Government Executive Committee 2011

From Press Statement (English version) - June 18th 2011

The Mayor of Javea, José Chulvi has this morning signed the resolutions granting powers to the ten that make up its executive council.

In addition, he has delegated many powers to a Government Executive Committee with the intention of ensuring that all council members "may participate in the decisions of any department." In this way, Chulvi has created a new organization which "encourages greater coordination between all the departments and resources to avoid duplication and unnecessary expense."

The Government Executive Committee, which will play a leading role in the management of the municipal legislature, will be constituted on Monday 20 June at 8.30 pm and will consist of :

PSOE: Jose Chulvi, Amparo Bolufer, Doris Courcelles, Cesc Camprubí.
XD: Oscar Antón, Pere Sapena.
CPJ: Juan Ortolá.

They will meet weekly, every Monday, and will then announce the executive decisions taken. Among its many functions will be the granting of planning permissions, permits for activities, events or markets, scholarships, loan modifications, contracting, public employment opportunities, plans for the beaches, to decide on the attendance at tourism exhibitions, amongst other topics.

Also next week there will be a report on the planned reduction in costs of government departments. The executive committee will set an example of cost containment, which will be a mark of this legislature.

For full list of councillors and their duties see: Councillors 2011

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