Kids Sports Christmas 2011


Youth and Sports departments offer programme of activities during the holidays in the Palau d’Esports

There will be activities for children of all ages totally free of charge

Javea. Wednesday, 21 December 2011.

The Departments of Youth and Sport in Javea have presented 'Nadal Jove-Nadal Esportiu', a special entertainment package for youngsters during the Christmas holidays which will be held at the Palau d'Esports Miguel Buigues Andres. The entrance is completely free, offering a perfect choice for young people to have fun in a healthy way without having to leave the town in search of entertainment. In addition, the departments designed the programming for the convenience of the parents who would otherwise find it difficult to combine work with entertaining their children through the festive period.

The first part of the campaign begins next week between Tuesday 27th and Thursday 29th December from 4.00 pm to 8.30 pm and will be organised by the Department of Youth. According to Councillor Tere Bisquert, the events inside the sports centre will concentrate on activities aimed at the younger children and include a bouncy castle zone and a variety of arts and crafts workshops, such as paper windmills, rosettes, nativity figures, ceramic or pins. Another area will be devoted to table games, ball games, consoles such as the Wii and Xbox as well as a car race track, climbing wall, zip line, Tibetan bridge, high-jumping and rollerball. Outdoors, there will be activities dedicated to the older children, including paintball, dance sessions and BMX.

This programme of afternoon entertainment for children during the Christmas holidays has been carried out successfully in Javea for a number of years. But this year, they want to pair it with another campaign; Nadal Esportiu, which will begin in the New Year, from Monday 2nd and Wednesday 4th January, at the same place and from 4.30 to 8.30 pm. According to Councillor for Sports, Juan Luis Cardona, the activities will be aimed at children from age three and onwards. Among the activities are psychomotor development game, mazagol, table tennis, mini basketball, bowls, chess, gymnastics, mini-tennis, bouncy balls and other game related to football and karate. Cardona thanked the many sports clubs who have collaborated with the campaign, including Washinkai, javea Rhytmic Gymnastics Club, Centro Excursionista Xàbia, Javea Judo Club, Javea Archery Club and Javea Chess Club, amongst others. The Councillor said this was the debut of the Christmas Sports programme and hoped that it would be as successful as the campaign from the Youth Department. He also hoped that participants would not only enjoy the activities but also learn values such as companionship, collaboration and respect.

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