European Elections 2014

On-line information in English about parties standing for the European Elections

PSOE - Socialist Party - Information about Elena Valenciano - top of the party list (Info in 4 spanish languages, French and English). Pro-European

UPyD "Union Progreso y Democracia" - Centre Party - Pro-European

Vox - Information in French and English as well as Spanish - Reform party - pro European.
Founding Manifesto
Electoral programme

Compromis (Primavera Europea) Manifesto in 7 Spanish languages and English - Leftish/Green - Pro European, but want to decentralise.

Could not find information in English for the following parties
Izquierda Unida
Partido Popular

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European Parliamentary elections: PP 'wins' and PSOE second, but lose a third of their seats

May 26th 2014
Results of the European Parliamentary elections show that Spain's 'big two' are losing ground, but the PP remains the most-voted party. But both suffered a drastic drop in popularity – the PP has lost eight seats in European Parliament, going from 24 to 16, and whereas four million people in Spain voted for them in yesterday's (Sunday's) MEP elections, a total of 6.6 million did so in 2009. Despite a similar result, the PSOE was far from elated with its candidate, Elena Valenciano, calling the outcome 'disappointing' and stating that the party 'must reflect' on its strategies and how it can best give the public what they want. For full story see: ThinkSpain

Xàbia Election results

Turnout 36.36%


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