Intempo urban legend

Splash Headlines in the Daily Mail said: "Construction firm builds 47-storey skyscraper in Benidorm but forget to fit a lift " Elsewhere…
The Builders of This Spanish Skyscraper Forgot the Elevator
Similar headlines about the Intempo (twin towers joined at the top) Benidorm building not having lifts are to be found in US and other international newspapers. However this turns out to be an urban legend.

The original story was in El País:


In January 2012, there was a new surprise: the elevator shaft had not been taken into account, as the promotional designs clearly show. "The space was calculated for a 20-storey building," said the same sources.

Its a rather equivocal comment.

This was headlined by various English language newspapers - the Spanish press have focused more on the resignation of the architects.

The rumour about the lack of elevators has been debunked here:

…and here's proof: These people went to the 45th floor in one of the lifts (the blog is dated April 30th 2013) - there are three lifts in each tower plus more for the "áticos"
Here's a rough translation of the text under the photo below of the lift which shows 45 storeys:

In total it has 3 lifts for each tower, two large capacity (to transport furniture) and four elevators for the duplex penthouses and Panoramic entrance. They take less than a minute to travel about 180 metres

…and here's an acknowledgement of the mistake in English:



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