Peter Sharp's ideas

Peter Sharp, resident of Jávea, has many radical ideas for the development of Jávea.
Many of them are "pie in the sky", (some would say completely nuts)…but even a pipe dream can initiate lines of thought leading to workable solutions.

So this page is for Peter Sharp's ideas.

Reducing the debt

1 Town Hall takes in all unadopted houses, urbanisations etc, ( to issue Cedullas )
a) Upon payment of 5yrs, back tax, plus X number more, to resolve this old sore, profitably, & so give the owner legality.
b) Thus swell the coffers

2. Issue a Loan Certificate scheme, which pays rich interest, say double bank rate.
c) Accept "cash" unquestioned, to flush out cash savings ( earning nothing ) Loan your money to the Town for a better rate of interest.

3.· Start an agricultural college, art & sailing schools to bring in paying students, & their parents- applies to music school. Revitalise the old Town & cinema, by:-
d), Town Hall renting & franchising to builders for renovation, empty property in old town as Halls of Residence. Ideal use for the narrow streets as student do not have cars, so shop locally on foot or by bike. The public would attend concerts & exhibitions in the cinema, decorated by students.
Similarly, old people in need of care could retain their independence, in separate properties, but be Warden assisted & have nursing attendance - it pays privately, this might be more affordable & agreeable ?


  • Clean up Monteñar 1 , make safe the "Ponds", leaving rock pools for children & a 50m sea water, swim pool
  • To maintain the centre of Xabia green, & bring in spending customers all the year round, build a horse race course. The space could be used for many things

Javea Port:

"The Port could be attractively enlarged, without spoiling or changing what is there. By constructing a new quay from the River Gorgos to meet the existing East quay, linked with a swing bridge. The enlarged harbour basin would be capable of berthing cruise liners - spending ashore, for shops & restaurants.

  • A new road on the quay, would resolve the traffic problem in the Port, taking transport up a new road in the "secret valley" behind the Tango bar to the Plana road, then on to Denia
  • An open arched walk under the road on the East Quay would provide a promenade for inclement weather..
  • At the bottom of the "secret Valley" a Roman style amphitheatre could be built, cheaply; we have the weather ( but no over flights ) for theatre & concerts"
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