Elections 2019: How can we ensure a sustainable Xàbia for the future?

How can we ensure a sustainable Xàbia for the future?

As the date of the Xàbia municipal elections draws near and the political parties launch their election campaigns, Xàbia al Dia and PUXS (Per Un Xàbia Sostenible) are collaborating to ensure that a discussion of the sustainable development of Xàbia is high on the political agenda.

In November 2016 the project "Fent Xàbia" was presented to the public.
The title was “From tourist town to friendly town” and the project, submitted by the Town Council for European Funding was the result of a process of citizen participation. Although the application for European funding was not successful at that time, the Mayor, Jose Chulvi, committed the Town Hall to carrying out the proposals.
Working from the Fent Xàbia project, PUXS has drawn up a list of eight questions which is being sent to all the political parties putting up candidates in these municipal elections, with a request to reply by Friday 17 May.
These questions ask the political parties to state their proposals for dealing with:

1. Diversifying the economy of the town which currently concentrates on just two areas, tourism and construction; devising a strategy for dealing with the consequent lack of employment opportunities for young people.

2. Restoring agriculture and traditional industries to a place of importance in the economy .

3. The Introduction of sustainable mobility

4. The restoration of local heritage

5. Providing increased resources for marginalised areas, like the Arenal

6. Provision of links to create a closer relationship between built-up areas and natural environment

7. Introduction of a system of electronic government focused on increased citizen participation

8. ( following the April floods) flood prevention

At a time when concern for the environment is growing all over the world, citizen participation in a small town like Xàbia allows the involvement of all citizens in ensuring that growth that takes place is sustainable.
Election time is when citizens are called on to vote, so it also a time when politicians listen to those who will elect them. There is an opportunity to raise concerns with candidates and note the responses.

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