July 2014 News Headlines

Animal rights groups offer €2,550 rewards for reporting abuse

July 30th
Five Spanish animal rights groups have set up a fund to reward individuals or associations who report cases of animal abuse. Two associations have already received €2,550 each, and a third reward is still awaiting a recipient…This first campaign has turned up two egregious cases of mistreatment. An illegal breeding farm in Bullas (Murcia) has been shut down after authorities found hundreds of animals living in cramped conditions, including sheep and birds. The individuals who reported the case said there were also graves containing dozens of horses…It also does not help that there is no single police agency in charge of animal abuse. Cases might fall to the National Police, to the Civil Guard’s Seprona, to regional police agencies, to Rural Agents, and even to municipal police officers. Animal activists feel that there should be one specialized body in charge, mirroring the situation in countries such as Colombia. for full story see: El Pais in English

Aquifers "at their limit" in many parts of Spain

July 30th
The "New Water Culture Foundation" ( Fundación Nueva Cultura del Agua) has criticised the excessive use of water in productive processes, noting particularly agriculture which uses up to 80% of the country's water resources. They point out that water is being extracted from aquifers faster than it is being recahrges, and that it "is necessary to change the current view of water policy in Spain", which considers only servicing of production and economic development in the short term, because "little attention is paid to the recovery of the status of aquatic ecosystems and sustainable management to ensure sufficient water quality in the future. " Fom Las Provincias: Las acuiferos.....

Polyclinic San Carlos opens outpatients clinic at the Arenal

July 30th
The Polyclinic San Carlos, which has a hospital in Denia, has opened an outpatients clinic in Calle Nancy, on the ground floor of the "blue" building, near the Arenal taxi rank. It will cover eleven specialist areas including clinical analysis, cardiology, general and digestive surgery, orthopedics, general medicine and traumatology. It is opne from 9am - 2.00pm and 5.00pm - 8.00pm Monday to Friday. Appointments can be made at the clinic of by phone: 96 6470162 From XAD:Clinica San carlos....

Town hall renews funding agreements with clubs and associations

July 30th
Mayor José Chulvi has signed cooperation agreements with several social, economic, education, sports and cultural organisations in Jávea. The APASA dog shelter has received a sizeable sum to help with its work whilst business associations have received some 47,000 euros to assist with its programmes to promote their businesses. Parents associations of various schools across the town have also received financial assistance to help fund their extracurricular activities whilst the tennis club can count on suitable funding to assist with its children's academy. For full story see: Javeamigos

One animal dumped in Spain every three minutes, reveals bestselling author and petition-starter

July 30th
Spain has the worst record in Europe for pets being abandoned, with one animal dumped every three minutes. Author and journalist Rosa Montero has brought this to the public's attention and started a petition on campaign site Avaaz calling for tougher legislation on cruelty and neglect of animals, given that at present, pet protection laws are within the jurisdiction of regional governments, meaning there are 17 different ones in place and not all of them are suitably effective. For full story see: ThinkSpain. For petition see: Avaaz

Police point for Tourists to be set up on the Port

July 24th
A special office to help tourists who have become victims of crime or who have committed offenses is being set up in Xàbia Port. The idea is to offer assistance to foreigners in their own language, and give them advice on what to do e.g. following the theft of cards and documents etc. The "Servicio de Atención al Turista Extranjero" (SATE) will be in the Police office next to the Tourist office and will be open at the same times as the Tourist Office, so as to be able to use the support of translators there. Xàbia joins Alfaz, Orihuela and Finestrat in having such as office. From XAD: La Oficina...

Fire breaks out on the Cumbres del Sol

July 23rd
A fire broke out on the Cumbres del Sol midday Wednesday 23rd July. By 3.00pm it had reached the peak of the Puig Llorença and 40 people had been evacuated from their homes as a precautionary measure. The fire was eventually controlled by ground and air firefighters, and the area was watered overnight to ensure it was extinguished. The fire seems to have started through negligence by sparks from a circular saw. Much of the limited green zone on the Cumbres was burned. The Photogallery on Las Provincias shows dramatic pictures of the area. Here are some pictures from Xàbia, when the fire came over the top at the radio masts around 3.00pm

Spain's protected areas for Marine birds multiplied by 20

New protection area area off the Cabo de la Nao declared

July 22nd
The Spanish Government has declared 39 new marine ZEPAs (Zona de Especial Protección para las Aves - special protection zones for birds). Among these is an area off the Cabo de la Nao, the "Plataforma-talud marinos del cabo de la Nao" described thus: Surface: 2681,10 km. Description: Large Marine area located opposite the Cabo de la Nao in the Ibiza channel . Runs parallel to the coast between Cullera and Alicante and its closest point to land is the Cabo de la Nao 3 km to the west. It is an area of high productivity, suitable for spawning stocks of small pelagic fish. It represents one of the main feeding areas of the balearic shearwater (Puffinus mauretanicus), during the breeding season. It is also the second most important feeding area for the European storm petrel (Hydrobates pelagicus) while reproducing in the Spanish Mediterranean. Audouin's Gull (Larus audouinii) also appears in significant numbers in the breeding season, as well as Cory's shearwater (Calonectris diomedea). The Balearic Shearwater is equally common in the area during the autumn and winter months. From XAD, El País and Declaración de ZEPA marinas

Remodeling of water pumping station to save money

July 22nd
The remodeling of the Adsubia-Cabanes pumping station will enable AMJASA to to reduce its energy costs by 50%.The investment has cost 233,666 euros and will be recovered within 2 years by the cost savings. In addition CO2 emissions will be reduced by 300 tonnes per annum, and the noise from the pumping station significantly reduced. The Mayor of Benitatxell, Josep Femenia was present at the inauguration as Xàbia supplies water to the neighbouring town. From Chulvi Facebook and XAD: La remo..

Souvenirs of the Lambert exhibition

July 22nd
The Fundación Cirne has produced a collection of 10 postcards featuring the drawings of André Lambert depicting Jávea at the beginning of the 20th Century. These are on sale in the three areas housing a large exhibition on the Lambert family (Casa del Cable, Casa de Tena and Museu de Xàbia), and tourist offices, for 5 Euros. People who buy these or a copy of the catalogue of the exhibition will receive as a little gift ( from Amjasa) a facsimile of the article, an "epistle" which Lambert's son wrote for the cultural journal "Janus". The original was written in latin, but has been translated into Castilian and Valenciano. It contains his relections on Jávea, its history, geography, culture and peoples. etc. from Press Release and Xàbia al Día..Amjasa edita..
The Town Hall has uploaded a video of Lambert in his home in Portitxol in 1958 - created by Jakob Stucki

There are two more videos of 1958 Jávea on the MesXabia playlist: See: http://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=UUlvXSjBRS1r63R31SB6nVdQ

"Before I die" initiative comes to Xàbia Port

July 22nd
From next Wednesday 30th July, a board will be installed in the port area with a single goal: that everyone passing by will write on it what they would like to do with their life before they die. Developed by Lifestrong Coachings, the wall has the support of the town with councillor Juan Luis Cardona inviting people to "stop for a moment to think about what you want to do with life and what your dreams are"… The group, which is made up from coaches in the area, proposed that Jávea be the entry point for the social campaign into the Comunidad Valenciana. Representatives Marián Martínez and Jordi Vilanova said that the urban activity is aimed at improving communication between people who are aware of the transient nature of life and this live their lives more thoroughly by considering their hopes and dreams as possible challenges. For full story and background see: Javeamigos

Inside the San Antonio lighthouse

July 16th
Given the controversial proposal to convert the San Antonio Lighthouse into a hotel (see item, July 2nd below) . Xabia resident Santi Thevenet (tvnet.es) persuaded the lighthouse keeper to open the doors so he could make a short video. Here it is:

Xàbia presses for outpatients station at the Arenal for the summer

July 16th
Mayor Chulvi has noted that the Marina Salud company (which runs Denia hospital and regional health care) has a shortage of staff during the summer, with only 18% of the staff on holiday being stood-in for, despite the huge influx of visitors to this area. He demanded that sufficient resources should be made available for basic health care, via the provision of sufficient staff, and the setting up of a summer outpatients station at the Arenal. The mayor complained that the Valencian government "…says that tourism is the main source of revenue in the region and yet is not aware that safety is one of the factors weighed up when choosing a holiday destination'. Calpe and Denia have beach-side summer clinics, yet Xàbia which provides a lot of the revenue for Marina Salud, does not. From Las Provincias and XAD: Chulvi se reune..

Only one company bids for Canal de la Fontana managment

July 16th
The Valencia Government has received only one bid for the management of the Canal de la Fontana. The name of the company has not been disclosed, since the bid must follow the same procedure as if there had been 20. i.e. checking that the documentation is correct and the bid correctly valued. The end of the process is scheduled for the end of the summer, so we should know the name of the successful bidding company in September. From XAD: Solo una Empresa...

42 tons of used clothing collected in Jávea in 1st 6 months of the year

July 15th
The non-government organisation (NGO) 'Humana Fundación Pueblo para Pueblo' has been working since 1987 to promote environmental protection and initiate co-operation programmes in Africa, Latin America and Asia as well as Social Assistance in Spain, thanks to the resources obtained through the management of used clothing. In the first half of this year, Humana collected 41,932 kilograms - almost 42 metric tons - from the special containers in Jávea. For full story see: Javeamigos

The neighborhood that could become a global example of revival

July 15th
A project designed by two Spanish architects has won a UN competition to create sustainable solutions for mass urban housing. "Recooperation", presented by María García and Gonzalo Navarrete of architectural firm Improvistos is a project to revitalize the run-down Orba neighborhood in Alfafar…Improvisto’s project is based on the principle of cohousing, an approach that is popular in Scandinavia, where communities consist of private homes with shared facilities, and where residents play an active role in how the community is designed and managed…Most local residents seem to be largely unaware of the proposals to revitalize their neighborhood. Local media have hardly covered the UN-Habitat prize, and the local town hall has yet to comment officially. For full story see: El País in English

Emergency exit from Granadella cleared

July 15th
Xàbia's Environmental protection brigade has cleared the Calle Pic Tort, Granadella. This road was previously signed as a dead end, but in fact it leads to the urbanisation above. Though the surface is not perfect, it serves as an emergency exit from Granadella. The Brigade - comprised of 15 previously unemployed people, is scheduled to clear 102,015 linear metres of roadside, barrancos and water courses throughout the municipality in maintenance and fire prevention measures - a particularly important function in this extrmemly dry year. This brigade will work until September 30th, then another brigade of 15 will work until the end of the year. From XAD. El Ayuntamiento...

Spain’s new generation of leaders

July 13th
..They are well educated, media savvy, and have avoided playing the same blame-game approach to politics as their elders. The European elections, which produced surprises such as the appearance of Podemos, seem to have marked a watershed in Spanish politics. The Socialist Party and the United Left have begun a renewal process that will see veterans such as Alfredo Pérez Rubalcaba (about to celebrate his 63rd birthday) and Cayo Lara (62) respectively step down. The abdication of King Juan Carlos after almost four decades on the throne has deepened the feeling of a generational handover. By the time of next year’s general election the leader of the Socialist Party will be in their forties, whether it is Madina, Sánchez, former defense minister Carme Chacón, or even Andalusian premier Susana Díaz; while the United Left will likely be led by Garzón, with 35-year-old Iglesias at the helm of Podemos, and Rivera, aged 34, heading Ciutadans. For full story see: El Pais in English.

IMF doubles 2014 growth forecast for Spain in just six months

June 11th
In the space of six months, the International Monetary Fund (IMF) has changed its 2014 growth forecast for Spain significantly: from 0.6% to 1.2%. The report insists that “Spain’s overarching policy priority must be to ensure the recovery is strong, long-lasting, and most pressingly, job-rich.” The IMF also joined other organizations such as the OECD in warning about the increase in inequality in Spain and the risk of social exclusion for growing numbers of people, even those with a job. According to IMF figures, the four million people who have lost their jobs since 2007 have lost 50% of their income on average. For full story see: El País in English

EU takes Spain to court for ‘poor waste management’

July 11th
The European Commission is taking Spain to court for breaching two environmental legislations. Despite earlier warnings, a number of landfills “are still operating in breach of EU legislation”, the Commission said. It added that almost five years after the final deadline for closure of landfill sites, 28 non-compliant sites have not been closed and three others “still need to be brought up to the required standards”. The Landfill Directive lays down standards to protect human health and the environment from the negative effects caused by the collection, transport, storage, treatment and disposal of waste. The second case concerns a high-speed rail link under construction, for which “no adequate environmental impact assessment was carried out”, the Commission said. It stated: “In an effort to urge Spain to rectify these matters, the Commission is taking Spain to the EU Court of Justice on the recommendation of Environment Commissioner Janez Potočnik.” From :Energylive news.

General Plan - Meetings with Urbanisations continuing

July 11th
This from Councillor Oscar Anton's Facebook: "We are continuing to hold meetings with many urbanisations to explain the municipal management and how they can be involved in the PGOU (general urban zoning plan) Plan. We are collecting proposals and opinions on the model of city that the residents want. Further information, cartography and plans can be viewed in the chapel of Santa Ana (Technical Office)The Consultative Document is also available on the Council's website.http:www.ajxabia.com. Documento Consultivo.

Table of Contents

Red alert for drought in the Marina Alta

July 11th
The Hydrological authority (CHJ) confirms that the region is at "historical lows," for water supply and warns of medium-term cuts in irrigation and even domestic supplies, urging action form towns with large populations. The "Consorcio de Aguas de la Marina Alta" - a regional council of 18 municipalities on water management has been revived after years of dormancy. The worst affected areas are Murla and Alcalalí. Wells which supply Pedreguer, Teulada and Benitatxell are at very low levels. It is proposed that in the medium to long term, some municipalities use supplies from the Xàbia desalination plant, and water from the Vall de Laguar and Benigembla feeds Calpe and Benissa and the environmental management of aquifers is improved. From La Marina Plaza - La Marina Alta... and Dieciocho.. Note: Pego is not a member of theConsorcio.

"Club Nauticos" prepare for the renewal of their concessions

July 9th
The Association of Nautical Clubs of the Comunidad Valenciana recently had a general assembly, in which the renewal of concessions for some of its members (inlcuding the Club Nautico de Xàbia) loomed large. Recently the law governing these concessions has changed, but recognises the sporting value as a key element for assessing a concession. However, the clubs being non-profitmaking organisations are much concerned about the fees which may be levied on them, since these would have to be passed back onto their members. There are 27 main clubs in the Comunidad, with around 10,000 users. From XAD: Los clubes nauticos...

Talk on the Mediterranean in 2030

July 9th
The Jávea Neighbourhood forum (Foro Jávea de Vecindad) has orgnaised a talk by Javier Albarracín (Director of socio-economic development, European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed)). on projections for the future development of the Mediterranean, and what it may look like in 2013. "in an historic moment redefining economic, political and social systems it is imperative to take into account projections on the most important issues". Topics will include migratory flows and the demographic challenge, the impact of climate change, food security, the economic potential of the area and the important role of international actors, such as China, Gulf States and Turkey. The talk will take place on July 25 at 19:30 hours in the Museum Soler Blasco de Xàbia and entrance is free. From Press release and XAD:Foro Xàbia...

Three whales sighted off Denia

July 6th
Participants in an Environmental program currently being run by volunteers and supervised by the Marine Environment and Fisheries Agency (SAMIP), have had three sightings of fin whales off the coast of Les Rotes, Denia. For full story see: The Leader

"Fun Trip" promotion increases hits on Xàbia Tourism Social Media

July 9th
The "Fun Trip" initiative, organised by the Xàbia Town Hall Tourism Department seems to have borne fruit, with more hits on its social media sites. The "Fun Trip" was a few days during which well-known national tourism and holiday bloggers were hosted by the town hall, to enjoy the sights and sounds of Jávea by day and night, including the "Nit de Focs" . The cost to the Town Hall was some €3000, and the result was more Twitter followers (up from, 1000 to 2500 followers) and more Facebook likes: from 2300 to 4800, and 6000 photos uploaded via Instagram. From XAD: El funtrip... Ed's note: The XAD article extrapolates the use of the Twitter Hashtag "#Xabia365" by 450 people to equate to "32 million impacts on the internet", which, as pointed out by commentator Eduardo, is a meaningless figure. Undoubtedly Jávea got got more publicity through the story about the couple photographed "in flagrante" on the Arenal bathing platform at dawn - photos which were front page news and went viral on the Internet, with a neat contrast to oil drilling platforms..as in this image http://tinyurl.com/mwz7ty5 from the satirical facebooker "Ajuntamiento Xàbia"parodiaxabia.

Old Town launches promotional magazine

July 8th
The Javea Old Town business Association has taken a step to promote itself as a open shopping centre by producing a magazine with information on members' promotions and businesses, as well as notes of interest about the area. The new magazine, which can be picked up at the tourist offices has been prepared by Belen Paquitus Crespo in partnership with business owners and the management of the Olt Town business. You can alaso download a PDF of the magazine from: Here.

Why Europeans are waving goodbye to Spain

July 4th
..The municipal register flash figures released by the National Statistics Institute (INE) show that of the more than half-a-million foreigners who left the local “padrón” over the last year, most were EU citizens. Not counting Romanians and Bulgarians, 219,225 EU citizens disappeared from the local rolls in 2013. Yet new population figures published this week by INE show that only a few tens of thousands of people have actually left the country. The pronounced drop in municipal population records, claim local authorities, is a result of a clean-up effort that has deleted individuals who had given no signs of life in the previous two years from the padrón. Britons make up the third-largest foreign community in Spain, after Romanians and Moroccans. There are 297,299 of them on the local population registers, representing a 22.8-percent drop from a year earlier. For full Story see: El País in English

Happy in Jávea

July 4th
Javea joins other towns in having a "Happy" video with Pharrelll Williams music. Jávea's video is directed and edited by Alexandra Iglesias, and a selection of happy Javea folk around Jávea ! (sourced from XAD). Enjoy !

Xàbia launches new website

July 2nd
Xàbia Town Hall has launched a new design website which can be accessed from PC, tablet and phone. Each department can update its own information, and the site shares its calendar with the Tourism department. People can even print receipts for municipal taxes and print info for tax returne. The site is, as before: http://www.ajxabia.org/ Soon, the virtual office will be more capable. The site cost €12,500 and is the most modern in the sector. From XAD: Xàbia actualizar...

San Antonio Lighthouse to be a hotel

July 2nd
The Alicante Ports authority has taken the first steps to convert the lighthouse on the Cabo de San Antonio into a hotel. This is part of a national initiative to rehabilitate uninhabited lighthouses into hotels and restaurants. Some parts of Xàbia Town Hall were a bit put out that they had not been earlier informed of this initiative, but on the whole the idea has met with a positive response, since this may well enhance Xàbia's Tourism. The other lighthouse, at Cabo de la nao will not receive the same treatment since it is still inhabited by the lighthouse keeper and his family. From XAD: El Puerto...

New General Town Plan - constraints on development explained

July 2nd
Only around 10 people attended the public meeting on Public Participation on the new general Town Plan yesterday. The Consultant's (IDOM) representative showed a Powerpoint (in Englsih and Spanish) explaining the some of the new legal constraints for the new general town plan. These included the presence of protected areas (Montgó natural Park, Granadella etc) ; flood zones, new laws stipulating the presence of "green corridors" connecting wild spaces, and an index called "maximum land occupation index" (IMOS) based on population, projected population growth, being a sea-side town and and employment. The Padron register had been used as the population figure, though as people remarked this is way from the true figure.. The calculations produced figures limiting the maximum land occupation for housing and employment. Previously, Town Halls had dreamed up with their own figures. The next meeting concerns the questionnaire on people's observations and ideas for Xàbia and its landscape. Links to the questionnaires can be found on: General Plan (Ed's note: The ideal index should be 250m land occupied per person, Xàbia is at 764m per person - reflecting the dispersed housing in the municipality)

Exit of immigrants sees Spain’s population fall for second year in a row

July 1st
The migratory balance – i.e. the difference between the number of people who arrived in Spain and those who left – was negative, coming in at 256,849. A total of 291,041 people arrived in Spain last year from abroad, while 547,890 left. That figure was up 80.2% on last year…Emigration and the adoption of Spanish nationality – 230,581 foreigners become Spaniards last year – saw the total number of non-Spaniards living in the country fall by 7.82% at the end of 2013, leaving a total of 4,676,022 foreign residents in the country. For full story see: El País in English

Town Hall awarded grant to refurbish Arnauda Riurau


July 1st
Xàbia Town Hall has received a grant of €42,269 from the the Valencian tourism authority to go towards the refurbishment of the Arnauda Riurau, which was relocated and rebuilt in the Montaner park. The grant is part of the "Plan Millor 2014" geared towards the adaptation of tourist resources. The full cost of the project (prioritised by voting in the 2014 Participatory Budget exercise) is €84,538 and will include installing old beams and gabled roofing, electricity wiring, lighting both inside and out and signage. It is planned that this will become a cultural tourism resource. From Press Release.

Unexpected €1.4 million rubbish bill

July 1st
The company which manages the El Campello waste plant has billed the recycling consortium of the Marina Alta (which includes Marina Alta Town Halls) €1.4 million in respect of final settements for 2011 and 2012, fees paid at the time not covering the actual cost. Some of the munucipalities suggest dipping into accumulated reserves to pay the bill, which seems rather high. The issue is muddied by the indictment of the CEO of Vaersa, (the The Valencia Government owned environmental management company which owns 93% of the Marina Alta Recycling consortium) for embezzlement and breach of trust. From Las Provincias


Gorgos bridge is falling down

July 1st
The bridge which crosses the mouth of the Gorgos River just south or the Port was badly damaged by the floods of 2007, and is now starting to crumble. Heavy traffic is not allowed to cross it and the local bus route has had to be changed to avoid it. The underside of the bridge is in a very poor state, with chunks of concrete having fallen off, exposing rusty reinforcement iron. Xàbia Town Hall has therefore decided to invite a proper in-depth study of the state of bridge, at a tender price of €50,000. However, repair or demolition would be beyond the economic resources of the Town Hall. After the devastating floods of 2007, the regional rivers authority, (Confederación Hidrográfica del Júcar (CHJ)) made a plan to repair damage and alleviate damage in further floods. This included the investment of €19.3 million to widen the old Pont del Lavador (near the de-salination plant) and build a new bridge over the mouth of the Gorgos. From Información.es(Eds Note: CHJ has suffered many cuts as a result of the economic crisis, and the €102 million master plan for the Marina alta remains just a plan). For background to the flooding risk in Jávea see: Jávea Floods

Request for grant to run Music conservatory

July 1st
Javea Town Council has asked the Ministry of Culture for a grant of 486,953 euros for maintenance of the Conservatory of Music. From XAD: Xàbia pide...

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