Javea Accident Black Spots

In 2008 Agenda21 organised a survey whereby local inhabitants could report accident Black Spots.

  • See Google Map of Accident Black Spots identified by inhabitants of Xàbia here: Map of black spots
  • See a detailed summary of the Black spots (in Castellano) in the PDF below. Click on the image to download and view the document.

Response from the Council

May 2009
At the Agenda 21 Forum held on May 7th 2009 , the Councillor for Public Safety, Juan Carlos Generoso replied to the points raised through the survey.
52 Accident Black spots had been identified
6 were to do with signs and lighting
12 related to roundabouts
9 concerning state of road surfaces
3 Height of curbs and speed bumps
3 unsafe cycle lanes

These problems are mainly the responsibility of the department of Works and Services. Many problems had already been resolved, e.g. the pruning of plants so improve visibility at roundabouts.

Speeding: Especially Ctra la Guardia and Av Augusta: The town hall was investigating methods of speed reduction and more zebra crossings. The Benitatxell Road was outside the authority of the Town Hall, but they would liaise with the Guardia Civil to increase speed checks and breathaliser tests. They were asking the Guardia Cicil to do a study of the accidents on the Jesus Pobre road.

Speed bumps: Making a Municipal map and looking to lower some of them.

Plastic roundabouts - these would be completed by the end of the year and road surfaces would improved through State grants.

Summer chaos at Saladar supermarket road junction: There was no plan to deal with this yet.

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