January 2011 News Headlines

Municipal budget passed in the face of strong criticism.

January 31st
At the last plenary council meeting, the ruling coalition (Centrist Bloc, PP and CJP) approved the 2011 budget despite strong criticism from the opposition. Ana Vasbinder of Nueva Javea noted that it was "more of the same" with a year on year consolidation of spending. They questioned what would happen if the town had to return overcharged rates and noted that the town's debt burden was €6 million per year. José Chulvi of the socialists said that the budget was both late and bad. There were no measures to support the local economy or to retrain people in a post crisis environment. Instead more was being spent on subventions for sports clubs and cultural associations. (Ed's note: In December €500,000 was dispersed in this way) He denounced a reduction in the budget for tourism since this is the town's main industry and pointed out that the expected income from the underground car parks was €101,000 while the running costs would be almost €270,000 in addition to the interest on the loan.

Oscar Anton, of the grupo mixto (no party afiliation) said that the budget was devoid of ideas and had nothing which would generate income. And that we should learn from other municipalities such as Gata. The Mayor responded that the purchase of the underground car Parks was a productive investment. From XAD: Para la oposición....

Ondara invests in the Service sector

Jan 31st
While in Xàbia the only "productive investment" in 2011 is to rescue the car parks, in Ondara the Town Hall facilitates the implementation of new business in the retail park.
Ondara has started the year "with a new infusion of business and employment opportunities," according to the official press release, as they have already granted several licenses for the establishment of various businesses in the retail park (Portal de la Marina) in the municipality. They have already begun work on the implementation of new activities such as the creation of medium-sized areas for the retail sale of DIY, food, catering and fuel etc.

It has facilitated the installation of these businesses, "thanks to the economic and technical changes that have taken place recently in Ondara Town Hall." Through the modification of policy, they have have managed to regulate and facilitate better the implementation of new business in the municipality." Thus, Ondara makes a clear commitment to the service sector. Before the crisis, "the municipality had chosen to promote urban development aimed at the implementation of new economic activities and services, rather than relying on housing."

Xàbia invests €200,000 for minimal dividends

Jan 31st
Xàbia Town Hall spends €200,000 per year on something abstract called the "Casa del Mediterráneo" (Mediterranean House). Three years ago, the municipality agreed to be co-host of this consortium, promoted by the Foreign Ministry, as the official forum for the reinforcement of ties between Mediterranean countries. Xàbia signed an agreement in which it would provide 5% of the budget, with the hope that the the consortium would help to expropriate the "Minister's House" (at the tip of the Javea Parador promontary) as a possible location for activities. The owners of the house had apparently been willing to agree to the expropriation. However, as reported by Councillor Oscar Anton, it seems that although the other stakeholders, Alicante and Benidorm, hadn't paid their shares, the "Casa del Mediterráneo" is investing its money in facilities there, namely in Benalua station, Alicante and the old fisherman's house in Benidorm. In addition the Ministry of the Environment has no intention of helping to procure the "Minister's House" . Xàbia's 2011 budget includes another €200,000 for this consortium, though the mayor admitted they were thinking of leaving. The only tiny plus so far has been Xàbia's logo on the Casa del Mediterráneo website (http://casa-mediterraneo.es/) and publicity materials.

Ironically, Xàbia is already host to the "Foro Jávea de Vecindad" (Jávea Neighbourhood Forum), sponsored by the Commissioner for EU Affairs, Benita Ferrero-Waldner, and managed by a non-political association. To date, this forum has organized many Euro-Mediterranean meetings, and has brought together a number of leading figures from countries bordering the Med to Xàbia, thus putting the town on the map. This, despite weak institutional support and only €10.000 subvention from the Town Hall. From Las Provincias: Xàbia se plantea... and XAD: Casa del Mediterraneo...

Doris Courcelles set to join Socialists

Jan 28th
Ex BLOC Councillor, Doris Courcelles, gave a press release (See:Courcelles Statement) in which stated that she wished to stand for election once more to serve the Town as Councillor, if she could find the right "travelling companions". An article in Levante reveals that she will join the ranks of the Xàbia's PSPV Socialist party, led by José Chulvi. She left her post as Councillor for the Environment and Services, with expressions of appreciation and support from her staff, and was noted in the Levante article as being …." one of the best rated and most accessible Town Councillors " See:Levante La Edil de Xàbia.....

Bomb shell for BLOC

Environment Councillor opposes purchase of Old Town Car Parks and resigns.

Jan 27th
Xàbia's Councillor for the Environment and Services, Doris Courcelles, has broken ranks with her party (BLOC) and submitted a letter asking for the decision to purchase the Old Town Underground Car Parks to be revoked. She states that she now sees her vote in favour as a mistake and that she had not been sufficiently informed of the consequences. Also, a decision which is so important should be made with the consensus of all political parties. Mayor Monfort said that everyone is entitled to change their minds, but then added that she "could have spoken to me directly or in a private letter." The letter calling for the revocation of the bailout decision is being studied by the legal services to see how it can be resolved and if it is necessary to have a new Plenary Council Meeting on the issue. From Las Provincias: Una edil del BLOC.... Doris later resigned her post as councillor. (From Press Release)

Socialists challenge legality of land sale for Car Park purchase

Jan 27th
The Xàbia Socialist PSPV party has presented a complaint against Xàbia Town Hall to the Department of Environment, Water, Planning and Housing for "breach of the law on municipal heritage land." This motion will also be presented at the Town Council plenary meeting this evening at 8.00pm.

According to the socialists, the Town Council plenary meeting of 23 December, which approved the purchase of the underground car parks, "violates the provisions of Article 259 of the Valencian Urban Development Law (LUV) and Article 544 of the Regulations on Administration and Territorial Management and Urban Development (ROGTU), in effect it constitutes an abuse of the legal destination of funds raised from the sale of municipal heritage land." The Socialist spokesman Jose Chulvi explains that proceeds from the sale of land which was originally destined for social housing can only be used for the purchase or construction of such houses.

They therefore ask for the decision to sell the land to buy the car parks to be revoked. If this does not occur, the Socialists ask to be heard before an administrative court and request an interim suspension.
From XAD: El PSPV pide....

Finance Councillor says Xàbia's finances are healthy

Jan 26th
The councillor for finance, Vicente Chorro, has presented the municipal budget for 2011 which will be approved at a council meeting on Thursday 27th January. It amounted to €37.4 million, a 2.68 % decrease on the previous year. Debt interest payments are 37.6 % more than in the previous exercise at 1.6 million. The councillor nevertheless said that the municipal finances are sufficiently healthy to deal with the debt. The town wall is not generating a deficit and its financial capacity is strong. The councillor reaffirmed that by the end of this year we could, if we wish, become indebted by a further €4 million, and by €12 million more in 2012. For full report see: 2011 budget.

"A Child's Smile" - Childhood cancer awareness and fund raiser

International Childhood Cancer Day, which is celebrated in February, helps to raise awareness of childhood cancer around the world. To coincide with this special day, Javea’s “Race for Life” charity is organising an extravaganza of entertainment to be held on Sunday 13th February at the Municipal Sports Centre in Javea Port. For more see: Child's Smile

2 million Grant ear-marked for Arenal Promenade

Jan 26th
Two million Euros of the Valencian Government's "Plan de Confianza" grant will be used to re-pave the Arenal pormenade and improve the lighting. Architect Ana Bondia won the design contract from three tenders proposed by the Arenal Business Association. The work will take around four months and will be timed not to coincide with the summer tourist season. The project has has had to wait for permission from the Provincial Department of coasts, since works will be on designated coastal land From Press Release: (Eds note: This project has been on the cards for over twenty years, but a long legal dispute has resulted in stalemate up until now)

Suspension of Building Licenses to continue

Jan 26th
In response to rumours that there would be a flood of applications for building licenses today, January 26th, the day when, nominally, the suspension of licenses is due to expire, Xàbia mayor Montfort said that although the Valencian Urban Development Law (LUV) states that the suspension can last only four years, the decree presented by the Department of Environment, Water, Planning and Housing makes clear that they should continue until the new General Town Plan is declared and on public display. This is because at the time the decree was made, it was was not contested. Thus,"the only one who can say otherwise (now) is the Regional Minister." This argument has been backed up by the Federación de Asociaciones de Vecinos de Xàbia, and there has been legal precedent.

The license suspension does not affect consolidated urban areas and there is actually a lot of land available for building. However, owners of land in the Saladar area (currently urbanisable, but to be declassified in the new General Plan) want to get building licenses to halt the declassification and protect their investment. The regional flood risk authority PATRICOVA has yet to decide if this sector is a flood risk zone, though the Land Strategy of the Comunidad Valenciana classifies the central part as "risk 3 - high frequency (25 years) and low depth (<0.8m)."
From XAD El Alcalde....

Mayor to ask ratification of a slimmed down declaration of Councillors personal assets

Jan 25th
Last year, Valencia's Local Government Act (Ley de Régimen Local) driven by the Valencia Minister of Solidarity and Citizenship, Rafael Blasco, required all elected officials to declare their personal assets. This was supposed to encourage transparency. The Ministry issued a circular and a form for use by elected officials. The declarations are ideally supposed to include money in the bank, pension plans, properties and cars owned, debts etc. (Though some of the declarations reported in El Pais last year for the Valencian Government are scanty). Now it is the turn of the Town Halls, and the Mayor of Xàbia has decided to propose a resolution approving a minimum model for the declaration of assets in Xàbia's case. i.e. No details about properties or cars etc, but instead a simple statement from each Councillor giving two figures summarising their total assets and total liabilities. From XAD: El Alcalde pide...( Ed's quote: Life is filigree work. What is written clearly is not worth much, it's the transparency that counts. Louis-Ferdinand Celine )

Cayro toy company acknowledges the work of Tapis of Xàbia


Jan 25th
"Tapis" of Xàbia (Taller ocupacional para enfermos mentales de Xàbia) received from Cayro, a Denia toy company, a computer for capturing and editing video as a thank you for their cooperation in preparing a collection of games called "Art Collection." This donation was made last week during a visit by the students to the Denia factory. "Art Collection" is a product composed of four original games which has been illustrated by the students of Tapis, an occupational workshop for the mentally ill. In addition to achieving excellent results, they achieved a more important goal of showing that their efforts are valued and their work beneficial to society. From Press release.

Xàbia Democrática launched to an audience of 400

Jan 23rd
The most recent party to come on the scene, Xàbia Democratica, was launched this Saturday at the Javea Parador before an audience of 400 people, "tired of politicians and their impossible projects". The new group, led by Councillor Oscar Anton (grupo mixto - no party afiliation), has several members of the Citizens' Forum Millora Xàbia and brought together a large number of foreigners and many unhappy ex New Jávea and PP supporters including several members of the faction that lost the last PP primary election, led by Juan Crisóstomo.. As a sign of the integration which Democratic Xàbia professes, the board has 15 members, including native Javienses, Spaniards from other other cities, British and even a Palestinian. Reflecting integration, two members of the new board have multicultural personal lives. José Javier Mata, member of Millora Xàbia and the local builders association, is married to an Englishwoman and has a young daughter who speaks fluent Castilian, Valencian and English. While Norman Reely, married to a Valencian, has spent his career as a hotelier, also in Javea, where he has lived for 21 years, and has a daughter married to a Spaniard with two children. From XAD: Xàbia democrática....For more see:Xabia Democratica launch

UK Choral group to give Caritas Concert

Jan 23rd
The choral group Cantores Sanctis Diebus will be performing at a free concert on Saturday 5th February at 9.00 pm in the Fisherman’s Church Jávea Port. The programme will feature music by Victoria for the Feast of the Purification (Candlemas, February 2nd), and by English composers celebrating the Accession to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II (February 6th, 1952). The concert will be in aid of the charity Caritas and there will be a collection after the concert. Although Caritas Xabia is organized by the Catholic Church, it helps all people, without any distinction, who come asking for help. In 2010 Caritas helped to feed 251 mouths in the port area of Jávea. New donations will enable them to continue and expand their services to the needy during this year.

Cantores Sanctis Diebus is based in Salisbury, England, and has been singing together for about 30 years. Its Director is Nicholas Hale. They specialise in music of the Renaissance – the ‘Golden Age’ of 1500-1650 – particularly by English and Spanish composers. This year they are marking the anniversary of the death (in 1611, in Madrid) of Tomás Luis de Victoria, the greatest Spanish composer of his time. This will be the choir’s third visit to Jávea. From Press Release

Teulada Town Hall processes 1700 Foreigners documents

Jan 21st
Teulada Town Hall has processed a total of 1,700 documents in 2010 of which 279 were NIE Numbers and 1,421 certificates of registration for EU citizens. These are similar figures to 2009. The total number of applicants was 1,542, most of which are resident in the municipality followed by foreign residents from Benitatxell, Benissa, Calpe and Javea. The Teulada office opens on Tuesdays from 9h to 13h. The applicant can pick up their NIE at the SIT offices in Teulada one week after the submission of documentation. It is necessary, however, to make an appointment in advance and in person at any SIT office in Teulada-Moraira, on the first Friday of each month.
More information: phone 96 574 01 58 or email: moc.adaluetotya|tis#moc.adaluetotya|tis From XAD

Xàbia Democrática to launch with new, young faces.


Jan 21st
On Saturday, the new political party Xàbia Democrática, will present itself as a project of renewal, with the aim of representing all the people of Javea. Apart from the leader, Oscar Anton, the new group consists of mostly young people entirely new to politics. e.g. Geovanny Sanchez - President of the Port Shopkeepers Association; Pere Sapena - President of Residents of the Old Town; José Javier Mata - Board member of the Small Builders Association; and Juan Luis Cardona - Former President of the Old Town Business Association. There are also expats such as Norman Reely, Marie Smith, Elizabeth Collins, Tim Ladd and Joost Janseens. The party already has 100 members of all nationalities. It is pledged to Citizen Participation, the development of a Strategic Plan and the need to integrate the views of all social groups. From XAD: Xàbia democrática...

Suspension of building licenses expires next week - Then What?

Jan 21st
Four years ago, the issuing of new building licences was partially suspended pending the completion of a new town plan for Xàbia… a plan which has yet to be completed. The licence suspension expires on January 26th and yet the town hall ruling executive has not said what it is going to do afterwards. The opposition party, Nueva Javea, has demanded to know how much longer it will take to complete the town plan, and warns that it will oppose any extension to the licence suspension. Nueva Javea pide...

€21,635 for a Rap concert and €3,240 for a Portaloo

Opposition Nueva Javea citicises items of municipal expenditure

Jan 20th
Having looked over municipal expenditure over the past year, opposition party Nueva Javea has voiced its criticisms on items of expenditure. When something starts as provisional in Xàbia it usually ends up lasting many years. This is what happened with the main bus stop which was installed temporarily in the Avenida de Ondara in lieu of building a proper installation. For nearly a decade, urban public transport users and those who catch the buses to Valencia and Alicante only have a canopy to protect them from inclement weather and a chemical toilet if a need comes to them. This toilet costs, according to a list of bills recently approved by the executive, about 271 euros a month, a total of €3,240 per year.

Nueva Javea also criticized the municipal government for spending almost € 10,000 on a promotional conference on the implementation of eGovernment, an amount that "could have been used to cover social assistance rather than to edit thousands of brochures that ended in the rubbish" said Planelles. And this when the Department of Social Services had apparently run out of money, leaving people in need of social assistance without payment for December. The mayor said that two changes to credit had been made at the end of 2010, precisely to meet these needs. The opposition also pointed out that the Town Hall had at the same time validated a payment of €8,909 to the Department of Youth - bringing the cost of a summer RAP concert on the Arenal to a total of €21,635. This concert had been preferred to the usual summer Cine on the beach, which would not have cost more than €2000.
From Las Provincias Xàbia gasta... and XAD El ayuntamiento se gasta...

Table of Contents

Mountain Recreation - the theme of a photo exhibition.

The Centre Excursionista de Xàbia is displaying a collection of unpublished and recent images of the many activities in which it participates. The exhibition, in the Casa de Tena is part of a series of events that the club has organized on the occasion of its 35th anniversary.
The exhibition, which will be open until 12 February, is composed of a hundred spectacular photographs, plus a selection of equipment they use in their excursions and expeditions. From Press Release.

"Xàbia Millora" joins up with new party, "Xàbia Democrática"

January 19th
The civic association "Xàbia Millora" has joined the party created by Councilman Oscar Anton along with other disgruntled members of Nueva Jávea. In a statement, Juan Luis Cardona explained that five members of Xàbia Millora have been integrated into the Xàbia Democrática board "to help this new political party to create a large integration project, humble, honest, young and different."

Cardona added that nevertheless, the Citizens Forum of Xàbia Millora remains open to all people of Xàbia who want to participate in the debate, and pointed out that conclusions of the first conference are available in a special section of the Xàbia al Día web site http://www.xabiaaldia.es/xabia_millora_sec_52.html

Oscar Anton, former councilman of Nueva Jávea, leads a group of residents of various nationalities. Anton believes that Xàbia needs "a new direction" and "people committed to participate in municipal institutions for the sole purpose of working efficiency, participation, honesty and transparency." He therefore invites everyone to the launch of the new party at the Parador (see article below)
From XAD: Xàbia millorar se integra.....

Agreement with volunteer firefighters renewed

Jan 19th
Xàbia Town Hall has renewed its partnership with the Intersociedad de Vecinos Hispanófilos, which assists in the tasks of preventing and extinguishing wildfires through a group of volunteer firefighters from Balcon al Mar. Mayor Montfort and Councillor Courcelles highlighted the important work of this partnership, which brings together about 800 residents of different nationalities, saying it is a "very good example of solidarity and integration" (From Press release)

Two new Recycling points in Balcon al Mar and Camí de les Adsubia

Jan 18th
The town hall has set up two new recycling points in Balcon al Mar and Camí de les Adsubia (behind AMJASA). The next one will be in the Pinomar area. The expansion of the recycling points is funded by a grant of €163,000 from the second State Plan E and is being carried out by local company, Construcciones Antonio Sart S.L. To inform residents, the department has distributed fliers in three languages, Castilian, English and German. These three sites bring the total of recycling/ rubbish collection points to 18 , making Xàbia one of the national pioneers acording to Councillor for Services and the environment, Doris Courcelles. From XAD: Dos nuevos puntos verdes...

Integration is a two way process

Jan 17th
This was one of the messages conveyed by George Thomas, member of the PSOE Executive in Xàbia in a talk entitled "The Challenges of Integration" given at the Casa de Cultura on Monday January 17th. George pointed out that more than half of the residents registered on the Town Register (Padrón) were foreigners, and yet they were peripheral to the political landscape of the town. Only about 12 per cent of the foreigners on the Padrón who were elegible to vote were also signed up on the electoral roll. In addition there were an estimated 10,000 more foreigners living in Jávea who were not even on the Padrón (signifying a loss of two million euros to the town hall coffers). The main challenge to integration was language, especially amongst the largest single group of expatriates, the English speakers, who are notoriously bad linguists and who had developed their own, self-contained "little Britain" which provided British shops and services so that mastering Spanish was not necessary in their day to day lives. However integration is a two way process - both communities should reach out to each other. George cited the city of Calvià which has a high proportion of foreign residents and a municipal web site which provides important information in several languages. For a complete report on the talk See: Challenges of Integration

New Political Project to be launched for Xàbia

Jan 17th
An organisation called "Xàbia Democrática" (or XD) will be launched at the Parador on Saturday 22nd January at 11.00am. It describes itself as a "new citizens-based political project that is committed to our town" and "a commitment based on a New Concept " (…. from press release). Eds comment: Judging from earlier news items, this is the political party formed around ex Neuva Javea councillor, Oscar Anton.

Promised Xàbia school forgotten

Jan 17th
In mid-2005, when the Arenal School was opened, the Ministry of Education promised buildings for school No 6 in Xàbia. Despite the deal being signed and the land set aside in 2006, nothing has happened. This is but one of the 28 "forgotten" colleges and institutes whose construction was planned for 2004-2010 in the Comunidad Valenciana and in many cases publicized by the Department of Education. Los 28 centros olvidados del programa Creaescola

Possibility of oil exploration in Gulf of Valencia raises environmental fears

Jan 11th
British based company "Oil and Gas capital" has asked permission to prospect for oil and gas in an area known as "Polyphemus" The area is a large rectangle that effects 13 municipalities and is located between Tavernes Valldigna, Gandia, Carcaixent and Barx. It is the first to include both terrestrial and marine areas. There has been considerable opposition, including a statement from the Mayoress of Denia who is concerned about the possible negative effects of the prospecting, and subsequent well development, on the Cabo de San Antonio Marine Reserve (Montgó Natural Park), fishing industry and tourism. From Las provincias: Otra empresa....and Denia alerta....

Warmest January in recent years and sea fog clouds the Costa

Jan 16th
This January has been the warmest for several years( some 5 degrees warmer than normal) and the recent foggy cloud has been created by warm, moist air form Africa meeting the colder air from the North. Conditions are expected to change in the middle of next week however. From Las Provincias: La Niebla....

Diversions and holes in the road divert Javea traffic

Jan 16th
Drivers in Xàbia find routes blocked and diversions in the Port and along the dual carriageway of the Carretera Pla. In the case of the Port, this is due to the installation of new underground rubbish containers, and the works should be complete within a few days. These, and future containers to be installed in the Arenal are funded by the Plan de Confianza. The Avda Pla is closed because of works arising from the 2007 floods. Namely improvement of spillway drainage for the Gorgos River. A culvert is being installed under the road and the drainage canal (the natural water course of the river) will be widened. These works are funded 50% by the State Government, 25% by the regional government and 25% by the Town Hall. The total cost is 270,000 Euros. From Press releases.

Xabia at Madrid Tourism Fair, 19th - 23rd January

Jan 14th
Xabia will promote itself at the FITUR tourism fair. Paintings by the late Xabia artist, Miguel Sala Coll, feature on promotional material with the kind permission of his family. Town Hall technician, Carol Cholbi presented a new edition of the tourism services guide which includes for the first time, a calendar of cultural events. Informative signs will be installed near important buildings. Mindful of the economic crisis the town will attend the Valencia and Valladoloid tourism fairs only as part of the Valencia Tourism agency stand and the 50,000 Euro savings will be redirected to supporting the "most needy families in Xabia". The Tourism department plans to publish a monthly programme of everything going on in the town as well as special Easter fliers for the Old Town and Port and summer material on cycling routes. As usual, guided hiking routes and theatrical tours of the old town will take place. From Press release.

Days left to grab vote

January 10th
Stop Press: Deadline extended to Jan 25th!
Expats have just days to sign on the electoral roll and claim a vote in the May elections before the 15th January deadline. People returning to Spanish homes after the Christmas break were warned the cut off was “an absolute last chance” to register and be allowed to cast a ballot in the local elections on May 22nd .As the successful ‘No Vote, No Voice’ campaign reaches its natural conclusion, all EU citizens - and expats from other countries with reciprocal voting rights - were urged to insure they were on the electoral roll, the Censo Electoral’. For more see: Round Town News...

Nueva Javea accuses Councillors of Conflict of Interest in Car Park issue

January 9th
The independent local political party, Nueva Jávea, has started to fight back over the purchase of Xàbia's underground car parks by accusing two councillors of the ruling coalition of conflict of interest in the matter. They stated that ex-mayor and PP councillor, Juan Moragues, is known to sell an exclusive promotion for car park owners, ECISA and that Miguel Savall (PP) has supplied the cement for all the ECISA works in the town (See See 2010 story about dubious legality of his cement works. They also ask for the agreement to be nullified on the basis that it violates the "legitimate rights of the 31,000 inhabitants of Xàbia" since this operation will leave the city coffers with no ability to maneuver and require it to support a continued deficit over several decades because of the car parks. They note that there has been no market research and that the proposed fees are based on the original economic report which had justified the decision to build the car parks in the first place. A study which has been demonstrated to be almost 100% wrong in its forecasts. If the challenge to the Town Council fails, NJ may go to court. From Las Provincias: Nueva Javea pretende...

Ex Nueva Javea Councillor to launch his own political party

January 9th
After much speculation, Oscar Anton, who was recently expelled from Nueva Javea on the basis that he had been having secret negotiations with the PP, has decided to launch his own political party. Although at the time of his expulsion he denied having any contact with the local PP president, his name continues to be linked with that party. Anton is well regarded by the regional PP, but apparently he was unhappy with the machinations in Javea's PP, which, though it professed to be promoting new faces is still controlled by the usual heavyweights. He feels that they wanted to use him as a hook to grab the British vote. (Anton is fluent in English). In his decision to launch a new party he is supported by a group of mainly British supporters who have been with him since his expulsion from Nueva Javea. Note: Anton also served in the now defunct GIX party. from Las Provincias: Oscar Anton descarta...

The Challenges of Integration - a talk in English on a key issue.


January 7th
Xàbia's registered expat community comprises some 55% of the population. See: Town Hall: Population by nationality. How can we best live together, contribute to society and ensure the sustainable development of our town? Long term resident, George Thomas, addresses this issue, and the need for the expatriate community to vote in the forthcoming elections in a talk entitled "The Challenges of Integration" which will be held in the Casa de Cultura on Monday 17th January ay 11.00 am. All are welcome and the talk will be in English. (Ed's Comment: It would be good to hear people's views on this topic. Do we want to be involved in how the town is managed? If so, one way is to get informed and vote. In the last elections in June 2007 nearly 80% of the expats did not vote. The most successful party obtained seven seats with a total of 2976 votes. See full results on: El Mundo - Resultados)

Grants to promote Entrepreneurs and private employment

January 7th 2011
The Ministry of Economy, Finance and Employment, through the Valencian Employment and Training Service (Servef) will provide 23.6 million euros to promote entrepreneural employment. (as published in the Official Journal of the Comunitat Valenciana (DOCV) on Jan 4) The money will be available for people who are signed up with SERVEF who become self employed or professionals in 2011, hire their first permanent worker and who are qualified as I+E (businesses who have been promoted or supported by a local authority or by the Government to create economic activity and generate jobs in their region). Grants for hiring first employees vary according to the difficulty the potential employee has in breaking into the labour market. e.g. 5,000 € for the unemployed in general rising to 10,000 € for women with disabilities. See XAD: El Servef destinará....

Day Care Centre reaches 50% occupancy on its first anniversary

January 5th 2011
Xàbia's day care centre for the elderly and dependants (Centro de Día Santa María de Betania) has overcome its initial financial problems by adopting a more efficient heating system and using the Red Cross to ferry clients to the Centre instead of Amigos de Europea. The Centre now admits short stay dependants as well as long term regulars, and this has improved the utility of the Centre. People who stay there benefit from music therapy, memory exercises and crafts. The families of inmates remark on how they have improved since they continue with exercises at home and have a routine which keeps them in touch with society. From Las Provincias: El centro de día... The Centre is open Monday to Friday from 8.00am till 8.00pm and is located at the Convent de Marta y Maria (El Convento de las Agustinas Descalzas de Xàbia) Plaza del Convento (Old Man's Roundabout)

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