December 2012 News Headlines

Broken glass, shattered dreams; why Spain’s image has faded

Dec 31st
" The image of Spain we get from abroad is that of a broken mirror. In the fall of 1985, H. M. Enzensberger published a series of articles in EL PAÍS titled Spain's broken glass. But now it is Spain itself which is broken. Since 2009, the pessimism in this country has been simply breathtaking. When The New York Times ran a story that showed Spaniards rummaging through trash bins for food, it brought fear to people's hearts… here in Spain, that is. Other prestigious newspapers made their own contributions to the mirror that we don't want to look into. " This article in El País (In English) describes views of Spain's economic situation from various foreign jounalists of different nationalities. See: El Pais in English.

AMJASA and Fundación Cirne sign collaborative agreement

Dec 29th
Xàbia's Municipal Water company and the Fundación Cirne, which is dedicated to protecting the environment and cultural heritage, have signed an agreement whereby Amjasa will donate a grant of €16,000 to support the 4th excavation and research season of the prehistoric remains in the Cova del Migdia. In return, Cirne will include in its calendar an educational exhibition on water - it's use locally in historical times, current management, sustainable use for the future and integrated water cycle. From XAD: Amjasa...

Xàbia businesses receive excellence awards from the Generalitat

Dec 29th
X‘bai busnesses have received 11 of the 267 "Excellent Trader’s" awards given by the Valencia Government recognizing the effort that traders have made to improve customer service, competitiveness and innovation.These awards are the result of a series of assessments including a report, an inspection, a self-administered questionnaire and visit by an inspector pretending to be an ordinary client. 10 of these shops are in the Old Town. The Carnicería Casa Pichi and Gabriel Sapena Electrodomésticos got silver awards and Centro Óptico Jávea, Bodega Miguel, Óptica Picó, Torres Joiers, Alonis Joyería, Gaspar Buigues Joyeria-Relojería, Colón Paper i Llibres, Servicolor and Vives Electrodomésticos got bronze awards. This makes Xàbia the municipality with the highest number of awards throughout the Marina Alta. From Press Release and XAD: El comercio....

Spain's house prices to fall another 30pc as glut keeps growing

Dec 28
Spain's property slump will deepen for much of the next decade, and tracts of buildings along the Mediterannean coast will have to be demolished, the country's top consultants have warned. For full story see:Daily Telegraph

Shopping Night in the Old Town - Friday 28th December

Dec 27th
There will be late night shopping with tapas and music in the Old Town on Friday 28th December. Shops will remain open until 12.30am, and the museum, hosting the crib this year, will be open until 11.30pm. There will be sale prices on goods and over twenty bars will be open with tapas and drinks ay €2.50. From XAD:

Valencia unveils new plan for the Canal de la Fontana

Dec 26th
The Valencia Department of Infrastructure has sent the Xàbia Town Council the blueprint for the construction of new "marina" the through the reorganisation of the Canal de la Fontana. There will be a public tender for the management and operation of the canal over the next 30 years, with a planned minimum investment of €4.2 million and an annual fee of € 65,000. For full details see: Valencia Plan for the Canal de la Fontana

AMJASA extends its possible remit

Dec 23rd
Xàbia's municipal water company, AMJASA has modified its statutes so that it can take on new responsibilities. It already has the power to deal with waste managemnt, but from now on it can also act as consultant on other services such as issues related to energy efficiency, municipal parking facilities, management of equipment, electrical installation designs, energy and gas. This does not mean they will take over such services , but that they will be legally prepared to do so. This year, the company has invested some €693221 , mostly in repairing the network. from XAD: AMJASA modificar...

Civil protection gets new equipment

Dec 22nd
The Xàbia Civil Protection has received new emergency equipmment in the form of a bilge pump, a chainsaw, and a computer. In a move to reduce expenses, they have also moved their offices to one of the classrooms of the municipal building which also offers Further Adult Education (EPA ) in Ramon Llidó street. The group held a modest Christmas dinner last weekend prepared by the volunteers themselves. From XAD: Protección...

A tight Budget for 2013

Residents vote on Participatory Budget projects

Dec 21st
On Wednesday December 19th The Councillor for Finance, Oscar Anton, presented Xàbia's municipal budget for 2013 to a the Citizens Forum. The budget was severely affected by cuts because of the reduction in IBI. Among the cuts would be reduced spending on personnel, and departmental budgets such as fiestas. The meeting also served to choose projects that are part of the participatory budget and the top priorities of those present were the rehabilitation of the Central Cinema, rehabilitation of a windmill on La Plana and rehabilitation of the "Surco" building. For full report see: Budget 2013

Migdia Cave exhibition moves to Dénia

Dec 20th
The travelling exhibition "Art and Death on the Montgó" which was recently displayed ay the Xàbia museum is on show at the Montgó Park Interpretation Centre in Denia until January 27th (Tuesdays and Sundays from 9.00am until 2.00pm) : For information about the exhibition and press releases see: Cova del barranc de Migdia For English translations of the 13 panels on display see: Museum Translation Project.

Flood prevention proposals amount to €226 million

Dec 20th
The Marina Alta floods in October 2007 caused some €55 million worth of damage, but flood prevention measures proposed by La Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar (CHJ) would amount to €226 million. The works include the construction of a series of dams, including one near the current Isbert's dam in the barranco del Infierno. Works in Xàbia would including extending the old, and protected, three arched bridge of the Pont de Lavador to five arches. They also propose recuperating the old Saladar, and converting it into a public shoreline area, since it receives waters from the Portitxol and Tosalet gulleys. From Diario información...

Has Operation Emperor led to 'Chinaphobia' in Spain?

Dec 21st
Gao Ping was the main catch in the Spanish police's Operation Emperor, which in October netted a total of 83 people, 58 of whom were Chinese. They were charged with a variety of offenses, including money laundering, forgery, blackmail, organized prostitution, bribery, and drug and people trafficking. This has has turned the attitude of many people toward the Chinese community in Spain hostile. However, there's the wider reality that the Chinese community here, as in other countries, has not integrated. Other than their contact with shopkeepers and waiters, few Spaniards ever meet Chinese people. The Chinese community in Spain operates largely within its own parameters, depending mostly on family networks to find work or to borrow money. For full story see: El Pais in English

Are the Paradores headed for ruin?

Dec 21st
Over the last decade, and particularly since 2008, growing numbers of Paradores have been run at a loss, and the chain is now losing money overall. Part of the problem has been a decline in foreign guests, leading to dependence on the domestic market. What's more, the Paradores have high maintenance and repair costs, and mounting debts. The talk now is of privatizing the network. For full story see: El Pais in English.

"Help" (Denia and Marina Alta) donates food vouchers

Dec 20th
The charity Help (Dénia and the Marina Alta) has donated 40, €50 redeemable vouchers for purchases in May y Mas which will be distributed by the Xàbia Department of social services to people with the greatest needs. The donation has come from contributions by Help members, a regional association which raises money through two charity shops in La Xara and Moraira and focuses its activity on support for the sick. Among its services is accompanying people who do not speak Spanish to hospital and translating for them. Visiting the hospitalized, assisting patients with problems getting out of their house and helping caregivers so they have respite . Contact moc.liamg|ained.pleh#moc.liamg|ained.pleh or call their support in the Denia hospital Office 96 642 9346. from XAD: Help Denia... Other NGOs are doing their bit to support social services during this time of crisis and budget cuts. See: Ngo invites those alone to dine together at Christmas

Patients to be charged for non-urgent ambulance journeys to healthcare centers

Dec 17th
The Health Ministry is proposing a copayment system for non-urgent use of ambulances that amounts to five euros per trip. As with the copayment system for medicines, the order establishes a monthly maximum that patients will be required to disburse on the basis of their income. For those earning between 18,000 and 100,000 euros, the maximum payment per month is 20 euros. For those earning less than 18,000 euros, it is 10 euros, and for those earning over 100,000 it is 60 euros. for full story see El Pais in English

House prices suffer biggest fall since property bubble burst

Dec 17th
Spanish house prices fell by the most in the third quarter of this year since a massive property bubble burst around the start of 2008, according to figures released Friday by the National Statistics Institute (INE). For full story see: El Pais in English

Range of Christmas activities in the Old Town

Dec 17th
Jávea has ready to immerse itself into the Christmas spirit thanks to a varied programme of events prepared by the town hall's Culture and Fiestas department in conjunction with the trade association of Xàbia Histórica. For details see: Javea Amigos

Table of Contents

Call for support for Heritage in next year's budget

Dec 16th
The Xàbia Viva association has asked for next year's budget to include a section focused on the long and rich history of the municipality. President Jose Buigues, believes it is imperative that 2013 budgets reflect "a clear commitment to the recovery of the historical heritage of Xàbia". Buigues recalled that in 2012 the Department of Heritage had no budget allocation at all and since next years budget is now being drafted, now "is the time to see what support the governing coalition has for a policy that is a perfect complement to sun and beach tourism - through cultural tourism". from XAD: Xàbia Viva reclama...

Candlelit evening for kids toys for Christmas

Dec 16th
A couple of Xàbia residents, Anabel Chulvi and Juanvi Mata, have organised an original initiative on Friday 21 in collaboration with the Red Cross to raise money so that "no child is left without presents this Christmas." At 19.00 on Friday 21st the street lights in the Calle Mayor, Placa de Baix and Square Church Square will be turned off and the areas illuminated only by thousands of candles which are expected to be sold through local shops, the Tourist Office and via a stall (open at 17.00). This initiative joins others in the collection of toys and food destined for the Red Cross, who will distribute them among needy families this Christmas From XAD:Noche de luz....

Complaints about illegal gardeners abusing Ramblars and Green Points.

Dec 16th
The Association of Maintenance Technicians (ARTEM) has complained to the town hall that jobbing gardeners have been dumping garden waste in recycling bins reserved for use by householders instead of carting it off to Ramblars (which you have to pay for). The town hall is thus losing money via excessive amounts of garden refuse having to be removed from green points, and loss of revenue from Ramblars. From XAD:Artem alerta.... (Ed's note: upon challenging one such jobbing gardener and informing him that the bins were for private householders use only - he said the refuse came from a private household. ;-) )

International Sports Stars Hit Jávea

Dec 16th
This weekend Jávea receives visits by two different groups of international sport stars. Top road cyclists from the Radio Shack team are training in the Marina Alta area, and are staying at the Hotel Rodat. Children from Jávea's cycling club were able to meet "Tour de France" stars such as Fabian Cancellara and the Schleck brothers. On Sunday 16th night, Spanish number 1 tennis player, David Ferrer (Jávea born) will be at the Sports Gala in the Port. From XAD: Uno de.... and Press Release.

Work starts on Xàbia bus station

Dec 12th
Work on the long awaited municipal bus station has begun in the municipal plot on Avenida Palmela. The contract period is three months. From Press Release.

Xàbia's 2013 budget to include participatory element

Meeting on Wednesday 19th

Dec 12th
Despite the cuts, the 2013 municipal budget will include a chapter on investment, which will be voted on by citizens in what is called participatory budgeting.
Adjustments made to the municipal budget have reduced its by about four million euros, without significant impact on the services provided by the Town Hall. This is due not only to savings but also to the fact that revenues have increased through the regularization of houses that had undeclared done work. However the budget depends on the auction of a municipal plot located in Mar Azul. The spending of the money thus obtained, € 300,000 will be chosen by citizens in the 2013 participatory budget, which will be voted on on Wednesday 19th at 8.00pm during the citizen forum presentation. From XAD:Xàbia tendra....

Forestry clearance means restrictions on access to Montgó footpath

Dec 12th
The Town hall is clearing scrub and thinning trees around the track on la Plana which leads to the footpath to the summit of Montgó. For safety reasons, access to the path will be closed to the public during working hours until the work is finished in February. The clearance is to reduce fire risk in the Natural Park and will focus on the thinning of pines, removal of certain gorse species, while conserving the small palms, mastic trees and buckthorn. They will also be planting tress such as figs on terraced land near the mountain. Afterwards the area will be maintained by grazing goats through an agreement with a local goatherd. From Press release and XAD: La senda que....

Consum cuts energy bills thanks to LED lighting

Dec 10th
The Consum cooperative has managed to slash electricity bills by implementing LED technology in 20 of its supermarkets. In addition, this technology does not have maintenance costs, as reported by the Cooperative on Friday. The installation of energy efficient LED lamps, represents savings of 60 percent as compared to conventional fluorescent lamps and more than 65 percent in the refrigeration units in this pilot sample. Consum plans to extend this system to other supermarkets in its network of eco-efficient stores, which already account for over 70 percent of its sales network. The company plans to reduce its carbon footprint by 5% and has invested more than 7 million Euros towards this end. They were able to reduce electricity consumption by 10% in 2011, representing a cash saving of 3.5 million Euros in the year and some 11 million since the project started. from: DCCV

Youth Club in the offing?

Dec 10th
Las Provincias reports that the Town Hall has ideas to convert unused office space above the Portal del Clot car park into a Youth Club. This is the office next to the "One Stop" citizen's attention office (Not the new, unused municipal office block). The idea would be sell a concession to a company to manage the 300m space in an arrangement something like that for Llunàtics in Dénia which is managed by the big services company Clece . There would be a bar and perhaps a games room for billiards, ping pong etc. If it came off the Club could serve as a revenue stream for the Town as well as providing a service for the oft neglected sector of the 18-35 year olds.
From Las Provincias: Xàbia estudia...

AMJASA treats its workers to Christmas Dinner

Dec 6th
AMJASA has treated its almost 50 workers to a free Christmas lunch at a restaurant on the Arenal and each worker also received a small traditional Christmas hamper. The meal was paid for by proceeds of a sale of old surplus pipes and bits of equipment which were no longer needed. Since the meal cost €25 per person, the sale must have raised some €1250 Euros. From Las Provincias:AMJASA vende....

Moratorium on bye laws governing tables on the pavement

Dec 6th
The Commission on Urban developmant and the sectoral Council have decided on a four-month moratorium on bye laws regulating the occupation of roads with tables and terraces. This was due to come into force on January 1, 2013, requiring shops and catering establishments to dismantle them. Now those which have permits will enjoy a second 4 month extension. The decision was made in light of given the current economic climate, also because a comprehensive plan for urban mobility is to be drafted which defines new pedestrian spaces. Trade associations are exploring options in the Arenal which could involve reducing parking space. They must communicate their proposals asap since it is hoped that plan will be drafted within the four month period. from XAD: Urbanismo aprueba...

Calle Niza drainage works up for Tender

Dec 4th
Calle Niza at the Arenal suffers frequent flooding after heavy rains and improvement of its drainage was one of the projects prioritised by a citizens participation popular vote last year. The works, with a budget of €60,000, will soon be put up to tender (from press release) and XAD: La junta...

Iberdrola clears scrub to prevent fire risk.

Dec 4th
Iberdrola (via an authorised company) is clearing scrub and trees beneath its electricity pylons in Capsades and Cansalades as measures to reduce fire risk. The work consists of clearing 30 metre wide strips below the power lines in forested areas. The clearing will prevent tree branches from chafing the power lines and also act as fire breaks. From Press Release.

Xàbia Visual Week kicks off 5th December

Dec 4th
A collection of works by various local artists of different nationalities and styles opens on Wednesday December 5th at 8.00pm in the Casa del Cable (along the promenade, Jávea Port). The exhibition continues until Januay 6th. (from press release)

Valencian Tiles to be used for Arenal promenade

Dec 1st
Those invoved in the work have shown a sample of the tiles which will be used to pave the Arenal promenade. They are made by a well know Valencian company and have been tested for resistance to spills and other types of damage. For details and photo see: Jávea Amigos...

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