Infrastructure works

March 7th 2009

Infrastructure Works funded by State funds

Seven more infrastructure projects provisionally awarded seven more infrastructure projects from the State "anti-crisis" funding.

These are: Roundabout at Avda Tamarits (Arenal) to José Luis Mata. (This will stsrt after the summer and be completed in three months not the estimated) five months.

Roundabout between Calle Fontana and Tamarits to Héctor Llído (three months)
Roundabout between Avda del Pla and Fontana to Construcciones Jaime (two months).
Road improvements Arenal area to Tomás Crisóstomo (five months)
Renovation of lighting in Thiviers to Vicente Garcia (two months)
Redevelopment of a stretch of Carrer Roques to Roxaprom (three months)
Relocations/Restoration of Riu Rau de l'Arnauda to Manuel Olivares (four months)

Las Provincias:

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