Flurries and Bursts

Bursts and flurries of activity in Javea…

Pipes burst on the Arenal

The water pipes around the Arenal came under too much pressure on Wednesday (9th July), the main burst and caused temporary flooding.Then the same happened in the Avenida Augusta.Luckily the Amjasa team were quickly on hand and able to stem the loss of expensively desalinated water.
A spokesman warned that increased demand in the summer holiday tended to increase the risk of similar happenings.

Nearing the Main Opening Time

This month should see the opening of the main road through the Old Town of Javea. Although a few days later than scheduled, the main road past the Correos and down the hill should be open once again to traffic by the 25th of this month (July).

Tango and the Fontana

The Tango beach- the tiny one in the corner beyond the outer breakwater- is due to be recovered from its current diminuitive state.
Meanwhile, the works that have been underway to sort out the damage to the Fontana Canal, caused by the October '07 floods, were given the seal of approval by officials this week.

Plea from the Javea's Plataforma Civica to Brussels

The Plataforma Civica of Javea have written to urge Brussels to protect Javea's Puerto from any plans for expansion.

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