Hunting rules

October 12th 2011

Approximately 79,000 hunters begin the hunting season today for small and large game and waterfowl in the Comunidad Valenciana. The season runs until until December 6, except for hunting partridge and hare, which ends on November 6.

According to the Department of Environment, hunting is permitted in the "common areas" in the Region (old unoccupied land) to everyone who has a hunting license. There are 19,000 hunters in Castellón, 40,000 in Valencia and 15,300 in Alicante.

Hunting with shotgun in fixed positions is permitted on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Game consists of thrushes, starlings, rabbits, foxes and crows which have the status of game species. In this mode, hunters must move to positions with their weapons sheathed, or unloaded and opened, and check that the firing range security strips are correct before taking up position to prevent the pellets from falling into these areas

In the case of hunting with hand guns or on foot for partridge and hare, this is restricted to one kill per hunter per day between the two species, and takes place on weekends and holidays .

The regulations state that hunters wear reflective vests and and they may only carry shotgun ammunition, so the use of rifles is forbidden.

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