Declaration of Assets

Feb 2nd 2011

Xabia's Town Councillors declaration of assets appeared in a recent Official Gazette of the Province of Alicante

Almost a third of Xàbias Councillors brought in more than €60,000 a year. Specifically, Juan Carlos Generoso (PP) declared €84,000 (Partly as executive manager of a bank) Gil Quica (Bloc - Councillor for Social Services and Culture - Teacher) a total of €73,600, Finance councillor Vicente Chorro (Bloc - teacher), almost €70,000, Mayor Montfort (Bloc - lawyer) €65,000 (Most of which comes from his salary as mayor), José Erades (Bloc, Councillor for Social Services and Sport - teacher) a total of €64,500 and Oscar Anton (No party - opposition - Lawyer), almost €60,000.

Below the €60,000 level are Councillors Pepa Chorro (Bloc - Town Planning, health, Citizens participation, citizen's rights) She receives €54.889 from the Town Hall, being on leave from her job as forensic pathologist, Toni Torres (Bloc - Councillor for public works and infrastructure - constructor) and the former councilwoman Doris Courcelles (Bloc - Services, environment and inter cultural relations) was on €46,304, while PP Councillors Miguel Savall (PP - Water) and Giner Filo (PP - Education and business) declare €44,621 and €32,000, respectively. Juan Ortolá (CJP- Civil protection) takes home a total of €36,000 per year.

Regarding the opposition, the councilwoman who declared most is Ana Vasbinder (NJ- Degree in International Law- serves on various regional Health committees), with a total of €52,000 year, next is Nueva Javea's Paco Catalá (Architect), on €46,000 and Juan Planelles (NJ- Businessman) who receives €24,574€, mostly from his restaurant business.

In the socialist (PSOE) ranks, the one with the highest income is Empar Bolufer , who admitted a total of €52,000€ (teacher) Kika Mata (working in the family business) listed €35,700, While the Socialist spokesman José Chulvi declared €24,500 and Rafa Bas (Lawyer) €22,000 year.

The Councillor closest to the young in the basis of age and salary is Mari Carmen Pérez, (PP - Youth and the Arenal) with just under €20,000 per year, no property in her name and no debt.
Notably, the former Mayor of Javea, Juan Moragues (PP - property developer) did not declare any income. However he declared €2.7 million in property and other assets. This figure is divided into €1.03 million property (assessed value of homes and land) and €1.67 million euros in other assets ( car, pension plans, shares …),. In addition, he has a liability (loans against his name) of €1.29 million. Levante notes that Moragues is almost the richest councillor in the Comunidad Valenciana , and that he was the highest paid mayor in the Comunidad during his previous term of office, receiving a salary of €72,000

The next in declared wealth is Ana Vasbinder, with assets of €975,000, most of which comes from properties (€950.000), but with liabilities amounting €400.000.
Juan Planelles and Pepa Chorro claim to have assets of between €500,000 and €400,000. The origin of this amount is the assessed value of their property and debts of close to 300.000€.
Councillors Paco Catalá and José Erades have properties worth between €190,000 and €230,000, Respectively, while Doris Courcelles does not own any property and claims to have assets of €259,794. Councillor Joint Oscar Anton, (no party afilliation, but standing as leader of Xàbia Democrática next year claims have assets of €303,422 (Mostly on account of property) and liabilities of €45,376.
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