Finance desk at Portal del Clot


Queries on municipal taxes and fees can now be carried out in the Portal del Clot office

The local government continues to concentrate the administrative procedures in one place to avoid trips to other buildings

Javea. Wednesday 28 December 2011.

The government in Javea is continuing in its efforts to reorganize the administration and make it a friendlier place for the user. The Public Attention Office in the Portal del Clot (Avenida Amanecer 2) now has a new table dedicated specifically to the Finance Department of the Javea Town Hall. The idea behind it is to give people the possibility to resolve the maximum number of administrative procedures in one place and avoid the unnecessary trips that are especially trying for the elderly or people with mobility problems, according to the Councillor for Finance, Oscar Antón.

In addition to this, the official in charge of carrying out the administrative procedures at the Finance desk has the full cooperation from the neighbouring table, where members of the HelpDesk team will facilitate the translation of the procedures and explanations to other languages when necessary. From the Department of Finance, Oscar Anton adds, “In these difficult times we must be on the side of people. We are aware that it is hard for many taxpayers to make their annual payments and make ends meet. As far as we can, we want to listen to them and facilitate their relationship with local government.”

Based on the premise of facilitating relations between the Town Hall and the public, the new Finance Department delegation has been enabled. In this newly created service, a number of procedures which until now had been performed in the Finance building in the Calle Mayor Street, can be carried out, including tax payment, estimation of rates and fees, obtaining duplicate receipts and obtaining payment slips for fees and taxes during the voluntary period (outside the voluntary period it will still be necessary to go to the office in the Calle Mayor).

You can also register the change of address for correspondence, schedule direct debit payment of IBI, Rubbish Tax, Road Tax and other taxes, as well as apply for refund of undue payments when appropriate, or bonuses on rubbish tax for seniors, large families and dependants. Town Hall suppliers may also submit their bills at this table and track them.

Moreover, vehicle owners may request a refund of the proportionate part of their road tax when de-registering a vehicle (not in case of sale), process the tax exemption for vehicles adapted for the handicapped, agricultural vehicles and classic models over 25 years old, and receive information on vehicle imports and the make the corresponding payment of rates after obtaining the new technical card.
Furthermore, at this desk you can obtain an estimate of the capital gains (plusvalía) on your property and file the documentation for payment, and get the 901 model of the Catastro for new construction, submit the necessary application and have it sent it to the Land Registry.

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