Horn of Africa fund raising


Javea trade and business associations raise funds to fight hunger in Africa

Town Hall and Red Cross organise a charity dinner for Friday, 9 December

Javea, Wednesday, 16 November 2011.

The Department of Economic Development of Javea, in collaboration with the local assembly of the Red Cross, is coordinating a solidarity campaign to help address the food crisis in the Horn of Africa. According to Councillor Juan Luis Cardona, the idea occurred when he received a call from an NGO he belongs to requesting a special contribution for the hunger crisis. "I thought that the Town Council could do more. I commented it to the Javea Red Cross and they immediately got on board," he stated.

The project in which the three trade associations in the municipality are collaborating, consists of two activities: a fund-raising drive with money tins and a charity dinner. The business communities of the Old Town, Port and Playa del Arenal distributed 400 money tins to their members to be placed in their premises to collect funds for the Horn of Africa. Cardona has clarified that the tins are available to any business, shop, hotel or restaurant (they do not have to belong to any of these three associations) and added that will be provided to all who request them through the Red Cross (phone 96 579 1961), the associations or of Town Hall.The campaign will run through the holiday season - a time in which people are particularly receptive to taking part in charity initiatives - and will finish on January 9.

The other event is a charity dinner on Friday December 9 at the Carrasco restaurant. The Councillor wished to thank the owners of this restaurant who have set aside 5 Euros of the menu to the campaign. At the charity dinner there will be music and a raffle with gifts donated by businesses and individuals. Cardona added that if anyone is interested in helping out, they can contact him at the Economic Development Department or by contacting the NGO. The 40-euro tickets can be purchased at any of the Tourism offices in Javea and in the Red Cross headquarters in the Avenida d'Alacant. Anyone wishing to contribute but unable to attend the dinner can pay the 5-euro “cubierta cero” there.
This initiative is vital for millions of people in Africa. As the president of Red Cross Javea, José Luis Domenech, has emphasized, the Horn of Africa is facing a serious situation due to the worst drought in 60 years and a turbulent social and political environment." A scenario that places more than 12 million people in a life and death situation. With no water, no cattle, no crops, no resources to survive, these people, these millions of people are in urgent need of humanitarian aid. " Domenech appealed to the conscience of the people and insisted that any aid, however little, will be well appreciated.

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