February 2018 News Headlines

Ministry promotes consensus on protection of natural spaces

Feb 22nd
The Central Government, together with the Conselleria and the local administrations, has decided to give an push to the management plan of the "Lugars de Interes comunitario" (LIC) - Sites of Community Importance on the coast of the Marina Alta, as well as those in the rest of the Region. It is a shared task since the national body has the competences in everything related to the sea, while the Generalitatis responsible for the land. Despite this, they have decided to hold three workshops with the socioeconomic sectors, public administrations and scientists to establish the bases "in a consensual manner" for the protection of these areas. One of these meetings was held yesterday in Xàbia, where work began to set the objectives of the management of the Marine Area LIC of the Marina Alta. They agreed that the zone of the coast of the region "has so many uses that it needs to have all the agents involved. The process to obtain the basis for the management of the LIC will not be simple. Municipal sources stressed that "we must try to agree on the preferences and interests of each of the sectors involved." The seed of this initiative was planted in one of the conferences of the Xàbia Forum. From: Las Provincias.

Xàbia Town Hall will reforest small areas of the Granadella with indigenous trees which are more resistant to fire

Feb 19th
This week begins a new phase in the forest recovery project in the public forest of Granadella, which was affected by a serious fire in September 2016 that burned 812 hectares. Following a similar plan to that which has already been implemented in La Plana, from the municipal Department of the Environment has chosen to facilitate conditions which favour natural regeneration in most of the soil and to repopulate small specific areas with native species which are more resistant to fire such as carob or wild olive trees, thus restoring the agrarian landscape. This activity will now take place due to the optimal conditions of the land following the recent rains and in parallel with the latest forest recovery and fire prevention work coordinated by the municipality, which will last until summer. These works were initiated by the Town Council a few days after the fire and have involved the Regional Department of Agriculture, the Provincial Council of Alicante and the Ministry of Agriculture. The strategy agreed during technical meetings of the four administrations involves an investment of nearly one million euros: 400,000 euros contributed by Xàbia, 250,000 euros from the Provincial Council, 200,000 from the Generalitat Valenciana and 150,000 from the State. From Jose Chuivi Facebook. For full statement see: Reforestation of Granadella

Xàbia municipal cartogrophy on-line

Feb 13th
The Department of Town Planning has added an interesting new section to the municipal website www.ajxabia.com which allows members of the public to consult the official map of Xàbia. Known as 'CartoXÀBIA' and available via a link on the front page of the website, it is a tool that will serve to make town planning information more accessible and continue to meet the objective of transparency about the updated draft PGOU - the development plan for the town - on which the town hall is currently working. For full story see: Javeamigos

Program to reintroduce Ospreys starts in Xàbia

Feb 13th
A project to re-introduce the osprey to the Comunidad Valenciana will start in Xàbia after a feasibility study agreed its viability. The campaign will be supported by the town councils of Xàbia, Dénia, Pego and Oliva and two of the project's main driving force have visited the town to outline the strategy to return this species of bird of prey, which is also known as the sea hawk, to the region almost forty years after it disappeared. For full story see: Javeamigos

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