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Xàbia Health centre promised an extra doctor over the summer

June 30th
The region's population explodes during the summer and the Ministry of Health is taking steps to manage this. Xàbia has been promised an extra backup doctor for its Health Centre. Foreign residents are asked to make sure they have properly registered their SIP so as to know the numbers of potential patients in the municipality. This can be done at the same time as signing up to the Padrón. (From Las Provincias: El centro de salud del ...)

Xàbia shows off its landscape with a book of previously unpublished photos


June 29th
The Department of Tourism and several companies have produced a book of Xàbia/Jávea scenic photos with photographic studio ArturG. The book is available at libraries, collaborative shops and restaurants and tourist offices.

Town hall obliges Pou de Moro Residents to pay for wall

June 29th
Last Thursday the Town Hall plenary session agreed to set up a scheme whereby the residents of the Pou de Moro will have to pay for the construction of a containment wall beside the Rio Gorgos. This construction should have been conditional for the original development of the area…but was not done. Now the property owners will have to foot the bill. See earlier story From XAD El Ayuntamiento....

Demolition of old Cemetery means exhumation of human remains

June 27th
Human remains from hundreds of burials have had to be removed from the old cemetery (closed in 1988) which is now being demolished. The Town hall has spent three years trying to trace relatives of those buried there, but still 300 bodies remain unclaimed. By law, these should be re-buried in a mass grave, but for now the Town hall will keep them in a special repository in the new Catarroges cemetery. Councillor Pepa Chorro (a forensic pathologist by profession) noted a few surprises when they opened the burial chambers. In some cases the number of bones did not correspond with the number of people who were supposed to be buried there. From Las Provincias: Exhuman cientos de restos....

Jávea / Xàbia Beaches get Blue Flags for 2009

June 26th
The Arenal, Granadella and Grava beaches of Xàbia have once more been awarded blue flags by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE) see: http://www.blueflag.org/ for more about the Blue Flag programme.

Urban Mobility Survey Questionnaire now On-Line

All Javea residents asked to help by providing information.

June 25
An on-line questionnaire has been set up in various languages by the consultant IDOM for Javea Town Hall. It asks people to provide information on how many trips they made out of their house yesterday, to where and by what means of transport.
You also provide information on the return trip separately.
The questionnaire is totally anonymous and will only take a few minutes to complete. All Javea Residents are asked to provide valuable data for the study.
Please use the following link for the English version


More on Ports and Moorings

June 22nd

6000 Moorings

The fever generated by the Americas Cup has now well and truly died down, and according to the Ports Association of the Valencian Community, some six thousand moorings lie empty - the majority of which are in the provinces of Valencia and Castellon. Not making matters any easier for the ports is that several years ago the Valencian Government decided to increase the moorings and four thousand more are expected on the market soon. Typifying the situation is that of Burriana Nova, where some 400 moorings are available but only a little over thirty craft are tied up. In Alicante Province, there is also an excess of moorings with a few Yacht Clubs in the Marinas Alta and Baixa being close to full but some spaces are still available (From Valencia Life)

At the same time

Land Lubbers reject port expansions

Residents, environmentalists and opposition politicians have rejected Port expansion in a number of Spanish Mediterranean coastal communities: Examples are Xàbia, Benitatxell and Moraira in the Marina Alta and now Alcossebre on the Costa Del Azahar. From Las Provincias: Rechazos desde Tierra Firma...

Restaurant tables block the Port Promenade


June 20th
The Federation of Residents' Associations has asked the town hall to do something about the restaurant and bar tables which now occupy the whole of the public space on the sea-wall side of the Marina Española promenade in the Port. The presence of these tables means that people who don't want to eat or drink there, and who just want to stroll by the sea, or sit on one of the public benches, are unable to do so. Access to some of the properties is also blocked. The restaurants do not have a legal right to put their tables next to the sea wall. Las Provincias: Vecinos de Xàbia....

Special Plan Projects approved for Xàbia

June 20th
The Valencia Government has approved four projects under its special plan of municipal investment (Plan Especial de Inversión Productiva en los Municipios) . These are The construction of underground rubbish containers (€ 600,000) Renovation of the roads (€2.1 million ); renovation of the Arenal Promenade (€ 2 million) and the construction of a municipal library in the Port (€1.4 million). The different Comunidad Ministries will be responsible for the Works. When the works will be carried out is unknown, but must take place any time over the next two years. The Budget of 1020 million for the Plan has yet to be formalised.
XAD: La Generalitat asume....

Meeting clarifies proposed Sewerage project

On Thursday18th June ’09, the Federation of Urbanizations and others were invited to a meeting with the Alcalde Eduardo Montfort and the Councillor for Urbanismo Pepa Chorro concerning the Sewerage Project. TheTown Hall stressed that at present this is not a Project as such, but more of a Statement of Intent. This ‘Intent’ now requires a Study, following which there will be an official procedure called a “Competition Dialogue”. The ‘Dialogue’ would be held with some large companies such as Acciona to enable a view to be taken on the most positive elements proposed. These elements would be distilled into a ‘Defined Project Contract’ for which companies would be asked to submit their offers in an open tender, duly published. The Town Hall would determine the result-proposal and a pleno would need to agree an ‘Implementation Project’. All this could take up to 2 years from now. For more on this meeting see: Sewerage Meeting. For more about the Sewerage Issue see: Xabia Sewerage

Formal complaint about dangerous electricity boxes at the Arenal


June 19th
Xàbia residents have formally asked the Town Hall to ensure safety in the Arenal promenade by doing something about the appalling state of electrical outlets used by stall-holders. For years these boxes have been damaged by sun exposure and they constitute a serious danger of electric shock. From Las Provincias: Los Vecinos solicitan...

Another Investigation into Amjasa

June 19th
The Alicante labour tribunal has started an investigation into Xàbia's water company Amjasa following complaints by some workers. A review of the management and efficiency of this firm was recently carried out at a cost of nearly 60,000 euros to the tax payer. Despite the fact that the findings and recommendations were known in January, at present there is no evidence that these have been implemented by the authorities.
From Las Provincias: Un denuncia syndical...

Diver dies in Cabo de San Martin area through blow on head

June 17th
A 34 year old diver struck his head on a boat while surfacing in the Cabo de San Martin area. Despite best efforts of his companions and the Red Cross which quickly arrived by sea, he subsequently died. Investigations into the cause of the accident are underway.
Las Provincias: Un buceador muere...

Drug smuggling Brit nicked


June 17th
The helicopter pursuit of a motorboat ended in the Canal de la Fontana when the authorities arrested a Brit and an Irishman for smuggling 800kg of high purity hashish directly from Morocco. The drugs were stashed away in hidden compartments in the bilges of their boat. From Diarioinformación: Decomizados 800 kilos...

Out, damn'd spot! out, I say!

June 17th
A third attempt to clean the new granite paving in the Old Town has ended in failure. Attempts to remove stains of wax from processions, drinks and tyres using a special machine were in vain. Solutions will continue to be sought, though it seems that the nature of the granite paving is the main source of the problem.
From Las Provincias: Servicios realiza....

Home sales in Spain fall 47.6% in April as compared to 2008

June 16th
Home sales fell a record 47.6 per cent in April compared with the same month last year, suggesting that Spain’s housing market remains crippled by the economic crisis. Home sale transactions have been declining for 16 months, but the April reduction was the sharpest year-on-year fall so far. Home sales had previously fallen by 24 per cent in March and 38 per cent in February year-on-year.
For full article see: Financial Times: Spain's Bank Chief warns on deficit

Spain urgently needs to improve education system

31 per cent of Spaniards aged 18 to 24 in 2007 left the (education) system without completing the Educación Secundaria Obligatoria (ESO) and qualifying for a school leaver’s certificate. Spain is above the EU average drop-out rate of 15.3 per cent and is one of the few countries in the union where the proportion is increasing, up from 29.9 per cent in 2006 (to 31%). In Valencia…. 38.2 per cent of students leave early, more than double the 15.2 per cent recorded in the Basque country. For full article (in English) See: Financial Times: Education - urgently needs reforms

Harley Davidsons Hit Jávea

June 14th
Visitors to Jávea Port this morning will have been impressed by a mass of hundreds of lovingly polished gleaming motorcycles parked up next to the river. This was part of the IVth Matinal Motera, organised by the "Custom Club Taurons" motor bike Club of Xàbia. Bikers of all ages, and from different countries including Germany and Wales gathered to show off their bikes and enjoy a congenial social gathering. Youngsters enjoyed a bouncy castle, while everyone had an open-air breakfast while being entertained with 70's music. At 11.30am they all went off in a big noisy convoy to enjoy a gentle ride around the area. For some photos see: Web Album Matinal Motera; and for a video clip of the ride off see: You Tube - Matinal Motera

Invasion of the jellyfish — at a Spanish beach near you soon

June 14th
With the start of summer just a few days away, many beach goers will find their fun in the sun is rather more precarious this year than in past seasons, as jellyfish colonies are expected to rise in numbers along the Spanish coastline. Authorities have already begun to prepare for the seasonal beach hazards. For more from El Pais (In English) see Jellyfish Invasion

Sceptics with Sceptics?

June 12th 2009
A campaign pressing for cost/ benefit and environmental evaluations of the proposed municipality-wide Sewerage system has been initiated by the Federación de Asociaciones de Vecinos y Cívicos de Jávea/Xàbia. For the text of their campaign message see: Sewerage System Debate. For background information on this issue see: Xabia Sewerage

Kiddies play area in the Heart of the Old Town


June 10th
The Town hall has set up a small play area for infants behind the San Bartolomé church in the Plaza Celestino Pons. As is the case with other municipal public parks, soft safety carpet has been installed beneath the slide and play objects to guard against children injuring themselves. From Xabia al Dia: Xàbia dota al Centro Historico....

Xàbia's 14th International Festival kicks off on June 11th

June 9th
From Thursday June 11th until Saturday 13th Xàbia will hold its 14th International Festival with contributions from 17 nationalities resident in the municipality. As last year it will be held in the Via Augusta near the Port alongside the IES School. Entrance is free activities start on Thursday and Friday 6pm. On Saturday they start at 5.30pm with a special children’s ‘fiesta’. For programme of activities in English see: International Festival programme. For more in castellano see: http://www.festivalinternacionaljavea.com/

Campaign for civic responsibility during the Fiestas

June 9th
The Town Hall has launched a poster campaign to encourage fiesta goers (particularly the young) to show a bit of moderation and consideration for others during the forthcoming two weeks of San Juan Fiestas. This includes turning down the volume of music late at night and helping to clear up rubbish. One of the major challenges is to educate people that it is possible to have a great time without alcohol or drug abuse. From Las Provincias: Xàbia buscar fomentar.....

EU Elections - Right makes gains in Xàbia

June 8th
Turnout in Xàbia was 39.1 % with 53.75% of the vote going to the PP. For Xàbia's complete results see: Official election results.
For an overview of the Spanish election results see: Spanish Socialists defeated..... and : Spanish voters reject...

Town hall organises a talk on Mobile phones and Health

Are mobile phone antennas really dangerous? This and other questions will be answered on Wednesday June 10th at 17h in the Casa de Cultura in a talk entitled "Mobile Phones: quality of life and expectations of consumers." The aim of this talk is to analyze the impact of mobile phones on health, revealing how mobile phones work and their emission levels, and to know the health safeguards and recommendations. The intention is to gather all the information possible, and together with the contribution of citizens' concerns, develop an ordinance regulating the placement of wireless antennas, which will be integrated into the General Town Plan. For more see: Mobile Phones

Telephone surveys to help understand Xàbia's urban mobility

June 3rd
Our modern lifestyle has filled the roads with motorized traffic, leading to an unsustainable situation where road congestion is the norm and pedestrians and cyclists often feel marginalized, and even at risk. Xàbia wants to find a local solution to these problems and to contribute to a better life-style through a Plan of Sustainable Mobility. This was introduced on June 2nd at an Agenda21 meeting in the Casa de Cultura. Beginning Friday and for a week, technicians will conduct telephone surveys of 2,000 Javea residents to determine their local travel habits. See Urban Mobility for more.

Moraira rejects modification of their Marina

June 3rd
The town hall of Moraira has rejected the remodelling of the port which had been suggested by the Nautical Club because modification of the sea wall would have a big impact on the scenery of the area. They had planned to to increase the height of the sea wall from 3.5 m to 7.0. This would have created an extra 40 moorings and would have helped to protect the boats against storms from the South. The mayor has suggested that the nautical club should rethink the project and present alternatives.
From Las Provincias Teulada rechaza....

PSOE calls for the expatriate community to come out and vote

June 3rd
Guest speakers Andrés Perelló and George Stevenson addressed an audience of about 60 in Xàbia's Casa del Poble on Tuesday June 2nd. The meeting, organised by Xàbia's PSOE, entitled "The Importance of Voting" was conducted mostly in English and was designed to encourage members of the English speaking community to vote at the forthcoming European elections. For more see:
PSOE calls for....

MABs opens its new support centre.

June 2nd
MABS, an international association which is dedicated to providing support to people suffering from cancer and their families opened a centre on June 2nd where people in need can be attended to and cared for. This is thanks to support from the company TELITEC, which has offered to cover part of the rental of the premises.
The new facilities, which include a reception-room, where people can meet or have group psychological support sessions, and massage treatments are in the Sol Park complex, Moraira, near the road between Moraira and Teulada. For more see MABs opens....

Attempts to clean up oil-stained paving in the Old Town.

June 2nd
The Councillor for Services and the Environment, Doris Courcelles is carrying out a series of trials with the cleaning company CESPA to see how to clean oil stains off the new granite paving in the Old Town. Cleaning trials are being carried out at the Church and Market square, la plaza de Baix and la Placeta del Convent. These areas have suffered particular problems because vehicle access has been allowed there (from press release)

Ports of Calpe and Xàbia the only ones authorised to land Tuna

June 2nd
Calpe and Xàbia are the only Marina Alta Ports allowed to land blue fin tuna. This strictly controlled EU measure to manage the seasonal bluefin tuna fishery in the Med will carry on until the end of June, though some landings are allowed in July. Tuna boats are already filling their holds in fisheries 50 miles off Formentera. From Las Provincias Los Puertos de Xàbia y Calp...Blue fin tuna are prized in Japan for sushi and are in danger of extinction : See Blue fin Tuna in Atlantic nearing extinction. Much of the life-cycle of this migratory fish is unknown. see: Blue fin Tuna Past and Present

New Coastal Boundary for Xàbia

June 1st
The department of Coasts of the Environment Ministry is re-drawing the boundary which prohibits building near the Xàbia coast. The zone affected runs from Cala Blanca to Benitatxell. In all, 97 property owners will be affected and some buildings (including the fishermen's cottages at la Barraca, and some swimming pools) will have to be demolished. The public area will be extended by 20 metres in cliffy area, preventing the building of some villas. From Xabia al Dia Costas marca un nuevo...

Traffic Tickets

June 1st 2009
(From Costa Blanca News)
PAYING off a traffic ticket is now quicker and easier than ever after the Traffic Department's launch of an online payment system that allows ticketed drivers to pay via internet. See Traffic Tickets

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