IROX and the PAI Portitxol

From La Marina Plaza:

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Town Hall's response:
From Facebook

In the plenary of this month of August, the public exhibition of the Portitxol Integral Action Plan (PAI) 2 / 3a (adjoining the Portixol road) affecting 61,350 square meters of land classified as URBAN since 1990 was approved. It has consolidated construction around it. In no case does it affect the protected area, the cliff area, much less the Illa del Portixol.
The project includes 14 plots (not 45 as has been said), concentrating the building in the area closest to the road and reserving a green area of ​​18,000 square meters.
The approval to show the plans to the public does not mean that the urban plan has been authorised, but it is a step within the administrative process, precisely what makes the EPI public and opens the possibility for any person who considers himself affected to present allegations . (Once the announcement is published in the Official Gazette of the Province, there will be a period of 45 days to present these allegations in the municipal registry)
We remind you that the local government has supported the recent protectionist initiatives for both the coastal or forest areas such as Pativel or Patfor and has rejected projects in certain places such as Huertos del Montgó, Saladar (1,000 houses) & La Falzía, in addition to declassifying 7,500. 000 square meters of developable land in the new General Plan now in process.

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