills, reforestation of the Montgó and Granadella, and clean up of the Cala Sardinera and Santa Lucía path. They also organised debates between the mayoral candidates before the last municipal elections. They have some €2000 in assets, despite not having any Town Hall grants. From XAD:Xàbia Viva quiere....

First case of Palm Weevil in a Date Palm

Dec 19th
Xàbia's Environment department has found its first case of Palm Weevil infesting a date plam. To date, inspections have focused on the Canary Palm which is the main species affected. The infected palm was some 13 metres high and located in the Guardia area (calle Argilaga). The tree has been treated, but there are doubts it can be saved. from XAD: Medioambiente

Empty shop windows turn into improvised artists showcases


This is the first in a series of moves to fill empty premises in the Old Town

Dec 16th
Businesses in the Old Town have chosen an original and innovative way to brighten up the streets and draw the attention of prospective investors who might want to open their business in Jávea. The business association, with the Department of Economic Development has decided to decorate the ground floor windows of premises available for rent, as well as empty municipal buildings such as Casa Candelaria and the new town hall building at Portal del Clot.

For this, they have the collaboration of designers and local artists such as Albi Mobles, Botella Oficinas, Anja Hoffmann Project Management & Interiors, David Segarra, Bertomeu Grau Interiorismo Textil, Odone Interiorismo, Ice Blue Interiorismo, Tarraula Interiorismo y Decoración, Interior·s, Elena &Co, Jaume Pastor, Tintorera and Jessica Bataille-The Lifestyle Company.

These "fake" shop windows, which serve to reduce the negative impact of the empty premises besides beautifying the streets, can be seen from Monday 19th December, and will be an added attraction for Christmas in the Old Town. This initiative is the first of a series of projects to promote the shopping area in 2012 . For starters they have created a database of all the shops available for sale or rent; are finalising a website featuring these properties and have hired an agent devoted exclusively to negotiating with companies interested in setting up in Xàbia. This project has analyzed the existing range of shops to identify weaknesses and ensure that new businesses complement the existing ones. From XAD: Edificios vacíos.... For more see Press Release - Shop windows in empty commercial premises The move was featured on Canal 9 TV: See link to video in XAD

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Municipal architect charged with building on protected land


Dec 16th
Municipal archictect, Enric Morera , currently working in the Services department, and his wife have been charged with building a house on protected land in Granadella. The architect admitted that his wife had applied for planning permission at a time when he was head of Planning. The license was to refurbish a small property (an old hunting lodge) which the family owned in Granadella: namely "repair roofs, cladding, joinery, interior fittings, flooring and trim, and repair masonry walls." At the trial, other municipal technicians testified as witnesses, stating that a new storey had been built which was not not declared on the building permit, and they had even questioned whether the house was not located in an area of ​special protection. For back ground to this story see 2010 story: Town Hall Architect being investigated for building infringements From XAD El architecto....

AMJASA Board takes over its management

Dec 16th
In view of the sacking of the AMJASA manager, the board of directors has assumed all responsibility for management of the municipal water company and has approved an increase to remunerations for the directors. As explained by CEO José Luis Henarejos, the limit for this position as been increased to 3,500 € and to 1,500 € for other board members. On the other hand, allowances for attending board meetings have been decreased from € 225 to € 200. And a day allowance for spending a working day in the AMJASA will be € 200 instead of 300 €, and for half a day, 125 € instead of 200 €. The remunerations are not salaries, and are also gross, since 35% must be subtracted in retention by the Town Hall.. The Mayor, José Chulví, and water councillor, Paco Torres do not receive meeting attendance allowances since they have renounced them.

AMJASA, is therefore now managed by a board composed of representatives of each party, including the opposition, who work together to solve the many business problems. Previously, the work of the board had merely been advisory, the manager being the one who made made decisions. From XAD: El consejero...
(Ed's Note - following some whingeing from the public about the increased remunerations, XD clarified that Amjasa would be saving some 69,000 Euros per year, while the board members would be paid on the basis of work done also the remunerations were not a salary, so there are no vacations, no sick leave, or bonuses, or social security.) For XDs statement (only in Spanish to date) see:

Eight divers nicked for illegal Sea Urchin fishing

Dec 13th
The Jávea local police arrested eight divers in the Portitxol area who were collecting protected sea urchins - a delicacy known locally as "bogamarins". Each diver had more than 300 of the creatures and will have to pay a fine of 600 Euros. The urchins have been a protected species since 2005, a move which is believed to have helped their number regenerate after decimation by massive overfishing in previous years. The collection season is now limited and fishermen must use traditional methods. From Las Provincias: Multados ocho....

Fake Gas men copped !

Dec 14th
An article in ABC reports that 25 fake gas men have been detained by the Guardia Civil. Over the course of the year the gas men had extracted a total of €700,000 from around 50 people, mostly elderly foreigners, by charging extortionate rates for services. The towns most affected were Pedreguer, Jávea, Dénia and Gata. See full story (in Spanish) on

Valencian Government suggests Jávea switches from building villas to apartment blocks

Dec 14th
According to Las Provincias, the Reference Document relating to Jávea's new General Town Plan, suggests that the town switches its urban development plan from the dispersed or extensive model of individual villas to one of high density housing in apartment blocks. This would reduce the cost of prioviding services. They also suggested that it was important to prioritise the completion of existing developments over new developments. They also listed some development land areas in Flazia, La Guardia, Capsades, Lluca and Cansalades as not being environmentally acceptable, and said that areas with remarkable environmental value, such as Granadella, should be safeguarded. From Las provincias:El consell

Javea’s Old Town abuzz with activity during the holiday season

Play centre, concerts and an international Christmas market among the proposals made by Xàbia Historica

7 Dec 2011.
The Xàbia Histórica Business Association in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development has prepared numerous activities to animate the Old Town during this holiday season . For details see: Old Town Christmas Programme 2011

Economy crisis saves Spanish ruins but buries future

Spain's pre-historic burial chambers have survived invasion, war, a long dictatorship and a property bubble which paved over vast tracts of the country.

Dec 13th
The Aljarafe region outside the city of Seville in southern Spain, with a rich Arabic and Christian history, is believed to house Europe's most extensive grouping of tholos dolmens, dating back some 5,000 years. Many of these archaeological treasures were buried under new construction during a decade-long building craze that swept across Spain and left 1.5 million vacant homes when it ended. A debt crisis ravaging Spain's economy has saved some of the dolmens by freezing funds for construction. But the credit crunch also means scarce money to explore these little-known Copper Age settlements and turn them into tourist centers. For full strory see: Reuters.

Spain tops the European table for number of overqualified workers

Almost one out of three people in jobs that do not match education level

Dec 9th
Spain is the European Union country with the greatest amount of overqualified workers, meaning those with a college degree or vocational training certificate who hold a job beneath their training level. While the average for the EU of 27 was 19 percent, that figure reached 31 percent in Spain, according to a Eurostat study using 2008 figures. For full story in English see El País

Cinematic workshop

Hopes of establishing a Xàbia Film School

Dec 11th
A workshop on how to shoot a movie from script-writing to final production is being held in CA Lambert (former Casa de Tena, Calle Mayor) every monday from 8.00pm to 9.30 pm. Tutors include Jorge Fornieles, winner of last year's Short Film competition in Denia as well as the director of the Denia short film festival and various experts in lighting and communication studies. The idea is eventually to set up a Xàbia film school and create an international short film festival for the municipality in conjunction with Antioch (Turkey). Registration for the course is still open. Please apply at CA Lambert at 8.00pm. From XAD: [*Xàbia estrena taller de cine Xàbia estrena taller de ]

BLOC opposes sacking of Amjasa manager because it could be costly

Dec 7th
The Bloc-Centristes, particularly its representative on the AMJASA board, Vicente Soler, opposes the sacking of the AMJASA manager because there is no legal or economic report to support it. Soler explains that according to the vice president's counsel, the dismissal of Vicente Arribas could cost "between 0 and 120,000 euros", which for the Bloc constitutes "a tremendous irresponsibility, considering the situation the economy is in right now." They fear that the former manager "has a good chance of winning if they go to trial, and that this money would have to be paid by all the Jávea people." The Bloc, also regrets that so far they don't know the reasons why the council decided to terminate the contract, and complains that the matter was not even on the agenda of the last board meeting. From XAD - Bloc Centristes....

AMJASA Manager gets the push

December 2nd
On Thursday, the AMJASA board of directors sacked the manager, Vicente Arribas, after 10 years in office. Sources say that the council gave the manager a letter communicating its decision which had been based on a report prepared by various experts. Among a number of reasons, his post was terminated because he lacked qualifications for the position and drew an excessive salary (about 6,000 € per month). Arribas declined to make any comment and referred to information provided by the Town Hall. Apparently the decision was made with the agreement of all directors except the Bloc-Centrist member, Jose Vicente Soler. Though in favour of the move, the Bloc would have preferred the citing of other reasons for the dismissal. The party is expected to make a press statement in the coming week. From XAD: El consejo de AMJASA...

Port hosts Christmas fair and rewards customers with redeemable vouchers for rides and attractions

Event to run from Saturday December 3rd to Tuesday December 6th

Dec 1st
The shops of Javea Port, in collaboration with the Department of Economic Development, is hosting a special fair during the long holiday weekend of the “Constitución” According to the president of the Aduanas del Mar Business and Trade Association (ACEAM), Geovanny Sanchez, this year they have chosen to feature local craftsmen who make their own products rather than bring in outside craftsmen. The businesses in the Port have also decided to reward customers who make purchases upwards of 15 euros with gift vouchers redeemable for horse and buggy rides, and childrens activities. The restauranteurs will also be offering special Christmas fair menus from Saturday December 3rd to Tuesday December 6th, from 11.00 am to 2.00 pm and from 5.00 to 8.00 pm. The Fair is based at Plaza Jaume I From Press Release for more see: Port Christmas Fair 2011

The Port Trade Association receives its first grant from the Town Hall

Town Council also to increase collaboration agreement with Arenal business association

Dec 1st
Javea Mayor Jose Chulvi has signed a cooperation agreement with the Aduanes del Mar trade association of the Port. The president, Geovanny Sanchez, signed the agreement on behalf of the association. The 5,000-euro agreement was first grant ever received by this association and opens a new means of collaboration. The Town Hall is also working on a 2012 collective agreement with the business community of the Arenal. This newly invigorated association must recruit more members and show it has other resources available so that it does not rely exclusively on public aid. The Town does not simply donate funds. In return, the associations must plan events and activities to vitalise the shopping districts, help to retain customers, and lead to improvements in tourism and society in Javea. From Press Release.

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