Fishing Licenses

There is a long list of regulations regulating recreational fishing. Some types of fishing are

Strictly prohibited:

  • Spear fishing using SCUBA gear,
  • fishing with rod and line in protected areas;
  • fishing in Port harbours;
  • fishing which interferes with commercial fishing;
  • fishing less than 100m from a swimming area;
  • collecting sea urchins without a license;
  • selling your catch;
  • spear fishing at night or from a boat.

Other types require the purchase of a license. These include:

  • Spear fishing without SCUBA gear,
  • fishing from a boat and (controversially)
  • fishing from the beach.

See: Generalitat Website (in Spanish) for details.
See also the attached PDF for the full legal document: Clcik on thumbnail to view and enlarge


As regards fishing from the beach, until recently a license was not required for this activity. After the license was made mandatory in 2014 (fine up to €1200) the Valencia anglers association appealed against it. This went to the Valencia superior court which ruled for the anglers. The Ministry of Fisheries and Agriculture has apparently appealed to the Supreme court. From: Las Provincias.

To date there is no information on the outcome of this appeal.

Fishing licenses can be obtained by completing an On-line form, paying at a collaborative bank and sending off the form and requisite documentation to the Ministry of Agriculture.

Alternatively you could take the documentation to a PROP office. The closest one is in Benidorm (PROP offices)

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