Jute Bag Launch Press release

July 7th 2009
(Rough translation from official Town Hall Press release)

Xàbia aims to become a pioneer and a reference point in the replacement of plastic bags with others made of a sustainable material

This seemingly very ambitious idea begins to take strength with the awareness campaign which has been initiated by the independent Environment group of the Xàbia Local Agenda 21.

With the introduction of jute bags in the town, this unique initiative aims to increase awareness of the need to replace traditional plastic bags, (which are a major source of pollution and which kill millions of animals), with others manufactured with a more sustainable material, as explained by one of the representatives of this active work group, Guiomar Ramirez.

Being more resistant, jute bags can be reused again and again, helping to change unsustainable habits of "use once and and throw away. " Because, in truth, this is a philosophy of life that supports sustainability and also promotes local commerce.

In fact, this initiative was well received by the business associations of Xàbia since they can add value and a logo associating themselves with the fight against environmental pollution. This is something that has been assessed very positively by the councilor of Economic Development, Filo Giner, who congratulated the group for initiating this campaign which "has set the trend" and which will contribute to "strengthening and supporting small business."
And the commercial fabric of the area is also getting involved. The associations of traders in the Old Town and the Port have decided to collaborate to begin with by acquiring a first batch of jute bags to distribute among its partners, and by making a sort of poll to know how many might be interested in joining in.

This project is included in the budgets of citizen's participation generated by the Department for Citizen's participation in Xàbia. In this sense, the councillor responsible for the department, Pepa Chorro, welcomed and appreciated the effort and drive that the Environment group had made to carry out this initiative which converts Xàbia into an exemplary municipality with a great environmental sensitivity.

First, the group formed an Association under the name "For a Sustainable Xàbia" (Para una Xàbia Sostenible) in order to import and distribute the bags. What is also notable is that the bags have been purchased from a British company that acquires them through fair trade with India, and by the values of the formation of this group, characterised by the multiculturalism of the people in it, has started marketing the bags at cost.

Thus, in exchange for a donation of 2 or 3 euros, depending on the size of the attractive jute bags, (there are three models available-), citizens and businesses who want to collaborate can help Xàbia become a pioneering town in the fight against pollution caused by plastic bags and come together as a town which is sustainable and environmentally aware.

The jute bags, designed at no cost by La Banyera de Xàbia, are distributed by collaborating Xàbia shops and the idea is to recover the investment in order to continue with this ambitious project. Also those interested can contact the Tourist office for more information or make direct contact with this group of Local Agenda 21 by email ( gro.sopurg12aibax|ofni#gro.sopurg12aibax|ofni )or the traders' associations mentioned above.

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