Land Registry and Catastrazo

Town Hall to Update land registry

August 25th 2011

The head of the municipal treasury of Javea also offered details on measures to be taken by the government team with regard to the “Catastro” (land registry), aimed at lowering the tax rates for the coming year. To carry this out, the Town Hall has hired a company to register all those constructions that have not been declared by their owners. After making an aerial mapping, this company will start to conduct inspections and update the land registry to include barbecues, swimming pools or building extensions that have not been declared. Consequently, from next year everyone will be required to pay up all due taxes, both for the current year as well as for the previous four years, as required by law. "With this update, we estimate that we will raise an additional 1.8 million euros from the IBI" said the Councillor, who has pledged to reserve this extra revenue to lower the IBI tax rate at the end of next year and help cushion the continuous rise that the taxpayer has been bearing since 2005.

This is a consequence of the phased implementation of the last revision of the land registry, still under appeal in court. Given that the proceedings are at an impasse, with rising court costs and uncertainties abounding, Anton announced that the Town Hall’s Executive Board is considering the option of soliciting a new overall valuation (ponencia catastral). The Councillor explained that it has been five years since the last review, the minimum term required, and that now the Town Halls are allowed to participate in the assessment of all the zones of the municipality. "We know which ones are overrated, since this is the basis of the on-going legal proceedings. It would be easier to do justice this way," said the Councillor, who has stressed the need to adjust the cadastral values in Javea to the current market values.

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