Elections 2019: Areas like Jávea Park have been neglected

The political parties fighting the local elections in 2019 answer questions posed by Para Una Xabia Sostenible based on the EDUSI project

Question 5

Areas such as the Arenal have suffered "historical injustices" in terms of public resources

… which have always benefited the Old Town or the Port- and need more investment, better social and health benefits -as a health centre (now only working in the summer) - as well as improving its access with the rest of Xàbia. Another area that suffers from problems of social marginalization is Jávea Park.

Do you agree that this is a problem? If so, how will you solve it?

Compromis reply

We agree that the Arenal has serious problems and that it needs a specific shock plan: with the 'Arenal, justice must be done. The last floods are the tip of the iceberg of a series of chronic problems in the urban centre of the Arenal, among which is the lack of equipment and public space. The question of the Health Centre, which is about justice, we have to resolve it with the Generalitat once the health of the Marina Alta returns to public hands. During this period, it is a commitment to work on this issue with the Ministry. The rest of the issues are closely related to the pending action in Jávea Park, for which we need a specific urban reform plan: we have to resolve the disastrous state of the area - streets, sidewalks, lighting - and generate open spaces in its place, quality green and sports areas, as well as equipping the Arenal with an authentic Social or Sports Centre where cultural, neighbourhood and welfare activities can be developed.
The other issues are implicit in issues that we have already discussed, such as the need to connect the Arenal with bus and bike lanes to the rest of the town; as well as addressing the problems of social exclusion by guaranteeing, as we will do this legislature from the Generalitat and the City Council, free dining, the extension of the la Renta Valenciana de Inclusión and an increase in the coverage of public and free places in day care centres and schools.

Partido Popular reply

Obviously the Arenal needs many improvements.
We propose:
A) .- Prepare a Special Plan for the urban regeneration of all the Arenal, to improve the quality of life of its residents, which especially include an adequate network of rainwater drainage.
B) .- Implement new public facilities to reactivate the Arenal, install a municipal office for citizen services (OAC) that could be temporarily located in the tourist office and work for the Ministry to implant a permanent health centre.
C) .- Improve public spaces, with greater cleanliness, maintenance of gardening and better lighting, enhancing safety.
D) .- Commission a report on investments in infrastructure.

Ciudadanos reply

The situation of the Arenal while not qualifying as an "historical injustice" is certainly an unprecedented shame. We do not understand how an area, emblematic of trade and tourist dynamism with its residents and tourists, can lack basic sanitary services, where Jávea Park has not been integrated into the urban landscape . Together with it its inhabitants. El Arenal is the unjustly forgotten area of Xàbia..
Recently the government team of PSPV, preferred to invest in cranes before making a multipurpose municipal space on the plot of c/ Bari. It is simply unfair that periodically some parts of this area are flooded. We would invest in a detailed study looking for the deficiencies in the hydrological infrastructures, and look for solutions to the problem of evacuation of rainwater that we face, seeking funds from the European Union.
In addition, another fundamental issue that we will raise, is the integration of some areas of Xàbia into the urban space, landscaping and improving the layout and circulation of the streets. Returning to the Arenal, there have been few investments, the lack of cleanliness is a disgrace given the hospitality activities carried out in the height of the summer. Also we add the Triana Bridge which has become a barrier in urban bus route, involving a detour to connect with the Port and the Arenal. We think the urban centres of Xàbia have become disconnected because of the failure of the government team for the last 8 years. We think there is a historical debt to the Arenal and it is time to pay it.

PSOE reply

For us, all the residents of Xàbia are equally important, wherever they live and wherever they come from. Of course, the Arenal needs improvements, but in these eight years there has been the renovation of the David Ferrer promenade, streetlights changed to new LED bulbs, an ambitious reform is being made on Avenida Ultramar, security measures have been improved in case of emergencies, the Civic Punt has been opened and equipped, and an outpatient clinic has been brought (for the first time!) to service the area. Now, as you indicate, our goal is that this clinic is open all year and serves the neighborhood. Regarding access, the works on Avenida Augusta and on the streets parallel to Avenida del Mediterráneo will improve the Arenal-Puerto-Casco Historico transit. And also there will be a new bridge of Triana,  a project we are going to revive after the company contracted for the work abandoned it . In addition, an essential measure of our electoral program is an ambitious project to solve once and for all the flood problems of the entire area. These floods are the result of the chaotic urban development which will be ended with our General Plan . And we have to provide a solution for the security of the residents.

Podemos reply

I would include the urbanizations in this reply.
A public transport that works efficiently and quickly connects the residential nuclei would solve a part of the problem.
There is a lack of infrastructure, such as:
Health centre: it is not part of the municipal competence, but we would try to reach an agreement between the San Carlos Clinic, the Department of Health and the town council to refer certain types of patients (of reduced mobility) to this clinic, that already has an establishment in the Arenal, for primary health care in the non-summer period.
Sports facilities: restore and expand the ones in the Arenal and establish new ones in the urbanizations. A football field, two basket courts, a fitness circuit or a children's playground

Ciudadanos por Jávea reply

So much so, that it is one of the axes around which our electoral program revolves in relation to the Arenal: "improvement of the urban environment and of the areas developed in the 1960s that present a greater degree of marginality and degradation, reconverting spaces and creating a Multifunctional Cultural Centre with a library that results in greater social cohesion ".

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